Imbue Time (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action
Main article: Powers (Action)

Coil of the Snake

Trigger Action (Focus)

You can use this to focus when you are attacked in melee and your opponent misses.

Lunge of the Snake

Limit Break

This is a Melee attack with a +3 bonus on the attack roll and against which an opponent cannot use an Trigger Action. A trigger action that can be used when surprised still works against Lunge of the Snake.

Strike of the Snake

Trigger Action (Defense)

Whenever you are attacked in melee, you may use this to do an unarmed Melee attack for Strength +0 damage.

Time Touch

Stance (Damage Boost)

You can imbue a Melee or Shoot attack with an additional type of damage. The damage of the attack increases by +2. Against a target that has different soak values against the two types of damage, use the lesser soak value but decrease the damage by 2. You increase the effective mass of your weapon to cause Blunt damage.

Timelesss Strike


You can make melee attacks that does Body +4 Blunt damage. Targets cannot take trigger actions in response to a Timeless Strike.