Path of the Moon Rager (5A)

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This is a Barbarian primal path for 5A.

All barbarians must learn to master their rage; moon ragers are those whose wrath stems from an inborn or inflicted lycanthropic curse. Through this path of training, noble moon ragers turn this evil power to their advantage, while the worst follow in their ancestors’ bloody footsteps. Only those who have taken on the curse of lycanthropy may adopt this path; it is most commonly passed on from another moon rager in a blood-soaked rite of passage, but it might also be taught from generation to generation among those born with lychantropy.

There may be barbarian lychantropes other than wolves, and in most cases they can use this primal path, just changing the form they assume with the Wolfwalker ability.

Path Abilities

The saving throw DC for your Moonstruck and Cursed Bite abilities is 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. The restriction against concentrating on spells while raging does not apply to your Moonstruck or Cursed Bite features.

Slavering Jaws

At 3rd level when you adopt this Path, you can temporarily transform your jaws into a dangerous weapon. Whenever you wish, you may transform your nose and jaw into a snout as part of rolling initiative, when you start a rage, or as a bonus action at any time during combat. Transforming back requires an action, and the transformation lasts until you deliberately end it or assume wolf form.

  • While transformed, you may not speak save for grunts and howls, preventing you from completing the verbal components of spells.
  • You may bite as an unarmed strike for 1d6 piercing damage, using your Strength modifier for the attack. At 10th level, this damage increases to 1d8.
  • When you take the Attack action while raging, you can use a bonus action to make a bite attack.

Keen Senses

At 3rd level, when you adopt this path, your sense of hearing and smell become preternaturally keen. You gain advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks involving sound or scent, and you may make Wisdom (Survival) checks to track targets based solely on scent traces, with the check’s DC determined by the GM.

Moon Metal

Starting at 3rd level, you take on the appearance of a werewolf when raging. Your lycanthropic resilience gives you resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage dealt by a non-silver weapons while raging. This is actually a limitation, it weakens the resistance to damage barbarians normally have while raging. You also gain immunity to all forms of lycanthropy.


Starting at 6th level, you gain a limited ability to pass on the madness that a werewolf suffers during the full moon. When you are raging and deal damage to an enemy with a bite attack, you may force the enemy to make a Wisdom saving throw or suffer the effects of the Confusion spell, with a duration of 1 minute. As normal, targets may attempt another save at the end of each of their turns to end the effect, and a creature that has saved against the ability is immune for 1 hour. Once you use this feature, you may not do so again until the start of your next turn.


At 6th level you can Polymorph into a Wolf or dire wolf. In either form, you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage except damage from silvered or magical weapons. In wolf form you are able of running at full speed for 12 hours a day. If your wolf form is killed, you cannot use this ability again until you finish a long rest. You can use a bonus action to enter a rage when using this ability, immediately ending the transformation.

Cursed Bite

Starting at 10th level, your curse of lycanthropy is as potent as the darkest of legends, and you can immediately turn a bitten enemy into a werewolf under your control. After you deal damage to an enemy with a bite attack or any other unarmed strike, you may force the enemy to make a Constitution saving throw. Creatures that are not fey, giants, or humanoids automatically succeed at this saving throw. On a success, the target suffers an additional 3d10 piercing damage. On a failure, the target is polymorphed into a werewolf under your control for one minute. At the end of each of its turns, the target receives a new Constitution saving throw to revert to its natural form. When it reverts, you lose control over the creature. Once you use this feature, you may not do so again until you complete a long rest. You cannot use both Moonstruck and Cursed Bite on the same turn.

Greater Lycanthrope

at 14th level you can use the Moonstruck ability with each bite attack. You regain your Cursed Bite ability when you enter a rage.

Editor's Notes

This is a very cool idea, but the execution needed quite a bit of polish. I also added the true wolf form to make it more high fantasy.