Scientific Resuscitation (Dragonstar)

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While cure spells are limited to living targets and repair spells are limited to objects, scientific medicine has one advantage - it is not limited by the mystic barrier between life and death. While a cleric must use raise dead to revive a comrade who has been dead only a few minutes, a medic can use various resuscitation to re-ignite the spark of life.

A resuscitation test is a Heal check made to revive someone who is technically dead. It cannot revive someone who died due to Constitution drain or death effects; it only works on people who died because of hit point loss. The difficulty of the resuscitation is equal to the number of negative hit points the patient has. A resuscitated creature is stable at -9 hit points and can be healed normally past that point.

Resuscitation does not restore any damage per se. When a character is resuscitated, a check must be made to see what damage is incurred. Roll 1d6 - this is the number of points of temporary attribute damage the character suffers from his injuries, randomly distributed over all attributes.

Resuscitation only works well on someone who has been dead only a short while. After four minutes of death, any temporary attribute damage becomes permanent attribute damage, and after fifteen minutes, resuscitation becomes impossible.

A Freeze Suit or !MedStasis Generator can extend the time limit of resuscitation almost indefinitely.

All normal bonuses to the Heal skill applies. An Autodoc grants a +20 bonus on resuscitation tests.

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