Superiority Complex (Action)

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This is a Limitation for Action.

Superiority Complex

A villain with this flaw needs to be powerful, or he will quickly become humorous.

You know you are the best at the things you do, and a few of the things you don't do as well. You are cocksure of your abilities and gladly test them. You never chicken out ahead because the opposition seems too tough. If beaten, you either ignore the defeat "next time, he won't have the sun at his back" or flip over and become underconfident for a while.

You are so sure of your abilities and superiority that you don't take your opponents seriously. You think of yourself as superior, not only in a physical sense, but also in a moral and ethical sense; you try to impress this fact upon others. In fact, opponents are childlike things that you wish to correct and put in their place, so that they will admit your superiority. You never consider an opponent to be a real danger or adjust your plans because of the opposition. You try hard not to kill those few opponents who show some promise, you punish or teach them a lesson instead, so that they can learn the ultimate folly and despair of any path but yours.