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Analyze Darkness

Basic Action

You can sense the presence of shadow or darkness at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. You can concentrate upon a specific form of darkness (a shadow, a dark room) and sense only that if you like.

You can sense darkness in a creature. You can sense if a creature is overcome by negative emotions, what emotion, and what it is directed against.

Detect Enemy

Basic Action

You sense creatures that hate or intend harm to you, a group you represent, or someone who is present and under your protection. The range in meters is equal to your power skill roll when used blindly, or ten times that if you can perceive the creature in some fashion.

Detect Falsehood

Basic Action

You can sense moods and feelings, getting an impression of the intents and desires of others. This can allow you to penetrate disguise, falsehoods and insincere seduction attempts with a power skill roll against the Charm or Impress skill of your target.

Sense Sin


When you first learn this power, pick one type of vice or sin that is considered morally distasteful in your culture. Whenever someone within 10 meters times your Mind commits this sin, make a Spot opposed by their Charm to sense where they are and what they did.

Touch of the Dark


You can smell, taste and hear the darkness within Mind meters. In this area you can sense things even around corners or behind cover, as if touching them with umbral tendrils. It is still possible to sneak on you, but the darkness does not help in any form or fashion. You feel safe in the dark, and you are not affected by the supposed terrors of the night. You are never impaired in any way because of darkness, but you still cannot see - colors, script, screen images, and other purely visual things are imperceptible to this power.