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Alchemical substances come in small flasks of glass or ceramics. Each concoction has its own characteristic container shape to make grasping the right one easier in the heat of the action. These flasks are usually worn in a bag, belt, or bandolier.

Unless noted, all alchemical substances are one-use items.

"You" in the description of an alchemic item is always the user, and any game value refereed to is generally the user's. "He" in a description reefers to the target. Unless specifically noted, effects last for one scene.

Many alchemical items have an effect depending on your proficiency bonus in alchemist's supplies. You are assumed to either have made the substance yourself, to have modified it, or have sufficient contacts to buy from an alchemist at least as skilled as yourself. If none of this applies, the GM may have you use a lower bonus depending on where you got the alchemical item. Likewise, if you hand out an alchemical item to an ally and they use it within 1 minute, they can use your proficiency bonus in alchemist's supplies to determine the effect.


Fulminants are alchemical weapons that generally only affect a single target. Fulminants are simple weapons, and in addition anyone with proficiency with alchemist's supplies is proficient with fulminants. As an action, you can splash the contents of a fulminant onto a creature within 5 feet of you as a melee attack or throw the vial up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact as a ranged attack. Fulminants have the Finesse property, so they can add either Strength or Dexterity for attack and damage rolls. On a missed throw the fulminant lands on the ground or wall 1d6 times 5 ft. beyond the target, usually with little effect. Sometimes a fulminant is thrown at a spot on the ground, wall, door or similar large stationary object, an automatically hits.

Acid Fulminant 50 gp

On a hit, the target takes 2d6 acid damage. This is the same as the acid noted in the list of adventuring equipment.

Alkaloid Fulminant 30 gp

On a hit, the target takes no damage but becomes slippery for one minute and tends to fumble. The target suffers disadvantage on Dexterity checks, except that he gains advantage on Dexterity checks to escape grab, entanglement, and similar effects. If the target makes an attack roll of 1 or suffers a critical hit, he falls prone.

Boom Fulminant 80 gp

On a hit, this creates a bang and shock-wave. The target takes 2d6 thunder damage and cannot take a reaction until the start of his next turn.

Boulder Fulminant 100 gp

A boulder fulminant must be thrown into an empty space. On impact, this fulminant expands into a boulder of soft stone, filling the 5 ft. space where it lands. The boulder looks solid but only has a 20 hit points and AC 10 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies, which is weak for a stone boulder. The boulder dissolves into dust after one minute.

Chaos Fulminant 120 gp

A vial of explosive chaos, a chaos fulminant expands into a 15 ft. cube. Creatures and unattended objects within the area must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies) or they are moved 1d8 times 5 ft. in a random direction and fall prone. A creature moved into an obstacle or that would end its move in an occupied space ends in the last legal space it moved through. A creature that is Large or larger is immune.

Cutting Salt Fulminant 25 gp

You throw or spill this on the ground, were it instantly crystallizes into spiky salt crystals similar to Caltrops, covering an area 15 ft. square. The salt crystals dissolve into dust after one minute. Any creature that enters the area must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies) or stop moving this turn and take 1 piercing damage. Taking this damage reduces the creature’s walking speed by 10 feet until the creature regains at least 1 hit point. A creature moving through the area at half speed doesn’t need to make the save.

Defoliant Fulminant 60 gp

This has no effects on most creatures, but if it hits a plant creature it does 2d6 acid damage . It then expands to fill a 15 ft. cube of orange dust. Plants (but not plant creatures) in this area lose their leaves and no longer offer concealment.

Dye Fulminant 10 gp

On a hit, the target is colored in a bright color decided when the dye is made. The victim will stand out in a crowd and suffers disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. Most of the dye can be removed in one minute, making it no longer obvious or a hindrance to Stealth. Removing the dye completely requires an hour of bathing or scrubbing. It otherwise lasts until the target ends a long rest. The dye can also be used with more care and attention to mark items and places or to create graffiti on a 15 ft. square area. Small scribbles or tags do not consume the fulminant, but covering any area does.

Fire Fulminant 30 gp

A fire fulminant combust quickly in a brightly glowing burst. The target takes 2d6 fire damage. This is not the same as Alchemist's fire from the list of adventure equipment.

Flash Fulminant 25 gp

When the container breaks, the coarse powder inside immediately explodes with a bright flash of light. The target must make a Dexterity save (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies) or be blinded for 1 round.

Foam Fulminant 70 gp

This fulminant fills a 15 ft. cube with a thick foam for the next minute. This foam is not solid, but blocks vision and creates difficult ground. It smothers mundane fire in the area. The foam cushions falls and collisions, all in the foam have resistance against such damage.

Ghastly Fulminant 120 gp

Refined from the remains of ghasts or something equally foul-smelling, this fulminant exposes the target to gasping pain. This fulminant fills a 15 ft. cube with an awful stench and then dissipates. A living, breathing target entirely in the cloud must make a Constitution save DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemists's Supplies or be poisoned for 1 minute. A poisoned target can make a new saving throw at the end of each of its turns to end the poisoned condition.

Grounding Fulminant 40 gp

This alchemically enhanced dirt is a concentration of the mundane, used against creatures not connected to the material world, causing them to melt. This causes no direct harm to most creatures, but does 2d6 radiant damage to aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, and fiends. A target of any type hit by a Grounding Fulminant can't teleport or be teleported for the next minute.

Holy Water 25 gp

If the target is a fiend or undead, it takes 2d6 radiant damage. A cleric or paladin may create holy water by performing a 1-minute ritual that requires 25 gp worth of silver and a spell slot of any level.

Itching Fulminant 60 gp

Refined from irritant plants or things like skunk musk, this causes itching and irritation. The creature hit is stunned. At the start of each of its turns, the stunned creature can attempt a Constitution save, DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies, to end the effect. A creature immune to the poisoned condition cannot be stunned, and a creature with resistance to poison damage has advantage on this saving throw

Laughing Fulminant 120 gp

This fulminant makes the target drowsy and giggle uncontrollably. The target is incapacitated and charmed by all other creatures. At the end of each of its turns, the creature can attempt a Constitution save, DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies, to end the effect. This will not end the effect of social interactions suffered while under the effect. If a laughing fulminant is applied subtly, the target does not realize he was affected by this fulminant unless his actions are very different from how he'd normally act.

Lighteater Fulminant 15 gp

A Lighteater Fulminant creates an area of low-light. An area in darkness is not affected. If it hits a creature, the low-light effect fills that creature's space and follows that creature as it moves. If it hits the ground, it fills a 15 ft. cube centered on where it lands. A creature lacking darkvision that looks into, through, or out of this area of low-light has disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks. The low-light dissipates in 1 minute.

Lightning Fulminant 50 gp

Electricity crackles along a metal filament inside this small glass bottle. Does 2d6 electricity damage on a hit.

Law Fulminant 120 gp

This bottle contains alchemical materials that reinforces natural law and ends supernatural effects. This does no direct harm to most creatures, but does 2d6 necrotic damage to aberrations and fey. This acts to dispel all spells on the target. For each spell of any level on the target, make a check using your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies. The DC equals 12 + the spell's level. On a successful check, the spell ends.

Ooze Fulminant 200 gp

On impact, an ooze fulminant releases an imprisoned Alchemic Ooze. It acts immediately and then on each turn right after you. It will mindlessly move up to and attack the nearest creature. If the ooze perceives several creatures that are equally close, it attacks one of these creatures at random. The exception is that if the alchemic ooze senses another ooze, it will move towards and attack the nearest ooze, regardless of other creatures.

You add your proficiency bonus in Alchemist's Supplies to the Alchemic Ooze's attack rolls and damage rolls and five times your proficiency bonus in Alchemist's Supplies to its hit points. The Alchemic Ooze dissolves after one minute.

Ooze, Alchemical
Tiny ooze, unaligned
Armor Class 8
Hit Points 10 plus 5 times PB (d4 hit dice 2 + PB)
Speed 10 ft., climb 10 ft.
12 (+1) 6 (-2) 14 (+2) 1 (-5) 6 (-2) 2 (-4)
Damage Resistance acid
Condition Immunities blinded, charmed, deafened, exhaustion, frightened, prone
Senses blindsight 20 ft. (blind beyond this radius), passive Perception 8
Challenge 0
Pseudopod: Melee Weapon Attack: +3 +PB to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 3 (1d6) acid damage + PB.

Pox Fulminant 60 gp

Does 2d6 necrotic damage to a target hit.

Quenching Fulminant 80 gp

A light yellow powder that reacts to quench fire and acid. It fills a 15 ft. square and will douse any mundane fire and neutralize any mundane acid in the area. A Quenching Fulminant attempts to dispel magical fire or acid. For each spell that deals acid or fire damage in the area, make a check using your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies. The DC equals 12 + the spell's level. On a successful check, the spell ends.

Rust Fulminant 100 gp

The red powder in this fulminant is alchemicly agitated rust. This has no effects on most creatures, but does damage to fey and constructs made of metal, inflicting 2d6 acid damage. If the target is wearing non-magical metal armor, its armor is partly corroded and takes a permanent −1 penalty to the AC it offers. The armor is destroyed if the penalty reduces its AC to 10. Armor that is not destroyed can be repaired at a cost of 100 gp.

Scream Fulminant 90 gp

Does 2d6 thunder damage to the target. A scream fulminant is automatically heard by anyone within 100 ft.

Slippery Fulminant 40 gp

This is a grease used to reduce friction, coating a 5 ft. square area. Ground covered in Slippery Fulminant is difficult terrain. When the gel appears, a creature standing in its area must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. A creature that enters the area or ends its turn there must also succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. The save DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies. Slippery Fulminant can be applied to a creature that is restrained or grappled, ending those conditions. No attack roll is needed to hit a grappled or restrained target.

Smoke Fulminant 25 gp

A Smoke Fulminant fills a 15 ft. cube with opaque but harmless smoke. This area is heavily obscured. It lasts for one minute or until dispersed by any wind. The smoke is normally white but can be any color specified when it is made.

Sneeze Fulminant 30 gp

This fulminant fills a 15 ft. cube for 1 minute or until scattered by any wind. Target in the area must make a Constitution save (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies) at the start of their turn or sneeze uncontrollably. A creature resistant to poison damage has advantage on the saving throw. A creature immune to the poisoned condition is immune. On a success, they ignore the effect this round, but must save again if they are in the cloud on a later round. On a failure, they can cannot take reactions until the start of their next turn.

Tar Fulminant 25 gp

Releasing a viscous alchemical tar that becomes tough on exposure to air, a tar fulminant gives a Large or smaller target the grappled condition. To break out, the grappled target or an adjacent creature can use its action to make a Strength saving throw or Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check (DC of 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies) to end the effect. The tar turns brittle and breaks after one minute.

Tar Burn Fulminant 75 gp

This is a Tar Fulminant that burns in contact with air. At the end of the target's turn a grappled target takes 2d6 fire damage as the bonds burn away, ending the effect.

Tomb Fulminant 15 gp

This flask of volatile chemicals contains academically processed graveyard dirt. This has no effects on most creatures, but does 2d6 acid damage to undead and to constructs not made of metal.

Unholy Water 25 gp

If the target is a celestial or fey, it takes 2d6 necrotic damage. A cleric or paladin may create holy water by performing a 1-minute ritual that requires 25 gp worth of tarnished silver and a spell slot of any level.


Alchemical devices used with other alchemical products, most commonly fulminants, to enhance their effect. Strictly speaking many of these are not alchemic items at all, just regular objects that enhance the effect of alchemic items. When a fulminant that affects an area is used with a meta-alchemy item that grants a fulminant an area, the normal area effect of the fulminant applies throughout the larger area provided by meta-alchemy, but the effect is not otherwise altered and not double-stacked or considered to overlap. Meta-alchemic items cannot modify each other unless specifically stated.

Alchemic Tattoo 100 gp

A tattoo that can hold one alchemic item. The substance is available for instant use by tracing the tattoo. If the stored substance is a fulminant, it appears in your hand as a ball of goo and must be thrown immediately or it triggers. Only the wearer can use an Alchemic Tattoo, another creature cut the tattoo to destroy it but not otherwise interact with it. Only a close inspection can spot something unusual about an Alchemic Tattoo, and even then it requires a Wisdom (Medicine) check DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemists's Supplies to realize what it is. Once used or if deliberately cut, an alchemic tattoo disappears.

Alchemical Weapons

The Aspergillum, Scorpion, and Thrower are weapons that lend themselves to be used with alchemical substances, mainly #Fulminants. All these can be reused.

Alchemist's Ammunition 25 gp

This is an alchemical fulminant (which must be provided separately) built into a piece of ammunition. The missile has half its normal range. This replaces the effect of the weapon with that of the alchemic fulminant. The fulminant cannot be used in any other way than by shooting the missile.

Bite Bol (10 gp)

A potion or alchemical tonic can be soaked into this sponge. You then put the sponge into your mouth, and only need to bite down on it in order to get the benefits. This allows you to use a potion or tonic as a reaction or on your own turn without spending any action. You can only keep one Bite Bind in your mouth at a time, and when used it is destroyed. Putting a bite bol into your mouth is an action. The combination of bite bol and tonic or potion remains viable until the beginning your next long or short rest.

Blast Cone 100 gp

This combines one alchemical fulminant (which must be provided separately) and an accelerant that amplifies the effect and disperses it in a 15 ft cone. Make a separate attack roll against each target in the area, including friends and bystanders.

Boom Jar 100 gp

This combines one alchemical fulminant (which must be provided separately) and an accelerant that amplifies the effect and disperses it in a ball-shaped burst. The fulminant fills a 15 ft. square. Make a separate attack roll against each target in the area, including friends and bystanders. Fulminants that have an area increase their area to a 25 ft. cube and have their normal effect in this area.

Bomb Trigger 50 gp, 4 lb.

This combines one alchemical fulminant (which must be provided separately), an accelerant that amplifies the effect, and a trigger for the whole. The result is a bomb. It cannot be thrown and is instead planted. It can be set as a timer that explodes at the end of a certain number of rounds, triggered with a rip cord up to 50 ft. long (included), or made into a trap with a spot and disable DC of 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemical Supplies. When triggered, it is an area effect that fills a 15 ft. cube. There is no attack roll. Instead, if the fulminant doesn't already have a saving throw, targets may make a Dexterity saving throw to avoid the effect, DC of 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemical Supplies. If placed directly in contact with an immobile object or wall, that object no saving throw and takes double damage.

Censer 1 gp

A small bowl of thin metal or ceramics, used to burn Incense, protecting it from draft and controlling the rate of burn. A piece of Incense in a censer will burn for twice as long, usually 2 hours. A censer is reusable. Much more expensive censers are available that are artworks of jewellery, metalworking, or pottery.

Sniff Box 10 gp

A small box that fits inside a closed fist. It is used to subtly deliver an alchemical fulminant (which must be provided) on an adjacent creature. Variants look like paper flowers (10 gp), jewelry (500 gp and up), or other accessories at higher cost. The sniff box negates any telltale signs of the alchemical fulminant itself, but cannot hide the effect; it is best used with the more subtle fulminants or it becomes a dangerous prank. The device can't be used in combat. Against an unsuspecting target you can make a Deception check against the target's passive Insight to deliver an alchemical fulminant using a sniff box. Its is an action to either load the sniff box with a fulminant or use it to attack.

Spray Tube 50 gp

This combines one alchemical fulminant (which must be provided separately) and an accelerant that amplifies the effect and disperses it in a 30 ft. line. Make a separate attack roll against each target in the area, including friends and bystanders.

Alchemical Bellows 500 gp

The bellows can be set to operate as either a Spray Cone or Spray Tube, and is reusable. It requires two hands to operate.

Alchemic Oils

Used to coat objects, mainly weapons, alchemical oils have a mineral taste and smell.

Armoring Oil 50 gp

Protects a metal object from acid, corrosion, and similar hazards until the end of the scene. If applied in the round after the corrosion was incurred, it will restore the object to prime condition.

Bane Oil 500 gp

This oil is made to be lethal to one specific creature. It takes a drop of the creature's blood to attune the oil to the creature, this is an action and must be made before the oil is applied to a weapon. A weapon with Bane Oil ignores any powers the target may have that reduces damage, and the creature cannot be healed until the end of your next turn. Bane Oil cannot affect a creature with a challenge rating of 10 or more. It is rumored that more powerful Bane Oils are possible, with a cost equal to a consumable of the maximum level they can affect.

Blackburn Oil 160 gp

A weapon covered with Blackburn Oil does an additional 1d6 necrotic damage on a hit for the next minute.

Blade Bile Oil 200 gp

A weapon covered with Blade Bile Oil does an additional 1d6 acid damage on a hit for the next minute. This is actually two oils, first a layer of grease to protect the weapon and then a layer of acidic jelly.

Blade Shock Oil 200 gp

A weapon covered with Blade Shock Oil does an additional 1d6 electricity damage on a hit for the next minute. This includes a needle that must be inserted into the weapon when this is used on a non-metallic weapon (no additional action).

Fire Blade Oil 180 gp

A weapon covered with Fire Blade Oil does an additional 1d6 fire damage on a hit for the next minute.

Frost Burn Oil 220 gp

A weapon covered with Frost Burn Oil does an additional 1d6 cold damage on a hit for the next minute.

Poison Tongue Oil 100 gp

A weapon covered with Poison Tongue Oil does an additional 1d6 poison damage on a hit for the next minute.

Sun Blade Oil 250 gp

A weapon covered with Sun Blade Oil does an additional 1d6 radiant damage on a hit for the next minute.

Terne-ointment 25 gp

A grayish oil that protects a creature or object from detection powers for 1 hour. The target cannot be affected by divination spells with "detect" or "locate" in the name.

Torpid Talc 20 gp

A fine white powder that inhibits detection powers when sprinkled on a creature or object. The target cannot be affected by divination spells with "detect" or "locate" in the name. In normal use, it wears off in one minute. If an object is stored with Torpid Talc on it the application lasts until the object is disturbed.


Early black powder costs 10 gp per lbs. The prices given are based on this early, expensive gunpowder.

Gunpowder containers are elaborate to protect the black powder from its nemesis, dampness. As powder gets cheaper as technology advances, so does containers—no longer do people pay for alchemical security.

The cost of both powder and its containers are reduced to 1/10 once gunpowder becomes common.

Powder Horn 15 gp, 1 lb.

A powder horn is usually made of leather, but available in soft metals and actual horn as well. They will hold powder dry in most conditions and also easily accessible for loading. Costs 15 gp and weights 1 lb. It can hold 1 lb. of powder.

Powder Keg 250 gp, 5 lb

A keg is a small lead-lined barrel used for storing powder. Once the barrel is opened, the powder is usually distributed right away and the lead made into bullets. A powder keg holds 20 lbs. of powder and is most often purchased full and sealed for 250 gp. A used keg can be refilled or sold.


Mine Damage Table
Weight Description Cost Damage Demolition
1 lb. Bomb 150 gp 3d6 Carriage
5 lb. Satchel 200 gp 5d6 Cottage
20 lb. Keg 250 gp 7d6 Stone house, small ship
100 lb. Firkin 1,000 gp 9d6 Fortified house, large ship
400 lb. Barrel 4,000 gp 11d6 City wall
1 ton Magazine 10,000 gp 13d6 Fortification

A mine is a big alchemical weapon that can cause widespread destruction and collapse buildings. It consists of black powder packed into a container of wood or similar organic material.

A fuse is attached, and when the fuse reaches the black powder it explodes with a loud bang and a cloud of white smoke. A mine is ignited by electricity or fire damage of 10 points or more. A mine does force damage. The damage value of a mine depends on the amount of black powder in it, see the Mine Damage Table. Reduce the damage by 2 Hit Point for every 5 feet away a target is. A Dexterity save (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemists's Supplies) halves the damage. Full cover negates damage.

Demolition: Placing the mine properly takes a minute and must be in contact with the building or its foundations. A mine that is not placed properly will still explode and cause damage, but will not have much effect on construction. Mines come with a Simple Fuse, other fuses must be purchased separately. If a sufficiently large mine is properly placed, make an Intelligence (Investigation) check to see if it collapses a building. The DC depends on the passive skill of the builder and is usually in the 15-20 range. A collapsed building does provide cover against the explosion that collapsed it.


A bomb is similar to a Mine, but held in a cast-iron container that doubles the weight of an equivalent mine. This turns into lethal fragments in the explosion. It is possible to turn a Mine into a Bomb by packing in an equal weight of hard but fragile materials, such as hard rock or cast iron. The explosion from a bomb does piercing damage. Damage is reduced by 1 hit Point for every five feet from the explosion. A Dexterity save (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemists's Supplies) halves the damage, and full cover negates the damage. Bombs don't damage construction like mines do.


Fuses light explosives and start fires. Applying a fuse to a combustible is an action; lighting a fuse is an action as long as you have ready access to fire.

Fast Fuse 50 gp, 3 lb A thin cord infused with chemicals to make it burn very hot and fast. Fast fuse is normally sold in rolls of 300 ft. A fast fuse burns at the rate of 100 ft. per round and doesn’t need air to burn. This means it cannot be smothered. The best way to extinguish it is to cut off the burning part and let that burn out.

Improvised Fuse A rag or some dry plant matter wound around a combustible. Creating an improvised fuse from appropriate materials takes a minute. It requires a Survival check (DC 10) by the user to actually ignite a combustible.

Simple Fuse A simple fuse is a Fast Fuse that is short enough to burn out at the end of your turn. For game purposes this is free, tough it does have a small cost its too small to bother with compared to other costs of firebrands.

Slow Fuse 50 gp, 3 lb A rope infused with chemicals to make it smolder slowly and steadily. Slow fuse is normally sold in 30 ft. rolls and cut down desired length. It burns at the rate of 1 foot per hour. It doesn’t need air to burn and can burn underwater. A burning slow fuse can be worn to provide access to fire, which can light other fuses and will light a torch or similar as an action.

The slow fuse can be cut to act as a timer. The GM makes an Intelligence (Alchemist's Supplies) check for you with a DC of 1 for every 5 minutes you wish the timer to burn (minimum DC 10). For each point you fail this check, the timer burns 1d6 additional minutes. A check result of less than half the difficulty means the timer fails to activate.

Vulcan Match Fuse 2 gp. A Vulcan Match fitted as a fuse. It will immediately ignite a torch, combustible, or another fuse. It is possible to rig a ripcord to light a Vulcan Match fuse from a distance.

Alchemic Inks

Inks are mostly used in downtime, where time is not critical. In order to be used, an ink needs a pen or brush and an ink-pot. Making these ready for use is an action. Using an ink to write a short sentence is also an action. Ink can write on paper, vellum, parchment, papyrus and similar absorbent substances. It cannot write on common materials like metal, stone, or wood. A bottle of ink is 1 ounce and lasts about a month of intense use or a year of occasional scribbles.

Common Ink 10 gp

Available in different colors, this is the standard ink in universal use.

Glowworm Ink 50 gp

An ink that glows in the dark. In well-lit conditions this ink is invisible, but in darkness it glows, making it as readable as ordinary script. A page can even hold two sets of text, one readable in light, another using glowworm ink readable in the dark. Can also be used to create glowing tattoos.

Citrus Juice 1sp

Various kinds of invisible ink are available. The most common is citrus juice; this ink appears when the page is held to a flame. Citrus juice is commonly available and not considered an alchemical item.

Invisible Ink 25 gp

A proper alchemical Invisible Ink has two components; one is the ink used to write the message. The other is a catalyst sprayed on the page to make the message visible. The catalyst can be alchemically manufactured or some other fluid you have a sample of when making the ink. Common choices for catalysts are alcohol and vinegar, but urine is also used. If a sample is available when making the invisible ink, almost any gas or liquid can be used, including hyper-specific things such things as a specific creature's breath, blood, or urine.

Trying to make Invisible Ink appear without the proper catalyst takes an hour of work with Alchemist's Supplies and an Intelligence (Alchemist's Supplies) check against the passive Intelligence (Alchemist's Supplies) of the creature that made the ink. If you fail by 5 or more, the document is destroyed without becoming readable.

Universal Ink 100 gp

This is an ink that will create lasting text on any material. The text will rub off with frequent use, but even then it lasts at least a week and up to a year.


Incense are made from woods and herbs processed into sticks or cones and burnt to create fragrant smoke. This smoke has a distinct smell (an acquired taste) but does not obscure vision. The smoke scatters quickly outdoors and is only effective within 1 meter of the burning incense. Indoors, a single burner can fill a 30 ft. cube. The smoke has effect at the beginning of your turn in the round after it is lit. A stick of incense will burn for an hour. Having incense smoke of several different types in the same area is ineffective, none of the different types will work. Incense can be negated either by putting out a burning stick or lighting another type of incense, either will take effect at the beginning of your next turn. Incense can be burnt in special burners called Censers. These protect the incense and double the burn time, but are not strictly needed. A censer can be worn as an accessory, placed as a decoration, or most commonly hung suspended. Lighting a stick of incense is an action if you have access to fire.

Frankincense 10 gp

This incense smells particularly pleasing and nullifies other odors. It gives advantage on saves against attacks and interactions based on odors. Its often used to counteract other incense, since it is so cheap.

Ghost Fragrance 100 gp

Made from alchemicly processed dead trees, Ghost Fragrance protects undead in the smoke. Effects that normally have special effects against undead don't have those effects in the smoke. An undead in the smoke loses any vulnerability it may have to radiant damage. If an undead creature in the area has other vulnerabilities, those apply normally.

Myrrh 25 gp

Creatures in this smoke have advantage on saving throws against infection from disease. Once a creature has contacted a disease, Myrrh Incense provides no benefit, but can help others to avoid contagion. Myrrh can be used in a breathing mask to benefit the wearer for a month.

Repellent Incense 50 gp

Incense is available that will repel specific groups of creatures decided when the item is created: incense that repels bats, birds, cats, insects, oozes, reptilians, and rodents are common. In cooperation with a cleric you can add celestials, fiends, and undead to the list of creatures you can make repellent against. You can also make repellent against aberrations, one specific incense for each type of aberration. A repelled creature who starts their turn in the incense must make a Constitution save (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's Supplies) or become incapacitated. The creature can still move but cannot take an action or reaction until the beginning of its next turn. Repelled creatures will usually try to move out of the area as soon as they can. Repellent Incense is especially effective against Swarms of creatures of the indicated type; they suffer disadvantage on their saving throw against the effect.

Spirit Smoke 100 gp

Invisible, astral, and ethereal creatures are visible in the area.


Most of of the items in this section are beneficial and meant to be ingested or applied to the body of a willing patient.

Air Salt 10 gp

This finely powdered salt must be inhaled with a sharp breath. Once used, the salt creates breathable air inside your lungs, enabling survival in airless environments and gives immunity to inhaled toxins for 10 minutes. Taking additional doses within 1 hour extend the duration but causes 1d6 poison damage per additional dose.

Alchemical Antidote 30 gp

This tonic negates the effect of any alchemical substance drunk by the user earlier in this session. An Alchemical Antidote will not cure damage but can end conditions created by alchemy and end alchemical effects, including negating any future damage. It can also be sprinkled on a target or 5 feet square and negate any alchemical substance applied externally, combining with the alchemical material to form ash that easily flakes away.

Alchemical Bravery 50 gp

The drinker gains temporary hit points equal to 1d8 plus your proficiency bonus with alchemist's supplies. The target cannot gain more temporary hit points this way that the damage he has taken. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Alchemical Cosmetics 120 gp

Various dyes and ointments used to alter appearance, Alchemical Cosmetics is a set of alchemical dyes, pastes, and salves rather than a single tonic. It can build and change the appearance of skin, altering facial features and adding things like warts, blemishes, or wounds.

It must be used along with a disguise kit for full effectiveness and allows more extensive modifications, negating the penalty for altering apparent race or gender.

Gel Glove 20 gp

This purple gel adheres to skin and provides protection for one hour. The gel has 20 hit points and takes damage that you would take because of touching something dangerous until it is depleted. If your hands get stuck to a Mimic or something similarly sticky, you can sacrifice the remaining effect to escape.

Alchemical Antidote 120 gp

This bitter tonic gives resistance to poison and immunity to the poisoned condition for 1 hour.

Alchemical Lure 20 gp

A scent attractive to beasts of a type chosen when the lure is made; predators, herbivores, or scavengers. Make an Intelligence (Nature) check when using the lure and multiply the check result by 20 ft. to find the range at which animals can be attracted. The check must also exceed the animal's passive Intelligence saving throw for the Lure to work. Once the lure has attracted a single solitary animal or one pack of animals, other animals will avoid the site as already claimed.

Alchemical Upper 70 gp

The target gainss 2d6 temporary hit points that last 1 hour. Taking additional doses within 1 hour causes 1d6 poison damage per dose. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Alchemist's Intelligence 50 gp

This toxic tincture burns the user's body, but focuses the mind. It has a burning taste that cannot be disguised, so it is not effective as a poison. The drinker takes 1d6 poison damage, 1d6 acid damage, and 1d6 necrotic damage, but gains advantage on all Intelligence and Wisdom checks for the next hour. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Antitoxin 50 gp

A creature that drinks this vial of liquid gains advantage on saving throws against poison for 1 hour. It confers no benefit to undead or constructs. This is from the original Rules.

Aural Death 40 gp

This alchemical oil neutralizes a living creature's aura and projects an aura similar to that of undead. It lasts until you start a long or short rest. Abilities that detect living creatures will not work against you, and abilities that detect undead will register you as a zombie. Undead with an Intelligence of 5 or less will see you as one of their own and won't attack. More intelligent undead are not inherently hostile, but will realize that you are alive unless you are disguised. Aural Death has no effect if applied to a construct or undead creature.

Buoyant Balloon 30 gp

This fist-sized alchemically treated animal bladder is tightly sealed around a small wooden grip. By giving the handle a sharp twist you break an ampoule inside the bladder, filling the bag with buoyant gas and causing it to swell into a 3-foot-diameter sphere. Inflating the balloon is an action. Once filled, the balloon floats upward at a speed of 10 ft per round. The balloon can lift up to 20 pounds of weight as it rises, though carrying more than 10 pounds reduces its speed to 5 ft. per round. A Buoyant Balloon used underwater lifts five times as much. Multiple balloons attached to a single object add their carrying capacities together when determining how much weight they can lift. If a balloon is not held or bound in place in some manner, it continues to rise until it reaches a height of 1,000 ft., until it takes any damage (a free-floating balloon has an AC of 10), or for 10 minutes, after which it pops and is destroyed.

Epimethius Elixir 10 gp

This cures hangover. It will also abort a pregnancy less than 48 hours old.

Fire Juice 1 sp

This oil but burns quickly at a low temperature, making it ideal for exotic performers such as fire-spinners and flame-breathers. You may spit a mouthful of Fire Juice past an open flame (such as a candle, slow fuse, or torch) to ignite it, creating a brief burst of fire. This is not hot enough to do damage, but can serve as a universal language that allows Charisma (Intimidation) even when there is no common language and giving advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks against creatures with an Intelligence of 4 or less.

Glowcane 2 gp

Two sticks that when fitted together and shaken to mix the alchemical substances inside form a short staff that glows without flame or heat for 8 hours. This provides dim light in a 20 ft. radius.

Night Zap 20 gp

The drinker need not sleep for 24 hours. Recovery is normal during this time, but if used twice in a row or more, the drinker gains a level of exhaustion for each dose beyond the first. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Nightlight Balm 15 gp

Applying this balm to eyes and if needed skin suppresses the effects of light sensitivity and similar issues for 24 hours. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Nightsteel Oil 75 gp

A lubricant applied to armor to negate the disadvantage to Stealth of one set of armor for 1 hour.

Panacea 250 gp

This oily tonic makes the drinker resist necrotic and poison damage and gain advantage on Constitution saves. It wears off after 1 hour. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Prometheus Poultice 2 gp

Renders the drinker sterile for the next month. Does not affect an ongoing pregnancy.

Rage Mead 50 gp

Brewed with amanita mushrooms, this drink causes you to rage like a 1st level barbarian for 1 minute. At the end of the rage you take 1d10 poison damage and gain 1 level of exhaustion, that you can recover with 1 minute of rest. If you have the ability to rage, you gain the full benefits of your own rage abilities, but this rage does not count against your daily limit. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Rogue's Eye 5 gp

For the next hour you gain darkvision with a range of 10 ft. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Scent Amplifier 20 gp

This alchemical perfume neutralizes your own odor and can amplify the odor of a different creature for the next hour. By taking spoor from a creature and mixing it with the Amplifier as an action, you give the amplifier the creature's scent. Then, when you apply it, another action, it deadens your own odor and replaces it with that of the creature. If used without a scent to amplify, it simply deadens odors. Mammals and other animals relying on scent (generally those who have advantage on Wisdom (perception) checks based on scent) misidentify you and tend to treat you as a member of the species who's scent you have assumed. This gives you Racial Beast affinity against beasts of the type you smell like.

Second Life Elixir 500 gp

This bubbly, sickly greenish liquid has to be injected into a corpse or cadaver using syringes. The body must be preserved or no more than a week old. At the end of the round it is used, the dead body animates for one minute. The animated body has the abilities it had in life but gains the poisoned condition. It is in shock and immediately attacks any nearby creature, or objects if no creatures are available. Normal practice if you want to interrogate the creature is to restrain the body before using the elixir. The reanimated corpse can be conversed with normally during this time, and can answer questions about things it knew in life, including how it died. Each question requires a successful Charisma (deceit, intimidate, or persuade) check against the creature's passive Wisdom save. Answers are terse, five words maximum. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Smelling Salts 5 gp

Used to awaken an unconscious creature. A creature with zero hit points remaining or otherwise unconscious or asleep is made to smell the salts and then awakens with one hit point. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Stomach Lining 10 gp

This oily tincture lines the stomach and delays the onset of any ingested potion, tonic, poison or drug for up to 2 hours. If the drinker spews up the oil, it will take anything consumed since it was drunk with it. This does not work on constructs or undead.

Stoneskin Lotion 90 gp

This lotion is smeared over the skin, causing hardening and swelling. The target's AC can’t be less than 15 for the next 10 minutes, regardless of what kind of armor it is wearing.

Summer Balm 10 gp

This balm is applied to your skin and improves resistance to hot weather for 24 hours. Until the end of the scene, you can endure hot weather as if you were wearing desert clothing and you won't suffer sunburn.

Winter's Warmth 10 gp

This rose-red tincture improves resistance to cold weather for 24 hours. You can endure cold weather as if you were wearing winter clothing.


Miscellaneous items.


Size Light Cost Weight
Fine 10 ft. 10 gp
Diminutive 20 ft. 30 gp 0.2 lb.
Tiny 40 ft. 90 gp 5 lbs.
Medium 80 ft. 270 gp 100 lbs.
Large 160 ft. 800 gp 2,000 lbs

A rock crystal alchemicly imbued to shed light. A tiny crystal will only glow weakly, a large crystal brightly illuminates a much larger area. The Cryslights table lists various sizes of lamps. The Light column lists amount of bright light it sheds, it also sheds dim light to twice this range. It is an action to control the light of a crystal, from its maximum to dim or no light on touch. Certain Cryslights have passwords or specific objects needed to control them, this doubles the cost and allows control from any point in the bright light radius. Certain Cryslights are colored, flicker, shift colors, cast suggestive shapes of light and darkness, or have other decorative special effects at additional cost.

Fireworks 1-1,000 gp

Fireworks are activated by lighting the fuse, which requires a ready source of fire. It is an action to place a firework and another action to light it. Different fireworks have different effects when triggered, as decided when they are made. A firework will attract the attention of all creatures within a radius in feet equal to its cost in gp, providing a distraction to hide and possibly keeping onlookers distracted for up to a minute. This distance is quadrupled in dim light and ten times as large in darkness. Against creatures unused to fireworks and fire magic, the effect can be much more pronounced, at the GMs option.

Ice Craft Elixir 75 gp

When opened, this bottle emits a stream of cold that freezes into dry ice. This can be used with Intelligence (crafting tool proficiency) to make almost any kind of rigid object, with the limitation that it is very cold and cannot have moving parts. The time it takes to create an object is short, a simple object like a one-handed weapon requires just an action while a large or complex object (up to a size of 5 ft. x 5 ft.) can take up to a minute. Once the seal is broken any remaining elixir evaporates after one minute. Objects created evaporate in 1 hour.

Liquid Blade 15 gp

Opening this bottle causes a stream of liquid that immediately freezes into a sword-like blade. This functions as a shortsword. You can attempt a Dexterity (Smith's tools) check to shape it into another type of weapon. DC 8 for piercing swords and daggers , +2 for weapons other than swords, +2 for weapons that do slashing or bludgeoning damage, and +2 for two-handed weapons. A weapon thus made evaporates in 10 minutes.

Power Seal Ointment 75 gp

An ointment created by an alchemical process involving holy and unholy water, silver, lead, cold iron, and alchemical components that interfere with spellcasting. A target anointed with Power Seal Ointment cannot cast spells. Anointing a helpless or cooperative target takes 1 minute and lasts for a week. Bathing for 10 minutes removes the effect.

Rocket Boots 60 gp

A pair of sturdy boots or leggings with black powder rockets fastened to them. Igniting rocket boots is an action. Rocket Boots allows flight with a speed on 100 ft. for up to one minute. Flying with these boots requires a Dexterity (acrobatics) check (DC 10) each round. If you spend your action controlling the flight, you have advantage on this roll. On a failure, roll 1d20. On a result of 1-10, you fly ten times that number of feet in a random direction. On a result of 11-20, you crash. Colliding with a solid object or crashing does 4d6 bludgeoning damage and ends the flight.

Sand Craft Elixir 100 gp

Mix this elixir with sand, and it forms a gooey substance that can be shaped and then quickly hardens to the consistency and strength of sandstone. A single application can affect up to 1 cubic foot of sand. The entire process of mixing, shaping, and then setting the sand affected by a single dose of this elixir takes a minute. Because of the rapid hardening, only rough shapes can be made this way. If several elixirs are used in the span of a few minutes, the sandstone created can be merged into one solid block. Otherwise, each elixir creates a separate piece of sandstone, which forms a weaker overall structure.

Shrieking Goo 5 gp

This is an eyeball-sized blob of seemingly unremarkable dirt. It can be attached or removed from another object as an action. The blob has a passive Wisdom (Perception) equal to 10 + your proficiency bonus with Alchemist's supplies. This is also the Intelligence (Investigation) DC to notice the goo and the Dexterity (thief's tools) DC to remove it without triggering. The Shrieking Goo shrieks if it notices any creature of Small size or larger moving within 30 ft., except creatures that were there when the goo was placed. If it notices movement, it screams loud enough to waken a creature within 30 ft. from normal sleep and is automatically heard out to a distance of 100 ft. The Shrieking Goo goes inert 10 hours after it is first deployed.

Stickum 10 gp

Spread this elixir over several objects and set them together, the elixir will bond them together to form a single whole. Used to repair or for quick and dirty crafting. It takes an action to mend a weapon or tool-sized object. Larger objects require one action for each weapon-sized piece to be fitted. The stickum sets in one minute after which it can no longer be worked. An Intelligence (crafting tool) check DC 10 will make a temporary result that lasts a couple of hours, with a roll of 20 makes the result permanent. Stickum will not stick to living creatures.

Suction Cups (150 gp, 1 lb)

Made of elastic alchemical materials, suction cups adhere well to any perfectly smooth surface. A set is worn on hands and feet to allow easy climbing (DC 10) on perfectly smooth surfaces which are normally impossible to climb, such as sheer ice, glass, or a wall of force. They do not help on other surfaces.

Terne-plating 1 gp

Items can be covered in a thin layer of a mix of tin, lead, and alchemical materials to shield them (and their contents) from detection powers just as a lead would. One application of terne-Plating covers one object up to 5 ft. in its largest dimension. A terne-plated object looks like it is made of dull grey metal of little value, but a DC 8 Intelligence (investigation) check is enough to realize the truth. An item to be plated must not be overly flexible or heat-sensitive. Metal, bone, glass, ceramic, and wooden objects are routinely tern-plated. Tern-plating gradually wears thin and has to be renewed after about a month of adventuring or a year of normal use. A room or building can have its walls, floor, and ceiling tern-plated. Tern-plating in construction is usually hidden to prevent wear and lasts as long as the building.

Tug Trigger 80 gp

A sticky clay that can safely be stretched slowly, but disintegrates into a poisonous dust if tugged quickly. This is most frequently used to trap small containers, such as a scroll tube, book, picture brooch, or secret compartment. Carefully opening the seal (an action) avoids the danger. This otherwise works as a trap with a spot and disarm DC of 10 + your Intelligence (Alchemist's supplies) bonus. It deals 2d6 poison damage and colors the victim's hands black for a day. A Constitution save with the same DC halves the damage and avoid the colored hands. When the clay is created, two options are available. The trap can be subtle or accompanied by a loud flash and bang. The dust can be harmless to ordinary materials such as paper, parchment, and leather, or it can be an acid that consumes them, destroying the trapped object.

Vulcan Match 1 sp

The alchemical substance on the end of this fine wooden stick ignites when struck against a rough surface. Lighting a Vulcan Match is a free action.

Vulcan Sword 70 gp

This wooden shortsword is covered with a thick coating of the substance used to make Vulcan Matches. When struck against a rough surface (a free action), the head of the club ignites and burns brightly. The lit sword sheds light as a torch and inflicts 1d6 fire damage damage instead of the weapon's normal damage. After one minute, the flames die out and the sword is destroyed. When not lit, the weapon does 1 point of bludgeoning damage.

Water Purification Sieve 10 gp

Filtering water through this fabric sieve removes impurities and toxins. Such water is safe to drink or to use for medicinal purposes, but it has an unpleasant alchemical taste. One Water Purification Sieve can filter one pint of water in one round and works for 1 hour.

Water Road Elixir 10 gp.

Drip this oil on the surface of a body of water (not other liquids) to dramatically increase surface tension, to the point where it becomes possible to walk on water. It is an action to create a water road 10 ft. wide as you walk on the water. The surface is still yielding, and a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check to Balance (DC 5) is required—add this to the difficulty of anything else that would require a Balance check, such as waves. After one minute, the Water Road Elixir is spent. Each section of road lasts for three rounds after that section was created, disappearing behind you as you move.