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Angelic Visage


You gain the appearance of a being of light; your intentions seem clear and guileless and you looks put people at ease. You can treat Charm tasks against creatures that have a good or indifferent attitude against you as Routine, which almost guarantees a good result on everyday tasks. You still roll normally when trying to use charm against people who are hostile or suspicious.

Best Intentions

Basic Action or Limit Break

Make an opposed Charm roll against your target; one target when done as a basic action, all targets in a diameter equal to your Mind when done as a limit break. Targets can volunteer to be targets even if you roll badly, but if you fail the Charm roll to affect a target with Best Intentions you cannot succeeds on such Charm roll until the end of the scene. If successful, you and all targets have only the best intentions for each other, expressing opinions honestly and accepting what is said in the best possible light. Interactions playing on this cause a Setback on a simple success, tough such setbacks are of course beneficial, indicating agreement, full disclosure, and good and honest handshake deals. This lasts until the end of the scene. Interactions by against people not affected by the power do not change.

Discern Motivation

Basic Action

With a opposed Charm roll you can peek at a creature's soul and discern what motivates it, what it feels affection for, and what kinds of things would inspire it. This often gives you hints on how to best interact with the creature. If you are willing and able to use this information, which might put demands on your actions, you gain a +3 bonus on Charm checks against a creatures whose motivations you have discerned.

Light Inspiration

Trigger Action

You inspire others to act in an enlightened and benevolent fashion, facing situations with direct, virtuous actions and placing the safety of others above their own. Whenever you or someone within Charm meters fails an action based on these virtues, you can take a trigger action to give him an immediate reroll. If the original roll was Confident or Stymied it remains so. This applies to most uses of the Melee skill, and to other skills and rolls as determined my the GM.

Light of Truth

Limit Break

You create a static circle of light with a diameter equal to your Mind lasting until the end of the scene. This area is brightly lit, and the light also has a spiritual dimension; it is difficult to lie, cheat, hide or otherwise use deception in this area. Subtract your Mind from all such attempts. It is still possible to omit and withhold information, as long as no falsehoods are spoken and no new false impressions created. Light of Truth is obvious; the glare makes deception obviously awkward.

Power of Light

Trigger Action (Focus)

Whenever someone in your vicinity takes a good and selfless action, taking a risk or making a sacrifice for someone else rather than for expected benefits to themselves, you can focus. If you are the one taking the action, the GM should be a little more strict on the goodness, but using Power of Light does not in itself count as being selfish.