Victim (Action)

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This is a Limitation for Action.



Trigger Action

You have a tendency to end up as a victim; when someone is to be captured, mugged, or otherwise fall victim to a subplot, it tends to be you. Taking this trait means you'll accept that the DM hand-waves situations where you fall into peril and have to be rescued or work to escape.

Whenever you take damage or suffer a setback, you can use this schtick to negate that damage or setback. Whenever you are reasonably alone and vulnerable, the GM can use this schtick against you. It can also trigger on any Snakeyes roll when you are alone or cut off from your friends.

When Victim is activated, you are captured, often unconscious. You will soon re-enter the action, but then as a captive of the enemy - as a hostage, sacrificial victim, caged decoration, or just tossed into a corner. You will either be central to this scene, where it revolves around your rescue, or you'll find it very easy to escape and enter the action.