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The forest maiden is the goddess of forests, spring, the hunt and of youth. Many elves living among humans favor her. She is also the patron of performing art, shown variously as practitioner, teacher, sponsor, or audience.

Called Ehlenestra by the Elves, to whom she is a goddess of life, innocence, immortality, and the hunt.

To the Flan Ehlonna is the eternal maiden, the divine child, goddess of children, Beory in her girl aspect, and both huntress and prey in the eternal cycle of life.

In the Common pantheon Ehlonna is a goddess of hunters, virgins, and the the symbol of pastoralism to people who revere nature without actually depending on it, the guide and guardian of travelers.

In Synchretism Ehlonna is the goddess of renewal, spring, and youth and also a patron of arts. She is also the protector or travelers. She manifests as Lydia the Suel godess of light and music, Phyton the suel god of beauty and agriculture, Lirr the Oerdian goddess of literature and art, and Fharlanghn the Oerdian god of travel and roads.

Ehlonna (eh-LOHN-nah) is a very old goddess. She combats those who would harm or despoil the forest of its resources and beauty. Shown as either a dark-haired human woman or a golden-haired elf maid (in which form she is known to many as Ehlenestra), she is served by Novelee, a planetar whose heart is so pure it makes unicorns weep. She has a hostile rivalry with Obad-Hai, but is friendly with the elven gods and most good-aligned deities. Her symbol is the unicorn.

The woodlands are a beautiful place full of life. The secrets of the forests should be learned and taught so that people can live in harmony with nature. Those who would harm or exploit the woodlands must be driven out or destroyed. The plants and animals of the forest are things that nature gives as gifts, not things to be stolen.

Most of Ehlonna's clergy are female, whether human, elven, or fey. They live in the forests, are friendly with rangers and druids, and watch for encroaching humanoids, hunters, and loggers. They educate those who wish to live in harmony with the forest, just as the animals do. They are gentle in their first warning to those who would harm the forest and ruthless in stopping those who persist. They travel to spread their teachings or to protect a forest in danger.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Weapon: Longbow or Longsword.

Symbol: Unicorn or unicorn's head.

Pathfinder Domains

Animal, Glory (Heroism), Good, Plant, Sun (Day).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

When you take this feat, choose a plant that you protect and spread; this plant is usually either beautiful, medicinal, or edible. Plant five seeds from this plant in fertile earth, spacing them out in the shape of an arrow. If no soil exists, leave an arrow with the seeds. Mark your gifts with Ehlonna’s sign, and say a prayer. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Survival checks.


  1. Unicorn's Blessing (Sp) cure light wounds 3/day, shield other 2/day, or remove disease 1/day
  2. Twin Fang (Ex) Once per day as a standard action, you can summon an exact double of your animal companion. The double acts and thinks like your animal companion in every way, and obeys your commands just as the original would. Your original animal companion and its double understand and trust each other perfectly. The double remains for 1 round for every Hit Die you possess, and then vanishes. If you don’t have an animal companion, you instead gain the ability to use summon nature’s ally V as a spell-like ability once per day.
  3. Faithful Archer (Ex) You are particularly skilled at using Ehlonna’s favored weapon. When using a longbow, you add your Wisdom bonus on attack and damage rolls against targets within 30 feet.


  1. Animal Friend (Sp) charm animal 3/day, animal messenger 2/day, or summon nature’s ally III 1/day
  2. Hunter's Ally (Sp) Once per day as a standard action, you can summon a half-celestial unicorn of neutral good alignment. The unicorn follow your commands perfectly for 1 hour for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing. The unicorn can be ridden without penalty for lacking a saddle. The unicorn don’t follow commands that would violate their neutral good alignment. Such commands will not only earn refusal and scorn from the unicorn, but could cause them to attack you if the command is particularly egregious.
  3. Communal Table (Sp) Your devotion to caring for your community allows you to evoke Ehlonna’s divine bounty to feed your friends with a banquet of cooked game and simple beverages. Once per day, you can use heroes’ feast as a spell-like ability. Creatures that eat from this communal table, a process that takes 1 hour, gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls and Will saving throws instead of the usual +1 morale bonus. Anyone who eats from the communal table gains concealment in woodland terrain and the deuid's woodland stride ability. The benefits last for 12 hours.


  1. Sureshot (Sp) longshotUC 3/day, shock arrow 2/day, or daybreak arrowUC 1/day
  2. Tough Hide (Su) When you wear armor made from leather or animal hide, the armor provides an extra +2 armor bonus to your AC. This bonus improves the normal armor bonus granted by the armor; in other words, it stacks with the suit’s normal armor bonus. If you wear no armor, you gain a +2 luck bonus to AC. You also mystically subsume some of the qualities of the animal that gave its life for the armor. Gain the scent ability.
  3. Planter's Bond (Su) Your time spent planting seeds has given you a bond with plants. You can cast speak with plants 3 times per day. If you spend at least 1 hour during the day in direct sunlight, you don’t need to eat that day. Finally, you become immune to poisons ingested from whole plants (not distilled poisons, such as assassins use) and any poison from attacks or effects generated by plant creatures.

Paladin/Liberator Code

The paladins of Ehlonna are value beauty and innocence. They seek to preserve the integrity and beauty of woodlands. Their tenets include the following affirmations.

  • My woodland comes first, and I will contribute to it all that I can. If I don’t give something back, who will?
  • I must offer the poor and the lost assistance, but I may not do the work for them—instead, I must teach them to survive.
  • When danger threatens, I work to reduce its consequences. I seek first to make sure the weak and innocent are safe, and then I quell the danger.
  • I keep to the old ways, the true ways. I am not seduced by the lure of money or power. I remember that true honor comes from within, not from the accolades of others.
  • I remember that beauty is everything and comes from the beauty of the soul. Mine is pure and bright, and I will mend it if it is broken or tarnished. I test the beauty of others to see if they are falsehood in disguise, but if I find them true I accord them protection and respect.
  • I am honest, trustworthy, and wise. When I leave lands than have been under my protection, I ensure that they will be tended in my absence. Even when duty calls, my duties to beauty and innocence come first—I go forth only to defeat threats to them.

Action Domains

Animal, Life, Light, Plant, Spiritual.