Skill Rules (Dragonstar)

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Synergy Bonuses

Synergy Bonuses, that is those bonuses you get to certain skills for having other skills, are not used in this game. The main reason in that these bonuses are quite complex, while adding very little.

It is wholly permissible to try and get a situation bonus from the DM because you have a relevant secondary skill - especially a knowledge skill but definitely including the current synergy skills. But these bonuses are not consistent and apply only at the DM's whim.

Extra Skill Points

The Dragon Empire has an efficient school system. To represent this, all Empire characters gain an additional 2 skill points per level.

Cross-Class Skills

Cross-class skills do not cost extra skill points to buy, but still have lower maximum skill ranks.

All skills that a character has access to (that is, all skills that are not exclusive to some other class) cost one skill point per rank. However, the maximum number of ranks a character can learn in a cross-class skill is (3 + level) /2 ranks, rounded down.

Multiclass Class Skills

From the point in your career when you multiclass, all the class skills of all of your different classes are always class skills.

There is no such thing as a skill that is a class skill for only some of your class levels.

A character that intends to multiclass in the future must still abide by the normal limitations for her current class. However, when increasing skill points retroactively because of an Intelligence increase, these extra points can be spent freely on all the skills that are currently class skills.

House Rules