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Detect Water

Basic Action

You can sense the presence of liquid at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of liquid (not normally very useful), but by concentrating on a particular type you can eliminate all others.

You can use this ability to gain perfect understanding of currents and other aquatic phenomena.

Touch of Water

Basic Action

You gain an awareness of water within your Mind meters. This extends your sense of touch to this distance, which means you can "see" without using your eyes. Underwater, this gives you complete situation awareness. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. On land this lets you see living creatures even when otherwise blind, but you cannot see objects that do not hold water and you still move about as if blind.

Water Guise


You are transparent in water. In this form you can sneak as if you had concealment in water, and both move and take actions while sneaking, tough you still become visible if you attract attention or act against another. You also hide yourself from Scry powers; in order to learn anything about you, the user of such a power must win a roll against your Recon.