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Heroic Action Role-Play

Schticks are the special powers of Action, the signature moves, feats, mystic powers, gadgets, and other special effects heroes use to shine and drive the action. Schticks expand the scope of Attributes and Skills, opening up new specialties and fields. Some schticks are very specific, just a single combat maneuver. Others are very general, encompassing a whole life experience in a certain field.

There is an important subgroup of schticks called Powers. These are more advanced than other schticks, and often more specialized. But powers are still schticks as well, and what applies to schticks also applies to Powers. The reverse is not true - while all powers are also schticks, not all schticks are powers. Powers have their own chapter of the rules.

Most schticks are written using the format for Actions, which gives their shot cost and describes when they can be used. Some are inherent and apply all the time; others can be used in several ways in different situations.

Even if the power description only gives one way a power can be used, it is always possible to play on the description and suggest alternate ways the power can be used. If interesting new uses come up this way, the GM should generally allow them in the heat of the moment, but that does not mean they are there to be used again and again. In most cases such a use is situational enough that the GM allowed it then because it made sense then and helped create a good scene, but no change to the power is needed. If you want to do the same thing again, you have to convince the GM again. In some cases, the GM might want to rewrite the schtick description to account for your stunt or make a completely new stunt for what you did.