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A setback is a bonus result from interaction [Interaction Stunts (Action)|Interaction Stunt]. In general, when you get an Outcome on an [Interaction Stunts (Action)|Interaction Stunt] matching the target's resistant attribute, he suffers a setback. The GM might also inflict setbacks on players to keep up the tension in a scene, especially if things are going too easy.

Exactly what a setback is depends on the situation and the stunt that triggered it, but there are some general rules.

  • A setback is a serious but temporary handicap. It rarely lasts longer than the end of the round, but some might require maneuver rolls to get out of.
  • Setbacks generally render unnamed characters harmless, but is a temporary inconvenience for a named character.
  • Achieving a setback is hard, and the results should be impressive. Out of combat, a setback is generally an "I Win" situation; you got your point across and the opposition has few options left. In combat, the advantage is less drastic, but it should still be a considerable benefit, generally at least as good as scoring a hit of damage.