Transmute Flux (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action
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Trigger Action

Attack a technological artifact of Clockwork or higher complexity that has just done damage to you. Make an opposed Create roll against the operator, if you succeed the weapon is inoperable for the rest of the scene.


Basic Action

You can make a piece of machinery inoperable by introducing chaos to the orderly device. To be affected, the device must have some kind of mechanism, moving parts, or internal power; it will work on a sling, bow, firearm or lock (generally Clockwork technology or more) but not on straightforward devices such as swords or spades.

The difficulty is the operator's skill rating (usually Create for personal devices Ride for machines) or the device's Body. A success means the device is inoperable for three shots; the operator can lose these shots or discard the device. Outcome matching the machine's or operators Reflexes means the machine breaks down and needs repairs. This can also render security inoperable, replacing the Security schtick but leaving a trail of broken machinery.

Against objects and creatures made of metal, such as Metal Elementals and most Robots, you can roll Create vs. Dodge as an Interaction Stunt.

Hazardous Ground

Basic Action

You make an area hazardous to move in, objects and terrain conspiring to trip those who try to move trough. Make a Mind roll, this is the maximum diameter of the Hazardous Ground in meters. Hazardous Ground lasts until the end of the scene.

The Free Running difficulty of the area becomes equal to your Create. This applies to all kinds of movement, not only on foot.

The Hazardous Ground is not immediately obvious, but neither is it particularly hard to spot. Anyone moving into the area notices it, as will any Scan.

Water to Wine

Basic Action

You can turn any liquid to wine (or other spirits). The quality depends on your skill roll, with an 8 is barely drinkable, 12 is a good basic beverage and a 15 is excellent. If the liquid is toxic, you must match the damage value with a Create roll. Drink so created lasts for a scene.

Depending on cultural context, this power can also produce other intoxicants, but not poisons.


Limit Break

You create a wild flux of magic and attempt to shape it by the force of your own will. The results are spectacular but not always what you want them to be. You make a short sentence explaining your wish. The GM then interprets this, depending on your power skill roll and how outrageous the demand is. Anything normally possible to powers is certainly within the scope of a wish, and outrageous effects outside the scope of the normal rules may be granted, based on the GMs whim and your skill roll.

There seems to be an equalizer effect to wishes. If you have been successful and fortunate lately, wishes usually backfire. If you have been unlucky and suffered numerous setbacks lately, they often go well. This is just a tendency though, not a law.

Here is a little benchmark of what a Wish can do, from easiest to hardest.

Wish Difficulty
Serve personal needs, such as food, drink, air, grooming 8
Create personal gear, often very luxurious 9
Emulate a power that is a Basic Action or Stance 10
Transport the wisher and friends 11
Create material goods or propriety; chariots, buildings and so on 12
Cure a condition or affliction 13
Grant a power, transform the wisher into another form 14
Emulate a power that is a Limit Break or Finisher 15
Cure or inflict a Curse 16
Grant a schtick 17
Emulate a successful Power Experiment 18

Any permanent effects from a Wish have to be paid for in experience points, but effects that last only for the current story are free.

World Flux

Limit Break

You can make the world around you go mad: straight surfaces twist, distances change and even directions seem to reverse themselves. The area effected is a diameter equal to your Create check. Most actions taken here fail, but some succeed spectacularly.

Any action in, through or into the area is affected. To succeed, any action taken in this area must score a result on the dice of +1 or better. This is based only on the result of the dice, skill has no effect och this extra chance of failure.