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Analyze Fire

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any fire within range, even if it is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. Combustion includes any energy releasing chemical or nuclear reaction, including the digestion of food in living creatures. You learn what is burning, how hot it is, what damage it can do, what type and how much fuel it uses and how long the fuel will last and any other mundane detail you can come up with about fire. You also learn whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

You can sense the presence of fire at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of fire, but by concentrating on a particular type (by such factors as fuel, temperature, origin etc) you can eliminate all others.

Fiery Visions

Limit Break

You can see trough any open flame. You must either know the flame is there, or focus on an area to see trough the largest flame present there. A larger flame gives you a clearer vision. Considering how ubiquitous fire is in most fantasy settings, this is quite handy, especially if used at evening gathering hours. Range is your Mind in kilometers but there are no range modifiers. The power lets you look through several fires wit each use, letting you look around for the information you seek.

To gain information this way you make an opposed check against the targets' Recon. You gain valuable information based on the outcome of this roll; if the outcome matches the target's Mind you gain clear and important insights into the target's activities. On a failed roll, you learn obvious details and trivia; if the negative Outcome matches your Mind you learn misleading information or the target notices your spying.

Heat Sight


You discern the temperature of objects and creatures withing your Mind meters. This sense extends like a sense of touch to this distance, which means you can "see" in complete darkness, as long as everything is not of a uniform temperature, something that is very rare except in undisturbed cellars, caves and other places with an isolated climate. You are blind if surrounded by heat insulating or very cold materials, such as underwater or in a snow storm.