Lizardfolk (Greyhawk 4E)

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Greyhawk for 4E

Lizardfolk are reptilian humanoids. Most are tribal and savage, but a few have adapted to civilization, tough they are rarely fully accepted. They are stoic and quiet, showing their passion in action and not in words.

Racial Traits

Average Height: 4'3"-5'3" (130-160 cm) plus tail of approximately the same length
Average Weight: 200 - 275 pounds (90-125 kg).

Ability Scores: +2 Str, +2 Dex.
Size: Medium
Speed: 6, Swamp walk
Vision: Normal

Languages: Draconic, Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 Stealth.
Swamp walk: Lizardfolk ignore difficult and challenging ground that is marsh, mud, or swamp, nor are they hindered by water up to a full square in depth. They can move along the bottom of a body of water unhindered, as if walking on land.
Hold breath: Lizardfolk can keep their breath a number of minutes equal to their Constitution.
Scales: An unarmed lizardfolk has an armor bonus to AC of +3. This does not stack with any form of worn armor, tough lizardfolk can use magical armor with an armor bonus of less than their natural armor bonus and gain its powers and properties.

Play a lizardfolk if you want to:

  • Play the strong silent type.
  • Be at home in jungles and marsh.
  • Play a race that favors the barbarian, fighter, rogue, and ranger classes.

Physical Qualities

Lizardfolk have a stature slightly shorter than a human when standing, but their digitgrade legs means they are actually quite a bit taller when stretching out. They have tails that are approximately as long as they stand tall. Their bodies are covered in green-hued scales, tough lizardfolk can change the color of their scales over time, generally to match the color of the terrain. All lizardfolk have a ridge of bony projections along the spine that they extend when they want to threaten or impress. These ridges are brightly colored and lizardfolk are very proud of them.

There are no gender roles among lizardfolk and they are only sexually active in mating season. It is very hard for outsiders to tell male and female lizardfolk apart, there are no outside gender differences. Even lizardfolk can have issues with this except during mating season, and consider the distinction pointless anyway. Family is nonexistent, replaced by tribe, and children are reared by the community. Female lizardfolk produce eggs only under certain favorable conditions and are not physically handicapped by the eggs.

Playing Lizardfolk

Concerned mainly with survival, lizardfolk have few ideals besides preservation, which means few of them become adventurers for idealistic reasons. A lizardfolk could find a taste for the larger world or leave home to fight a far-ranging threat to the lizardfolk way of life. Another typical reason is separation from the tribe, because it has been destroyed, displaced, or has cast you out.

Lizardfolk adventurers tend to pick up the mores and motivations of their adventuring companions. Their emotions are hard for others to read. The obvious sign that a lizardfolk becomes emotionally engaged is when they raise their spine ridge, but that can mean anything from mild curiosity to rage. In action, they wheeze and huff, forcing air trough their elaborate lugs as a high pace makes them sound like humans with a cold.

Lizardfolk native names are in draconic and relate to various spirits, scents, and scale patterns incomprehensible to other species. Their names among outsiders are either approximations of the sound of their draconic names, or nicknames given to them by others. Lizardfolk do not mind odd or simple nicknames. Males and females share the same names.

Lizardfolk Characteristics: Quiet, reserved, tenacious, aloft, stoic, quick to action, slow to talk.

Names: Dude, Kroowoosh, Scaly, Ssss'kree, Tailee, Tsk'slaaah, Wayfinder.

Heroic Feats

Lizardfolk Chameleon [Lizardfolk]

Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, trained in Stealth

Benefit: You gain the use of the Lizardfolk Chameleon racial power.

Lizardfolk Chameleon Lizardfolk Feat Power
You adjust the color of your scales to merge with the background.
Standard Action      Personal
Effect: You gain concealment until the end of your next turn or until you move. If you already have concealment, you gain total concealment.

Lizardfolk Tail Lash [Lizardfolk]

Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, level 11

Benefit: You gain the use of the Lizardfolk Tail Lash racial power.

Lizardfolk Tail Lash Lizardfolk Feat Power
You can lash out with your tail at opponents behind you.
Instant reaction      One creature
Trigger: An Large or smaller enemy gets into position to flank you.

Attack: Strength vs. Reflex.
Increase to Strength +2 vs. Reflex at level 11 and Strength +4 vs. Reflex at level 21. Hit: Target is knocked prone.

Lizardfolk Swimmer [Lizardfolk]

Prerequisite: Lizardfolk

Benefit: You gain a swim speed of 6.

Paragon Feats

Paragon Scales [Lizardfolk]

Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, level 11

Benefit: Your scales' armor bonus increases to +6.

Epic Feats

Epic Scales [Lizardfolk]

Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, level 21

Benefit: Your scales' armor bonus increases to +9.