Belomacny (4E)

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You find answers by drawing arrows from a quiver.
Level: 8 Component Cost: 120
Category: Divination Market Price: 350
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Nature
Duration: 10 minutes

As a part of this ritual, you prepare a number of arrows, writing a possible answer to a question on each arrow. You must also add at least one blank arrow to the mix. After the ritual is complete and while the duration lasts, you ask a question and draw an arrow; it the ritual was successful, the arrow with the most relevant and correct answer will be drawn. If none of the answers were relevant or correct, you will draw a blank arrow. You can continue to ask questions until you run out of blank arrows in the quiver.

Belomancy can only answer questions about things you will encounter within the next six ours, and can only give out information you would reasonably discover during such encounters. Typical questions include "Which way to the dragon" or "what monster will I meet behind this door". Deeply analytical questions, such as "what is the nature of life" or "should I get married" always draw a blank.

The DC of the Arcana check is 10 + twice the number of arrows in the quiver; the DM usually rolls this check. On a failure, you get random answers. It is common to first ask a question with a known answer to check the veracity of the ritual.

The arrows and quiver are needed for the ritual, but are not a part of the ritual cost, and are not affected in any way.

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