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One of the scariest things possible is when a serene monk who has mastered their own body and spirit suddenly find enlightenment in an entirely new path, one that seems mad and destructive to sane creatures. This is the path of the spiral monk. Dancing to the notes of discordant otherworldly notes, they leave the rational and disciplined paths of other monks. This is not merely a question of leaving law or goodness behind, even the most evil monk finds the path of the spiral monk abhorrent.

A monk of another monastic tradition change change to the way of the spiral monk at any time, forsaking their old monastic tradition for this one.

Greyhawk During the Greyhawk Wars, many Scarlet brotherhood monks were seduced by the lure of Tarizdun, that offered them complete freedom from the chains of order and discipline that the monk realized they had been slaving under.

Free Mind

Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you


Starting at 3rd level,


Starting at 7th level, you


At 10th level you


At 18th level, your

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