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Water is matter in a liquid state and fluidity in general. Liquids often enable other elements to function, making earth fertile, filling the air with clouds and vapors, and either fueling or putting out fire. It is linked to the spiritual and nurturing side of life, and often considered a female element. Water powers often have subtle or indirect effects.

Alternate Names: Sea, Fluid


Creature : Water Elementals.
Skill : Charm.
Attribute : Reflexes.
Sense : Motion sense in water.
Mood : Caring, Mercurial, Spiritual.
Blast: Acid.

Water Cantrips

Basic Action

You can cause currents in a volume of water no more than one cubic meter. You can remove particles from water, making it clean of solid impurities, but you cannot affect solutions or desalinate. You can collect moisture out of the air, creating small amounts of water. You can manipulate up to one liter of water, causing it to run in unusual ways or separate it from other substances, drying them or separating mixed liquids. You can make liquids glow, providing illumination and highlighting different parts or layers of a liquid.