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Absorb Pain

Basic Action

You can transfer health problems from a touched creature to yourself. You transfer Hits, Damage Setbacks, or any other type of ailment from the target to yourself. This power can kill you or knock you out; if you absorb more damage than you can survive, the patient is still cured of that damage.

Fetus Theft


You transfer a fetus from one carrier to another or between two carriers, who must be within 5 Body of each other. A carrier can either be a female creature, a fertilized egg from a creature of the appropriate size, or a specially prepared container. In this way you can move a fetus from a mother to another, between two expectant females, to, from, or between eggs or even artificial containers.

The transference process itself is instantaneous and does no bodily harm. The fetus will adapt to its new conditions, and can be carried to term normally there (though the mother might be very surprised at what she gives birth to). If the fetus is transferred into a container, it remains alive inside the container, ready to be transferred again or carried to term within the container.

Life Support


You are inherently resistant to extremes of environment, surviving conditions such as extreme temperature, pressure, chemical environment, and radiation. You can survive in any environment where life can survive, but you may have to suspend your body functions to survive in truly exotic locales.



Select a living creature you touch; its Move is increased by +2. You need not continue to touch it to maintain the stance.

Transfer Pain


You can transfer health problems from a yourself or a creature you touch to a third party. You transfer Hits, Damage Setbacks, or any one other ailment per use of the power. This power can kill the target; if you transfer more damage than the target can survive, any extra damage is not transferred. A creature with a Body 3 less than yours is too frail to absorb one of your damage setbacks, while a creature with Body 5 less than you is too frail to take on any but the most minor conditions.