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Movement-Related Stunts

A creature can use Acrobatics to avoid attacks of opportunity on movement-related stunts that normally cause attacks of opportunity, but which are not strictly entering new squares. This includes the following actions:

  • Stand up from prone
  • Climb

Failed Jumps

Failing a long jump means you fall short. If such a jump fails by 4 or less, you can attempt a DC 20 Reflex save to catch hold of the other side, which usually allows climbing.

Falling a high jump by 4 or less means you arrive prone. Falling a high jump by 9 or less means you land hanging and can climb the last part of the way. Failing by 14 or less allows you a Reflex save to catch a hold, as for long jumps above.


Acrobatics skill can reduce falling damage by more than 1d6; each multiple of 15 on the Acrobatics roll removes another die of falling damage. Mitigating all falling damage this way allows you to land without falling prone.

A character that deliberately makes a downward jump instead of falling gains a +5 bonus on falling stunts.

Note the optional Falling Damage by Size rules.

Assisted Movement

If you can use the environment or some clever stunt or contraption to assist your Acrobatics maneuver, the DC is generally half normal. Such assistance includes swinging on ropes, rappelling, pole vaulting, and similar tricks.


The jump skill is used to swing on ropes, which is particularly useful on a sailing ship or in a jungle full of vines. This is a jump stunt with half the normal difficulty. You can also move an equal distance downwards without penalty while doing this. If you start in an elevated position, you ignore the lack of a running start.

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