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You are addicted to a recreational drug like alcohol. You are able to function normally in combat and similar stressful situations. Whenever you are not in danger, you are sickened, either from the effects of your addiction, or from withdrawal.

Your addiction can be recognized with a Heal or Knowledge (local) check (DC 15). Any Charisma skill used against you that involves your addiction gets a +5 bonus. When you earn money and once each week, you must spend 10% of your available cash on your addiction, before making any other purchases. If drugs are illegal you often have legal problems.

The thing you are addicted to has no other harmful effect on you, and you are immune to further addiction of any kind.

At 5th level, you have developed know-how that removes the monetary cost of your addiction and allows you to bye any drug at half normal price whenever it is available. You need only take half the usual dose to gain the full effects of any drug.

At 10th level your blood becomes mildly toxic. Creatures draining your blood never gain any benefit and you are immune to damage from drugs and to poison, disease, and parasitic infection.

At 15th level, you gain immunity to attribute damage and drain.

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