Crack Shot (Dragonstar)

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You have been trained to partially ignore the effects of cover.

Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Benefit: Ranged attack modifiers for cover are halved. Cover provides only a +2 Armor Class bonus against you, and full cover provides only a +4 bonus.

Normal: Cover provides a +4 bonus to Armor Class, and full cover provides a +8 bonus.v Laying prone counts as cover for this feat, and thus provides only a +2 Armor Class bonus.

Special: This feat is similiar to but not identical to Improved Precise Shot - but not similiar enough for the two feats to merge. Improved Precise Shot allows you to ignore cover, but has no effect of full cover, wheras this feat reduces the effect of both cover and full cover. With both feats, you ignore cover and reduce the effect of full cover.

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