Beguiler (D&D class)

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A roguish arcane spellcaster from Players Handbook II, page 6. Suitable as an alternative to mages in a low-magic environment, or as a very specialized school of magic in a high-magic environment.


  • As a spontaneous spellcaster, the beguiler casts spells using Charisma rather than Intelligence.
  • Spellbook. Beguilers do not automatically have access to their full class spell list. Instead, they have a spellbook like wizards do. They do not prepare specific spells, but must still have access to their spellbook when preparing spells. This means that the beguiler spell list need not be completely closed; it is possible to add new spells to the beguiler list without unbalancing the class.


The beguiler replaces bard as the favored class of gnomes.