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Mouqol is the lord of glibness, high master, lord of the bazaar. A little-regarded but popular prophet in the Baklunish pantheon. He is sponsored by Yondalla.

Trade in the Baklunish lands is the province of Mouqol (moh-KOHL) the Merchant. Like Istus, he was neutral in the war between Light and Darkness that precipitated the mythic Hegira; like Geshtai, he provided necessities to both sides of the struggle. Other tales describe Mouqol's travels among genie-kind, and his skill at bargaining with even these most difficult of clients. Mouqol's particular gifts are the ability to discern the true desire of his customers, and the talent of finding and delivering the rarest of treasures to their predestined owners.

Reward is not gained without risk. The perfect bargain satisfies both necessity and desire. The wise know the worth of a thing as well as its cost. Greed makes the wealthiest into debtors. All life is a matter of exchange. The Bazaar, or marketplace, is holy ground.

Some markets in the larger cities are set up around actual temple-buildings, but most simply contain a tent-covered altar or shrine to the merchants' god. There is no standard tithe, but a variable set of fees is levied on the traders who utilize the marketplace. These monies are used to cover expenses, but any excess is dedicated to charitable works, for the accumulation of large amounts of wealth is foreign to Mouqol's values. Much more important is the art of the negotiation process, for hard bargaining is near to a sacrament for these Western merchants.

Clerics of Mouqol are common among the Baklunish, as well as among the jann and the merfolk of the Dramidj. Clerics use their powers to deter theft, fraud and magical deception. They work as appraisers of common goods, with certain members specializing in more exotic items. Most travel during at least part of their career, particularly as part of merchant caravans. Ritual prayers are said each morning, prior to opening for business or beginning the day's travel.

Alignment: Neutral.

Weapon: Dagger and light Crossbow.

Symbol: Set of scales and weights.

Pathfinder Domains

Charm, Knowledge (Memory), Luck (Fate), Travel (Trade), Trickery.

Pathfinder Traits

Action Techniques

Charm, Know, Ride.