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Technology is the origin of scientific, reproducible powers. While still fantastic (or it wouldn't be Powers), it is less wild and more reliable than the other origins. This origin relates to Tech Level and usually becomes much more common at higher levels of technology. At the hyperspace level, technological powers are the norm rather than the exception. But it is not entirely dependent on tech level; powers can be mystical and yet take on a technological manifestation, and weird science can use this origin to perform feats impossible to local tech levels.

Alternate Names: Super-Science, Gadgetry, Weird Science


Creature : Robots
Skill : Create
Attribute : Mind
Sense : All, as measured by apparatus
Mood : Detached
Blast: Impact

Technological Cantrips

Basic Action

You can figure out the workings of a technological device, understanding what it does and how to make it do it. You do not learn any special keys or passwords needed to bypass security, nor are you automatically skilled in using it. You can sense the power, efficiently, and degree of complexity of a technological device, evaluating it.