Transmute Air (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action

Analyze Air

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of any gas within reach, even if the gas is inside a container or otherwise separated from you. You learn the exact composition and properties of the gas and whether it has been affected by any powers recently.

Ether Cyclone

Basic Action

You call a storm in the ether, that disrupts teleportation and other planar travel. Any attempt to Teleport into or out of the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but the teleportee is dazed, making him loose all shots for this and the next round.

Ether Cyclone covers a radius equal to your Create roll and lasts for a scene.

Fresh Air

Basic Action

You renew the quality of air, making it breathable and refreshing. This pushes out clouds and gas in a diameter equal to your Mind for the rest of the scene. You can also create air in an place where there's room for it, like in a cave or underwater, but not inside a solid.

You can create fresh air inside a creature's lungs. A single application will create enough air for a single creature for one hour; you can easily maintain the air for a number of creatures equal to your skill using this power; more with constant effort. Creatures whose Body exceeds your Mind counts as one additional creature per point in excess.

Wind Wall

Limit Break

A churning mass of volatile air can be used to block ranged attacks, fliers, and nastiness like gas and gouts of flame. The wall can be formed as a cloud, plane or sphere. It can be transparent or misty and translucent, as you desire.

The wall has a duration (in minutes) and a maximum dimensions (in meters) equal to the Create roll that created it. Within this volume, you can shape it as you wish.

Any attempt to jump, fly or make a physical ranged attack through the wall has a minimum difficulty equal to your Create. Simply moving through the wall is hard and requires a Maneuver roll against your Create. Those failing to pass through the Wind Wall are tossed back to where they started and lose the rest of their action, but not directly harmed.

Winds of Change

Limit Break

You can transform one gas into another. A gas has a mass of about 1 kg per cubic meter, so you can transform substantial qualities.This is a Transmutation power. The difficulty is the Body/Mass of the object, or the Dodge of the wearer. Besides household uses, this allows you to ignore the Resources column when Tinkering with this substance. The transformation is permanent, but volatile substances and those with a game use deteriorate at the end of a session.

If you have several Transmutation powers, you can transform things between the substances you have powers for.