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Chaotic Neutral

Xerbo is a Suel god of monsters and the ocean depths, mainly worshiped in conjunction with his wife Osprem.

Xerbo (ZER-boh) is a stern and indifferent god. He is, shown as a large man with matted kelplike hair, wearing dragon turtle armor and shield. His trident, Murky Deep, enchants and grants him dominion over all ocean life and can enchant his opponents. Xerbo is also a mercantile god, where his stern demeanor represents the drive for a hard bargain. Most revere him as a merchant's god and placate him as a sea god. He avoids other gods except his estranged wife Osprem, battles Procan regularly, and sulks whenever Zilchus encroaches on his followers. His symbol is a dragon turtle.

The law of the sea states that no sea creature should be favored over another. Land creatures, including intelligent ones, have no place in the water; it is a place to be feared and respected, not exploited. Land creatures in danger on the sea deserve no help unless they act to protect sea creatures or the sea itself. Do not let one's emotions get in the way of making trade; no person should be favored over another. This last thought makes him popular with smaller merchants and disliked by unions and guilds.

Xerbo's clerics are expected to protect the sea and sea life. They watch over merchant vessels on trade routes or facilitate business meetings in port cities. The god does not tolerate extended forays on land, especially for foolish pursuits such as exploring ruins and dungeons.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weapon: Trident

Symbol: Dragon turtle.

Action Domains: Animal, Flux, Life, Spiritual, Water.

Pathfinder Domains

Animal (Normal, Fur), Knowledge, Plant (Growth), Travel (Trade), Water (Flotsam or Oceans).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Throw a coin or other treasure into the sea. In you are not by the sea, put the offering into a turtle shell, that you will empty when you are next by the sea. If you lose your turtle shell while there are offerings within it, you cannot perform this obedience until you have reclaimed it or dropped a piece of jewelry worth 100 gp. or more into the sea.


  1. First Oath (Sp) speak with animals (aquatic animals only) 3/ day, summon nature's ally II (aquatic creatures only) 2/day, or water breathing 1/day.
  2. Second Oath (Ex) You become immune to damage from water pressure, and gain the ability to breathe water, a +2 profane bonus to Constitution, and a swim speed equal to your base land speed (or increase your current swim speed by 30 ft.).
  3. Third Oath (Sp) Dominate monster 1/day (aquatic creatures only).