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Zilchus is the Oerdian god of guilds, trade, and wealth, married to Sotillion and a very well-regarded and popular god. He is an ascended mortal.

As the Common god of wealth and trade he is highly popular but not respected or political. He has few temples but many shrines in offices and guild halls. This means his cult is often politically overshadowed by the churches of St. Cuthbert or Tiamat.

Zilchus (ZIL-chus) is a popular Oeridian god, depicted as a well-dressed Oeridian man of plain appearance but great wealth. Husband of Sotillion, brother of Kurell, ally of Rao, Zilchus has many contacts that reflect his ability to establish relationships that are vital to any businessman. A busy god, he has little time for frivolous pursuits, but is knowledgeable in such things because it allows him to influence others. He acts as a dealmaker between gods, finalizing agreements once Rao convinces warring parties to talk. His symbol is hands clutching a bag of gold.

In the world of men, the desire for money can be overwhelming. Control that desire in yourself and exploit it in others—that is the key to success and power. Anything done in the world can be done better for a profit, and those who recognize these opportunities are one step ahead of any competition. Politics and war are simply two other forms of trade, one using a currency of words and the other lives; the trick is to spend yours more efficiently than your opponent.

Zilchus' clerics are ruthless in business and often seen as emotionless. They are heavily involved in business and politics, and conduct deals above or below the table depending upon their disposition. They work for powerful merchants, trade and crafts guilds, politicians, or nations, making transactions and garnering prestige for themselves and their employers. Neophytes get less glorious jobs, such as managing caravans or remote businesses, but some are hired to participate in high-risk but potentially profitable enterprises such as smuggling contraband and adventuring.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Weapon: Dagger.

Pathfinder Domains

Artifice (Construct), Charm, Community, Knowledge (Memory), Law.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Take a handful of mixed gems and coins. Include coins from three or more different currency systems (such as from three different kingdoms). Kneel before a scale and balance the items as perfectly as you can on it, removing and replacing items in order to create the most equitable balance of items. Randomize the items you select each time you perform this obedience, so as not to let your obedience become routine. Meditate on the teachings. Gain a +4 sacred or profane bonus on saving throws against compulsion and charm spells and effects. The type of bonus depends on your alignment—if you’re neither good nor evil, you must choose either sacred or profane the first time you perform your obedience. Once made, this choice can’t be changed.


  1. Cloud the Mind of the Unwary (Sp) hypnotism 3/day, daze monster 2/day, or suggestion 1/day
  2. Eye of the Market (Ex) You can estimate value quickly and accurately, particularly to find forged or illegal wares. You receive a +4 sacred (or profane if evil) bonus on all Appraise checks, can appraise an item with 1 full-round action instead of 1 minute, and can use Appraise to identify falsified merchandise.
  3. Zilchus' Recommendation (Su) You are recognized as an influential merchant even in places where you would not normally be known. You are taken into confidence by merchants as if you were an old partner. All bribes, fess, and gratuities are waived for you, and you (and to a lesser extent your companions) always receive free lodgings to the best standard a settlement can provide. The monetary limit of a settlement is doubled for you.

Action Techniques

Charm, Ride, Spot.