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Unofficial rules compendium


Pregnancy is entirely voluntary for PCs: a female PC will not become pregnant unless she wants to. Then use the rules as given.


Not used.

Appearance Ability

The Appearance ability is not used. Any rule reference to Appearance uses Charisma instead.


Appraise: the noted function is governed by Sense Motive.

Craft (Armorer) makes bondage gear. Craft (Body artistry) covers tattoos, scarification and piercing. Sexual items are made using Craft (armory), Craft (carpentry) or Craft (leatherworking), as appropriate.

Perform (Sexual Techniques) works as described, but can be used even when you couldn't take 10.

Profession: Masseuse, Midwife, and Piercer are valid profession skills.


Imagist: Replace Appearance with Charisma in all cases. Hit dice: d6. Add Allure as a bonus feat at first level. An imagist decides which spells to "know" when preparing spells, effectively re-selecting all known spells each day. The save DC against the imagist's sanctuary ability is 10 + Charisma bonus + ½ class level.

Kundala: Like monks, they can be of any alignement, though they must start out as lawful or neutral.

Tantrist: Tantrists cast spells using Constitution only. Tantrists and wizards can read and copy each other's spells using read magic, though they scribe their spells very differently. To use a spell read in this way, you must still have it on your list of class spells. Tantrists do not modify their caster level based on the type of spell.

Disciple of Aaluran: Hit dice d6. Negotiator replaces Seductive as a prerequisite for the class.

Divine Celibate: As written.

Dominator: Hit dice: d4.

Frenzied Disciple: When nor wearing armor or clothes, the frenzied disciple adds her Charisma bonus to Armor class. This bonus increases by one for every five class levels and always applies, even when the frenzied disciple is helpless. A frenzied disciple can make two claw attacks at full attack bonus with a full attack. Each uses the full Strength bonus to damage. She gains no additional claw attacks due to high base attack bonus. She adds one-and-a-half times her Strength bonus to rend damage.

Harem Protector: Using Shield Other is an instant action that can be performed an unlimited number of times per day and lasts one round.

Knot-Binder of Kaladis: As described.

Metaphysical Spellshaper: Metamagic Manipulation: replace attribute damage with hit point damage.

Pierced Mystic: Pierce Other can be re-cast on the same creature over and over.

Rake: Replace Seductive with Sex Appeal as a prerequisite.

Sacred Prostitute: Sex Appeal replaces the Sexually Open Society feat, Charisma and Appearance prerequisites.

Voyeuristic Seer: As described.


As listed, except beauty's caress, blandness (mass), blessed seed, fiendish seed.

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