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Distant Image

Limit Break

You create an illusory duplicate of yourself at any location you are familiar with or adjacent to a creature you are familiar with. This image is clearly illusory and looks just like you, including any disguise or illusion you are using at the time. You can use it's senses and interact with others, but can't use powers or make attacks or affect objects in any way. It can fly at a Move equal to your Ride skill. It takes no actions on its own, instead you can decide if the actions you take originate from you or from your projected image or both. If the distant image does not take an action for one full round, it disappears. If attacked, it uses your defensive skills and stats but no schticks or powers. It disappears on any hit.


Ride Radius
Basic Action Limit Break
8-9 20 m 40 m
10-11 25 m 100 m
12-13 30 m 250 m
14-15 35 m 600 m
16-17 40 m 1,500 m
18-19 45 m 4,000 m
20 50 m 10,000 m

Basic Action or Limit Break

You create an illusion of terrain features in an area with a radius depending on your Ride skill, see the Hallucinatory Terrain Radius table. This terrain contains natural features typical of the area you are in, but you can mix and match terrain components as you wish. You can set the Free Running and Terrain Driving difficulty of the terrain to any value from half the current difficulty up to your Ride in difficulty.

Creatures can disbelieve this illusion, but it is tactile and they must still interact with it in order to move.

Negative Space

Basic Action or Limit Break

You create an illusion of empty space. You can create an illusion of space inside something solid or hide something and make it seem like an empty space. You can cover an area with a diameter equal to your Mind and the effect lasts for a scene. As a Limit Break you affect a radius equal to your Ride and lasts for a session. Inside this area you can edit out objects and substance as you wish. The borders of volume you edit out adapt so as not to attract attention, but you cannot merge several negative spaces to create one large area. You can hide creatures in the area, even if they move around after you set up the illusion. This works just as Blur. They use their own Recon skill for this. If they move outside the area the effect ends. Creatures or objects moved into the area after it is created are not affected.

A creature that interacts with the illusion can make an opposed Ride check to realize it is an illusion, but this does not cause the illusion to disappear. If the interaction is based on faulty assumptions, such as someone trying to walk into a Negative Space that is really solid rock, suffer any negative outcome on this roll as an Aggressive Driving stunt directed at them.

Project Image

Basic Action

You create an illusory duplicate of yourself within Ride meters of yourself. This image is identical to you. It has the same equipment you do, but it cannot pick up or carry anything beyond what it is created with, nor can it use up consumable items (anything you keep track of how many you have). The two of you share a single Fortune pool. It takes no actions on its own, instead you can decide if the actions you take originate from you or from your projected image. The image moves as you direct whenever either of you takes a Basic Action, but disappears if it ends up more than Ride meters from you or you don't have line of sight to it. You can see from the vantage of your projected image, but this does not count as a line of sight to the image itself. The image can be a target of attacks and stunts. Anything affecting the image affects you, but at any time you can decide to have the image disappear rather than taking the effect.