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Analyze Ice

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of ice and snow. You learn the exact composition and properties of the object and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

You can sense the presence of ice at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of ice or snow (not normally very useful), but by concentrating on a particular shape or composition you can eliminate all others. You can also detect holes in solid layers of ice and/or snow, this is highly useful for finding buried objects and creatures. This lets you locate objects of a basic shape (such as pistols, wheels, and humans).

Finally, you can use this to predict cold weather and to sense if it is natural or the result of power use.

Snow Sight


You can see through ice and snow. This allows you to find buried objects, traps and hidden doors with ease. You are also immune to snow glare or snow blindness. Your sight is not hindered by snow in the air.