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Born in the waters of primeval chaos before creation, the malevolent serpent Apep stands in sharp contrast to the more benevolent serpent goddess Wadjet. Apep is the personification of chaos and darkness, the hidden dangers that lurk just beneath the surface, the deadly whorls and eddies that drown and swallow, and the hungry river snakes that prey on those who venture too far from the water's edge. Apep is the raging rapids, the boundles s flood that inundates and sweeps away all that mortals seek to build. He is the darkness in the water's depths that swallows light and life, devouring the sun and plunging the world into eternal night.

Said to dwell in the Tenth Region of Night, Apep is the great enemy of the sun god Ra, and ancient Osirians believed each sunrise was but a temporary victory, for the Devourer of the Dawn always waits to seize and consume the sun again and again, until one day the sun shall rise no more and all shall be ended.

Apep is a great golden serpent miles long, and his crushing coils encircle the world. He also appears as a fearsome dragon with night-black scales, and evil dragons of Osirion venerate him in this form.

All life, all hope, all the gods are but a temporary aberation in the universe of chaos and darkness. Apep shall one day devour the sun and restore the original chaos.

Apep's human cults are secretive, usually meeting at night or under the cloak of darkness . These evil sects keep themselves hidden from the public eye lest they attract the wrath of those who follow the more benevolent and helpful gods.

Alignment: CE god of chaos, darkness, destruction, and snakes.

Weapon: Dagger.

Symbol: Coiled serpent.

Animal: Snake.

Pathfinder Domains

Chaos (Demon, Entropy), Darkness (Night), Destruction (Catastrophe), Evil (Demon, Fear), Scalykind (Dragon).

Pathfinder Traits

Enemy of Man Your god has given you the power to kill those who uphold civilization. You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage against humans.

Feat of Strength You have trained long and hard to be able to do amazing feats of strength. You get a +2 trait bonus on Strength checks, but not on Strength-based skill checks (including untrained ones) or other Strength-related rolls, such as damage.

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