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Analyze Earth

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any solid object within reach. You learn the exact composition and properties of the object and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

Finally, you can use this to detect tremors and other seismic phenomena and to sense if they are natural or the result of power use. You can predict natural tremors.

Craft Earth

Basic Action or Limit Break

You can create and repair objects out of earth that will perform as if they were basic items. In this way, you can create basic clothing, tools, arms, and armor of no more than Blacksmith sophistication that last for a scene. If you use a Limit Break to create items, they are permanent but still wear out faster than normal, lasting about a month or so. The difficulty is the Toughness of the item; weapons and armor are made for a specific creature and have a difficulty equal to they damage or toughness they grant. Repairs have half the usual difficulty, but the same duration.

This is also useful for breaking and objects. You can do Demolish stunts against such objects as a basic action.


Basic Action

You can move prodigious amounts of sand, and huge amounts of earth or even stone. Use 8 plus the armor value as the difficulty, each point of Outcome moves a cubic meter of earth Mind meters. Earth moved this way does not fly and moves too slowly to be an an effective attack, but can quickly create difficult terrain. Construction created this way is unstable and will soon collapse into piles of earth and debris - construction more complex than ditches and road banks need more careful attention. If the earth is to be worked with any amount of precision, you have to work slower. Over a longer period of time, this power does the work of a number of manual laborers equal to your skill roll.

When used to directly hinder opponents, the difficulty us their Maneuver or 10 plus the armor value of the ground, whichever is higher. Affected targets lose three shots mired in the ground. For every two points out outcome, you affect another target. Large creatures increase the amount of outcome needed to affect several; the Outcome needed to affect an additional creature is one for every multiple of 5 the creature has in Body.

Dig can also create difficult ground with a Free Running difficulty equal to your Create in an area in square meters equal to your Create roll (as long as you beat the difficulty to break up the ground, you can spread debris in a large area.

You can perform all three functions of this power with each use of it, subject to what makes sense and looks good.


Limit Break

An intense but highly localized tremor rips the ground. The shock knocks creatures down, collapses structures, opens cracks in the ground, and more. The earthquake affects all terrain, vegetation, structures, and creatures in the area.

Earthquake affects an area with a radius equal to your Create roll. Make a separate Create roll against each target in the area.

  • Buildings: Make a Create check against 10 + Armor Value of each structure; on a success it collapses.
  • Underground: Natural caves will not collapse unless they have been extensively engineered, but underground construction can collapse just like normal construction.
  • Vegetation: Tall trees has a basic 50% chance to topple.
  • Creatures: Make a Create roll against the target's Maneuver skill. If the creature is inside a collapsed building, add +5 to the Create roll. On a success the target slips and looses 3 shots. On an Outcome matching their Reflexes the target is pinned or falls into a crevasse and needs to escape. Make a separate damage roll with Mind Concussion damage soaked by Reflexes.

Extradimensional Earth

Basic Action

You ward an area, making the earth there impassible to teleportation. Any attempt to Teleport trough such objects has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but made an awful noise and dazed the teleportee, making him surprised.

Extradimensional Earth covers a radius equal to your Create roll and the area retains this power until it is damaged or even notched - a Basic Action and an opposed Create check can manage this.

X-Ray Eyes

Basic Action

You can see through solid objects, especially sand, earth, or stone. This allows you to find buried treasures, traps and hidden doors with ease.

The difficulty of seeing through a wall or barrier is 5 plus its armor value. If it is made of earth, sand, or stone you can see one meter per point of outcome through a barrier, otherwise you can only see through one-tenth of that.


Basic Action

You create a big puddle of mud with a diameter equal to your mind. This creates Difficult ground with a difficulty up to your Create. A creature caught in mud cannot take off and fly. On a hard surface, this puddle just covers the ground, but on earth the puddle has depth. You can reverse the power and anyone caught in the area is partially buried and unable to do anything but try and escape.

You can also remove mud, swamp, and other soggy conditions in a similar area, creating soft but solid earth. The difficulty is the Difficult ground difficulty of what is currently there.

Various earth-walking, sand walking, and water walking powers negates this effect, as does alternate modes of movement such as flight.

Stone Shape

Limit Break

You can shape stone, creating statues or simple devices and bypassing locks and traps embedded in stone. You cannot make fine details or devices of more than Ancient Technology sophistication. Use 10 plus the armor value as the difficulty, every three points of Outcome shapes a cubic meter of earth or stone.

Transmute Matter

Limit Break

You can transform one solid into another. Transmuting into metal or plant matter increases the mass-based difficulty by 5.This is a Transmutation power. The difficulty is the Body/Mass of the object, or the Dodge of the wearer. Besides household uses, this allows you to ignore the Resources column when Tinkering with this substance. The transformation is permanent, but volatile substances and those with a game use deteriorate at the end of a session.

If you have several Transmutation powers, you can transform things between the substances you have powers for.

Wall of Earth

Limit Break

You can create a wall of earth that gains solidity as you advance in skill and power. The wall can be as long as the Create roll that created it, as high as your Mind and has a thickness of two meters. It cannot be created adjacent (within one meter of) a creature. A wall must be created in contact with the ground or solid foundations, but you can control its shape and by buttressing it can be used as a road, rampart or bridge, have a basic portal, catwalk and so on.

The wall has a Body equal to your Create + Mind and will erode naturally, but even under adverse conditions it should last a number of days equal to your Create roll. Damaging the wall will only harm a small section of it; weakening a two-meter section and potentially forming a tunnel.

Quicksand Trap

Limit Break

You can turn the ground into a treacherous trap, an area of loose soil that appears normal but will not support anyone who is substantial.

The trap remains for a number of hours equal to your skill roll and has a with + length that is also equal to the skill roll that created it. A Create or Ride roll vs. your skill is required to detect the quicksand before falling into it, with a +3 bonus if looking for traps. The change is gradual; if quicksand is created beneath an opponent he can automatically escape.

Anyone caught by the trap are encased in earth and cannot escape for the power's duration. They will not suffocate (or starve), though their companions may well give them up for dead. Vigorous digging by someone who is not caught and knows of the trap can free someone - this is a Limit Break unless they have powers to move or shape earth.