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Concealing Coincidences

Basic Action

You can move and Sneak at the same time as the circumstances around you keep changing. This can be as simple as moving from place to place, but if you want to stay put, you have to be in a spot where some fortunate occurrence can save you; a falling curtain, a distracting explosion, a scream of warning, or something similar to act as a distraction for you. The GM has to accept that a distraction is possible and integrate it into the action. The longer you use this power, the more extreme the distractions become. If maintained in the same spot for several minutes and a continuous distraction is not available, this can result in a Setback for you or some bystander.

Substitution Trick

Basic Action

Use this when you are caught in an uncomfortable position, but not completely helpless. Examples include being bound, paralyzed, turned to stone, in a precarious position, burning or otherwise taking ongoing damage. The condition or position must have happened since your last shot came up, you cannot do this to cure aliments from previous rounds.

Make an opposed Recon check against the best Recon among your enemies, on a success you escape the position and if you can get under cover with a normal Move, you also successfully Sneaking. You leave behind a piece of clothing (such as a hat or jacket) tied around a physical object as a distraction when you do this, substituting the object for yourself.