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A spell charm witch prepares witch charms to store her spells, and then can use these charms again and again over the day.

Class Information

This is a witch archetype.

Hit Die: d6.

Class Features

This archetype has all normal class features, except as noted.

Spell charm

A spell charm witch creates spell charms instead of preparing spells as a normal witch does. Once placed in a spell charm, a spell can be cast again and again until the spell charm witch runs out of spells per day for that level.

All spell charms from the day before are destroyed when the spell charm witch begins to prepare spells, the process must start over from nothing with each spell preparation. When preparing spells, a spell charm witch creates two spell charms for free for each level of spells she can cast. Additional spell charms of a certain level uses up one of the spell charm witch's spells per day for the level. The spell charm witch thus has to constantly weigh the number of spell charms against the number of spells she wishes to cast in a day.

During the day, the spell charm witch can use any of her spell charms to cast the spell therein, expending one of her spells per day to do so much like a sorcerer does. She can also spend spells per day to create additional spell charms, much like a normal witch can save spell slots to prepare new spells during the day.

Spell charms are magical constructs she can place in her a familiar or into an object such as a pendant or small fetish made of twigs and feathers. Other options include placing the charm in gems, jewellery, scrolls, embroidery, in runes marked on sticks or cards, or in a magic object. Whatever option is used, the charm must be within 30 ft. and either touching or visible to the witch to be used, or she must make a concentration check or lose the spell. The DC for this check is equal to 20 + the spell's level. An object holding a spell charm does not take up an item slot unless it would normally do so (such as if it is a magic item).

Metamagic: If a spell charm witch knows any metamagic feats, she applies them to her spells when she creates witch charm for the day. For example, a spell charm witch might choose to prepare an empowered lightning bolt by using a 5th-level spell slot. Any time she uses lightning bolt during the ensuing day, she must use a 5th-level spell slot to cast it, and it is always empowered. A spell charm witch could use a 3rd-level spell slot and a 5th-level spell slot to retrieve lightning bolt and empowered lightning bolt if she wanted to have both spells available to her in a day. A spell charm witch cannot choose to alter her spells with metamagic feats on the fly, as other spontaneous casters do. A spell charm witch using metamagic feats do not have an increased casting time as sorcerers do.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Spellcasting
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