Alternate Dice Rolling Methods (Action)

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Heroic Action Role-Play

Some players prefer alternate ways of rolling dice in Action; here are some examples.

Standard Roll

This is statistically identical tot he normal standard roll.

Roll two six sided dice. The dice should be marked; one is the positive die and one is the negative die. Read the lower of the two dice; this is the result of the roll. If the two dice are the same, the result is +0. If the higher dice is a six, you get an exploding result; roll and additional d6 and add to the result. This additional die is open-ended normally, that is keep rolling and adding as long as you roll sixes.

Confident rolls and special results work just as normal.


Rather than calculating the outcome of a successful roll, make a confident roll and read the result of the outcome.This option reduces the effect of superior skill, making the game less heroic.