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Heroic Action Role-Play

This is a Limitation for Action.


You do not remember your past. While you can recall simple facts, the associations and personal memories are not there. Your past is blank, and your motivations uncertain. You will begin building a new persona, relationships and so on during play. Of course, your past is not dead, and now and then it will pop up and cause you trouble.

This usually means you have a dangerous and exiting past, perhaps as an enemy of your current cause, perhaps as an important hero or champion that was defeated. You might have been a very powerful character but have lost some of your abilities along with your memories, only slowly "rediscovering" them as you spend experience. It can be used to reintroduce an old favorite character with the GMs permission - you play your character from a previous game who somehow blundered into this story, but cannot remember anything of the old one and who might have forgotten a whole slew of abilities.