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Programming a Starcaster (as outlined on page 167 of the Starfarer's Handbook) uses the Navigate skill, not the Use Device skill. The rules of the Navigate skill applies, including the time it takes to plot a course and the circumstance bonus offered by a navigation computer. You cannot take 10 on Navigate rolls, so in most cases, evey conceivable effort is taken to reduce the difficulty to below the skill modifier of the navigator.

Navigation Computers don't always have accurate information to work on. When jumping to a system that is nota major transit point, there is a 1 in 20 change that the information is wrong, cancelling the +20 navigation bonus.

Using teleportation spells over interstellar distances also requires the Navigate skill. If the Navigate skill roll fails, the teleportation is considered to be based on "false information". If the roll succeeds, there is still the normal chance of misteleportation, as per the spell used.

This applies to all interstellar and interplanetary travel.

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