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Lawful Evil

Syrul is a Suel goddess of deceit and trickery and patron of the Scarlet Brotherhood, rarely worshiped openly outside their lands. She likes to hide the truth under layers of illusion.

Syrul (SIGH-rul) appears as a dirty, smelly old hag in tattered clothing (an illusion that covers her nondescript appearance). She is never without Small Lie (a dagger of venom made from an evil unicorn's horn) and Harsh Truth (a rod of withering made from a gold dragon's crystallized soul), and rides a great nightmare called Flamedevil. She can see through any deception or illusion, and her holy symbol is a forked tongue. Syrul avoids other deities except for Pyremius, whom she partners with in many things.

The best way to protect what you know is to shield it in a lie. Speech is deadlier than any weapon; the greatest and smallest fall with a well-spoken untruth. Give your word to advance your cause, and break it when it is no longer of use. Trust is for fools, and betraying a fool is the greatest gift and lesson you can give them. Honesty and straightforwardness are for the dull-witted.

Her churches get along well despite their communication obstacles. Her clerics use their ability to lie effectively in situations where they can cause the most trouble: markets, courtrooms, embassies, and fortunetellers' booths. Many are skilled actors, performing in self-written plays that slander authority figures. They engage in debate, and are hired by leaders to confuse and misdirect spies and unwarranted foreign dignitaries. They travel to escape persecution, to find rumors to escalate, and to exploit the trust of greedy and foolish explorers.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Weapon: Dagger

Symbol: Forked tongue.

Action Domains

Darkness, Illusion, Life, Order, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Charm, Evil (Daemon), Knowledge (Thought), Luck (Curse), Trickery.

Pathfinder Obedience

Torture a living creature with a knife. The creature must remain alive for the duration,. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against illusions and a +4 profane bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive.


  1. Liar's Trick (Sp) disguise self 3/day, passing fancy 2/day, or glibness 1/day
  2. Deeper Cuts (Ex) When you damage a creature with a slashing weapon or effect that deals slashing damage, at your discretion you may add a bleed 5 effect to the target.
  3. Syrul's Kiss (Sp) You can use geas once per day. This takes only a standard action, but requires touch.