Unused Optional Rules (5A)

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Half-Level Bonuses

Half-level bonuses give small additional advantages at the halfway point to each new level. Leveling happens in very large steps which can lead to long periods when characters do not develop, particularly in a slow-leveling campaign.

Every half level (but not at full levels), a character gains one advancement point. The following things can be acquired with advancement points. Benefits noted GM require consulting the game master.

  • Learn a new languages
  • Gain proficiency with any one weapon, skill, tool, or vehicle
  • Increase an ability score by one point to a value no higher than 13
  • GM Exchange one class ability dependent on choice, such as ones from domain, oath, school, or college for the same (or lower) level ability of another such path.
  • GM Gain one permanent magic item. This also has a cost in money, favors, or service.
  • GM Gain the patronage of one of the leading Avowed. Requires training in their associated skill, and grants Expertise in this skill.
  • GM Make a character made friends with during an adventure into a henchman.

Opportunity Attacks

When you move out of a square in an enemy creature's reach and you do not have an allied creature adjacent to you in the space you move from, that enemy can make an attack of opportunity against you.


A creature is outflanked when it is not within the reach of any allies, and within the reach of two or more enemies who together occupy as much or more spaces that the creature to be outflanked. Melee attacks against an outflanked creature gain advantage. A creature that is in a position to use lair actions is on home ground, familiar with every nook and cranny, and cannot be outflanked.