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This is a Cleric domain for 5A.

Source: Mike Myler in En5ider 147.

Mazes are somewhere in the mythos of cultures and religions all over the world, and you believe the greatest truths lay within the mystery of labyrinths and labyrinthine dungeons. With every warren and passage you navigate, your devotion and the power it grants increases, so surely there is truth—not madness, but truth—at the heart of your worship.

Greyhawk None of the major deities of the Greyhawk setting offer this domain on a wide scale. It is more likely to be pursued by mystics and small cults of obscure powers, especially among dwarves.

Domain Features

Domain Spells

Labyrinth Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1 Alarm, Earth Tremor
3 Knock, Rope Trick
5 Gaseous Form, Leomund's Tiny Hut
7 Arcane Eye, Stone Shape
9 Far Step, Passwall

Light Step

When you choose this domain at 1st level, your speed increases by 10 feet while you are unarmored or wearing light armor. Also, armor you wear does not impose disadvantage on your Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Channel Divinity: Forge Ahead

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to remove afflictions. As an action, you present your holy symbol and call out for guidance that removes the blinded, charmed, deafened, and frightened conditions, or one level of exhaustion, from all creatures you choose within 30 feet of you.

Insightful Knack

At 6th level, when you would make an Intelligence (Investigation) check you can roll Wisdom (Insight) instead.

You may spend 1 minute performing a Wisdom (Insight) check to find something of significance such as a coded message, secret door, or hidden chest. The kind and quality of the information you intuit depends on your check and the location you are in—a GM can decide there is nothing for you to intuit or find in the current location and provide a clue leading to a more relevant location. You can use the second part of this feature a number of times equal to you Proficiency Bonus, regaining all uses when you end a long rest.

Blessed Strikes

When you reach 8th level, you are blessed with divine might in battle. When a creature takes damage from one of your cantrips or weapon attacks, you can also deal 1d8 radiant damage to that creature. Once you deal this damage, you can't use this feature again until the start of your next turn.


Starting at 17th level, you learn the Maze spell. You can cast this spell using a spell slot or by expending one use of Channel Divinity.

Editor's Note

Simplified by removing abilities that involved saving bonus dice. Sharpened other abilities a little. Changed domain spells.