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Witchery expanded.


A witch can learn the Spell Mastery feat, just like a wizard.

New Hexes

Hexes that lack a range in their description (such as peacebond) have a range of 30 ft.


  • Command Objects (Sp): You can animate one Tiny object (as animate objects) at will. At level 2 you can animate a Small object, at level 4 a Medium object, at level 8 a Large object and at level 16 a Huge object. No object you animate with this ability can have a Hardness higher than your class level. An object animated with this ability lasts until you animate a new object. These animated objects have an Intelligence equal to half your class level. They lack constructs' usual immunity to mind-affecting effects.
  • Improved Familiar (Ex): The witch gains the Improved Familiar feat but must meet any prerequisites.
  • Potion Trap (Su): The witch can cast a hex over a potion or other container of drink, while casting a spell that affects one or more creatures (not a personal spell). The casting and hex together take a full-round action (or longer if the spell normally takes longer to cast). The next creature that drinks from this liquid suffers from the indicated spell as if cast by the witch. The saving throw for this spell is that of a hex, rather than a spell. The witch decides all the details of the spell when using the hex. When using this with a spell like charm person that gives the witch special advantage against the target, the witch can select another creature present when the hex is used as the beneficiary of that part of the spell. The hex is considered a magic trap, with a detection and disable difficulty equal to 15 + the saving throw DC. If not consumed within 24 hours, the hex loses its potency. You can craft a permanent (until triggered) potion trap at a cost of 25 gp x caster level x spell level.
  • Poison Nails (Ex): The witch's unarmed attacks inflict a poison. This poison deals 1d3 Dexterity damage per round for 6 rounds. Poisoned creatures can make a Fortitude save each round to negate the damage and end the affliction - save DC is the same as for other hexes.
  • Skyclad Witch (Su): The witch is constantly under the effects of endure elements and learns the Eschew Materials and False Focus feats.
  • Spirit Familiar (Su): Your familiar can become incorporeal for one round at will as a standard action as long as it is within line-of-sight of you. If line-of-sight is broken, this effect immediately ends.

Major Hexes

  • Ride Tool (Su): The witch enchants a broom or a piece of equipment or tool of approximately the same size and shape, including most two-handed weapons. The tool confers overland flight for a number of hours per day equal to her level. These hours do not need to be consecutive, but they must be spent in 1-hour increments. The witch can share this effect with another, spending hours of duration on tools for them to ride. The tool can still be used normally while under this hex, but if it is lost or stowed the ability is suppressed until it is held in hand again.

Grand Hexes

  • Extend Terrain (Su): The witch can cause a terrain feature to grow in size, making a glacier, wood, swamp, desert, grassland or other type of terrain expand to replace other types of terrain. This cannot change bedrock, but can otherwise shape the landscape as desired. The witch selects a type of terrain within 300 ft. This terrain expands into the entire 300ft. radius around the witch. If an intelligent creature is on the land to be changed, it gets a saving throw to negate the hex (DC 10 + 1/2 Witch level + Int modifier)—if several intelligent creatures are present, use the best saving throw. The witch can only try to change a particular stretch of land once per day, successfully or not. If the witch dies, the terrain rapidly shrinks back to its old limits.


The following are additional patrons available to witches.

Mutation: (2nd)—bouncy body, (4th)—fleshcurdle, (6th)—antropomorphic animal, (8th)—vermin shape II, (10th)—baleful polymorph, (12th)—monstrous physique IV, (14th)—planar adaption (mass), (16th)—frightful aspect, (18th)—transmute blood to acid.

Seeming: (2nd)—disguise self, (4th)—twilight haze, (6th)—major image, (8th)—shadow conjuration, (10th)—mirage arcana, (12th)—permanent image, (14th)—shadow evocation (greater), (16th)—screen, (18th)—shades.

Shapeshift: (2nd)—youghful appearance, (4th)—carry companion, (6th)—beast shape I, (8th)—elemental body I, (10th)—polymorph, (12th)—beast shape IV, (14th)—giant form I, (16th)—frightful aspect, (18th)—shapechange.


Only cantrips from the basic rulebook are considered common spells; the rest have to be learned during play.


  • The Bonded Witch archetype is not limited to half-elves but is available to all.

Witch Spell List Additions

Used by the witch to level 9. Additions to the witch spell list.

Level 0: alter race, benign dispel, bleeding wound, blind spot, ground mist, haunted fey aspect, honeyed words, mutual attraction, neglect, purify food and drink, putrefy food and drink, pushing ray, red repellent, scoop, summon zero.

Level 1: accelerate poison, bone armor, break, burning disarm, corrosive touch, crafter's fortune, cure light wounds, endure elements, faerie fire, fireflies, inflict light wounds, liberating command, memory lapse, oppressive boredom, sense sin, taunt, touch of gracelessness.

Level 2: admonishing ray, contagion, create treasure map, creeping mist, deepockets, defoliate, dimension door (lesser), dust of twilight, fire sneeze, fleshcurdle, frigid touch, glitterdust, hideous laughter, mature plant, negate aroma, shadow armaments, transfer enchantment.

Level 3: calm emotions, enter image, feign death, forget, scapegoat, silence.

Level 4: animate objects, dream, giant vermin, contagion (greater), overwhelming grief, raise animal companion, rusting grasp, singing sword curse, shadow projection, shout, shrink item, terrible remorse, trial by fire.

Level 5: forget (mass), insect plague, mark of justice.

Level 6: shout (greater), teleport beacon, true seeing.

Level 7: feign death (greater), phantasmal revenge.

Level 8:

Level 9:

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