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Charm Schticks



You are a character actor, well able to maintain a role. You like to immense yourself in your assumed persona, and seem able to change your personality and demeanor on cue.

When you use Acting & Disguise against people with only limited knowledge of your assumed role, the difficulty is their Mind.

You can disguise yourself as a different race, gender or as a specific person as long as you can conceal any obvious physical differences; your method acting convinces people to overlook minor oddities in your appearance.

Ablative Clothing


When in action, you have a marvelous ability to lose your clothes. Blows miss you by the sheerest margin, slashing your outfit. Branches conspire to rip your clothes. Claws gore clothes instead of flesh. This schtick is just as common among hunks and babes. Conan has it, as does many fantasy barbarians and bimbos in all genres.

Use this schtick to ignore the effects of any one physical attack or stunt. You can also use it to ignore difficult ground or other adverse terrain effects, in which case you can ignore such conditions for one Round. This rips up your clothes beyond repair. You cannot use this schtick while naked or in ripped clothes, and can only use it once per session.

Once you have used this you are as naked as the genre will allow. Any function your clothes once had is gone. You no longer have any armor. This can serve to activate Bulletproof Nudity.


Basic Action

You can use the Sense Motive stunt as a Basic Action, but you still need to observe your target in a social context. You can only attempt Acumen once per scene on a particular target.

Beauty Mask


The Crying Freeman has this schtick, and any character can have it in almost any juncture.

This schtick gives a sort of anonymity, even when not in disguise. Your features are idealized and forgettable. People can't seem to remember just exactly what you looked like when giving a description, tought they will readily recognize you if you meet again. They know someone was there, but they just can't think of what you looked like. "He looked kinda like a movie star."

If an observer or interrogator spends a Limit Break, an opposed Charm gives a basic description.


Limit Break

Use this when you are with someone who trusts you implicitly and has lowered his guard to you and who you can hold or embrace without them resisting you. It works both inside and outside of combat.

You can do a Finisher against your target, just as if you had just defeated him in combat.

Blind Eye

Trigger Action

Win an opposed Charm check to convince the target that something it would normally not accept is in fact acceptable. The target turns a blind eye to the problem and acts normally despite the situation. The target overlooks what would normally be unacceptable identity, behavior, or appearance, going so far as to ignore rules and social conventions. The target turns a blind eye to a single situation and its direct natural repercussions. For example, having accepted a barbarian at a cocktail party, the target will not react to that barbarian again until he does something truly outrageous. Any direct threat of harm breaks the charm.

Captivating Captive

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you are a helpless captive or otherwise at the mercy of your opposition, you can focus.

Consummate Charm


When you make a successful Charm stunt and score an Outcome of 5 or more, you can add three to the Outcome of the action, increasing the chance to score a Setback.



You are at home in all cultures, able to understand and adopt to strange manners and customs. Negate any penalties on Charm or Impress rolls related to alien cultures. You automatically succeed on social skill rolls made solely to make contact.

This schtick does not cover languages; use Linguist for that.



There is something about you that makes others care for you. Depending on their personality, this might make them want to kidnap and possess you or just give you a smile and favorable treatment. You automatically have at least the minimal effect on First Impression on everyone you meet, making them see you as special and pleasant to be with. This makes it easy for you to get into social events, make acquaintances, and generally be very popular in a non-domineering sort of way.


Basic Action

By meeting someone's eye, you can fascinate them, distracting them and giving you an opportunity to interact socially with them.

A successful First Impression focuses the target's attention on you. He will follow you a short way and be willing give you time to perform a Limit break. This also works to distract guards, focusing their attention on you instead of on what they should be doing.

In an action scene, the target must either lose three shots or make you his objective, moving adjacent to you and focusing on getting some private time with you for the rest of the round. If your Outcome matches the target's Mind, he suffers both results.

Does not work on creatures incapable of communication.

Fainting Flower


Whenever you are affected by a stunt or take damage, you can choose to ignore the effect and instead swoon beautifully. This costs you all shots for this round, but lets you ignore all damage while swooning. Enemies can use Trigger Actions (Finishers) against you, as long as you do not take further damage from them.

Fainting Flower does not help against truly indiscriminate dangers such as a bomb or rockfall, tough it does help against normal area attacks. Nor can you use this schtick to defend against attempts to capture, carry away, or otherwise take possession of you; in fact you are helpless against such attacks; your Dodge is zero against them for the remainder of the round. You cannot use this to escape confinement or whatever nefarious death-traps you might be placed in while in a swoon.


Basic Action

You have a knack for gambling. Cinematic gambling has little to do with real-world gambling, and is not about calculating odds and folding at the right time; it is all about absurd luck. This schtick gives you the ability to draw just the right card to fill out your glorious hand or to give your race horse that little extra burst of speed.

You can take a Basic Action know the difficulty of a certain proposed task. You can make others accept a bet for a trivial stake by succeeding on an opposed Charm roll, with higher outcomes indicating bigger wagers. An outcome matching the target's Mind allows stakes the target really cannot afford to lose, the equivalent of a Setback.

You make Confident Rolls when gambling. Whenever you have a bet hanging on a trivial event, one whose main repercussion is to win or lose a bet, you can make a Charm check and substitute the result for whatever skill check would normally determine success. You don't need to be the one performing this action, this is an aspect of your luck.

Help From My Friends

Trigger Action (Focus)

When surrounded by friends, championing their cause, you gain confidence. When within 30 meters of 12 or more people that support your actions, wish you well, and generally are on your side, you can focus.

Honest Joe


You have a way with people, and inspire trust and confidence without really trying to. Any basically good and law-abiding people gladly give you a hand, though there must be a reason if they are to accept discomfort or danger to help you. This lets you charm people without really trying to, and tends to make you a leaders of mobs and posses. You may come into conflict with official authority figures. Sometimes, you can even inspire this trust in goons and villains, but usually only after you have soundly trounced them.

You can make a roll to find Common Ground when you defeat an opponent, when you rescue someone from danger, and upon first meeting good-natured, law-abiding people. The common ground you find revolves around being decent people; an enemy will at least consider a decent life if you succeed on this.


Limit Break

You can convincingly pass yourself off as nearly anyone with a little time and preparation. To use this ability, you temporarily stop playing. Your character is presumed to have donned a disguise and gone "off camera". At any subsequent point during play you may choose any nameless, filler character (a villain’s minion, a bellboy in the hotel, the cop who just pulled you over) in a scene and reveal that that character is actually you in disguise. Make an opposed Charm roll against the most skilled opponent on the scene. If this roll succeeds, you get to pick an NPC minion who is really you in disguise. If the roll fails, the opposition chooses who you are replacing, which can often put you in a dangerous position.

You may remain in disguise for as long as you like, but if anyone is tipped off that you might be nearby, an opposed Charm roll can be performed as a Limit Break. If the spotter wins, that player (or GM) gets to decide what nameless character on the scene you infiltrated as - and generally does so when you are alone and vulnerable.

Influential Friend


You have a friend in a high places. This can be a king, hero, high official, monster, or even a god. You are childhood friends, accidental acquaintances, lovers, or otherwise know each other privately.

Inclined to act in your favor, an influential friend has many other obligations and this makes him unreliable. Your friend likes you and wants to correspond with you and spend time with you, but is aware that showing you preferential treatment is somewhat irresponsible and thus does not provide all the support he could. He will give plenty of hints, rumors, and tidbits of information as well as the occasional gift and favor. Pressuring an influential friend for more help may produce grand results in the short term, but can easily backlash. At times, your influential friend might need your help, having you act secretly as their agent in the world.



You are an inspiration to others. Whenever someone else performs an action that you heartily endorse, you can use Inspiration to give them a Fortune point they must immediately spend. You lose this Fortune point as if you spent it yourself. This schtick can even be used when you are not present, but you then need to describe a montage of something you did or told them that can inspire them in the current crisis.

Lip Reading

Basic Action

You have the ability to decipher what people are saying merely from looking at their lips moving. As long as you can get a reasonably good view of a speaker's lips and know the language, you can get the gist of what is said. Certain parts may be obscure or missing, depending on your skill roll and the needs of the plot.


Limit Break

You are sensitive to psychic impressions, and can often catch the mood of a place and get glimpses of important events that happened there in the past. Make a Charm check to seek answers, which works much like Gather Information, only the answers are colored by the place instead of people.


Limit Break

You have a protector, usually a Henchman Extra with a maximum skill equal to your Charm who looks out for your interest and will accompany you on adventures. Often somewhat dim witted, he is nonetheless a loyal defender and trusty companion. He generally thinks of himself as the true hero and you as the sidekick to be protected.

Your protector need not be a specific person, and can actually be someone you had never seen before you met at the adventure site, or one of the villains henchmen overcome by your charms.

You often get separated from your protector early in the story, but he generally reappears in the dramatic scene, having made his way into the den of evil to rescue you just as he is needed (when you take the limit break). You can also use a Limit Break to inspire your protector, restoring any Hits he might have taken. After a rescue, he will expect some measure of attention and devotion from you, just as if you had seduced him.



You are successful in business and thus financially independent. And you can do it again; if you was washed up on a pacific island, you would be king of the clamshells (or whatever) in a day or two.

Silver Tongue

Limit Break

People tend to tell you things, and you tend to learn more than they intended from what they say. You can make an opposed Charm roll to make a character say way to much, even if they are on their guard. When you Emote_(Action_Powers_Technique)#Gather_Information the roll is routine, and you can do this directly against the character you are investigating with causing undue suspicion.


Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this when you think you are being deceived; you gain a +5 bonus (usually to Charm, but sometimes to other skills used as defenses) to resist interactions based on deception. "Deception" in this context includes lies, disguise, illusion and other direct falsehoods.

At any time, when an interaction based on deception fails, you realize which statements were lies but you do not learn the truth.

Sleight of Hand

Basic Action

Your training gives yous several advantages when trying to use Palm Object.

In any situation where you can use Palm Object, the Charm check is routine. You can swipe an object that is larger than your hand, is in use, or that is closely supervised, but then the check is not Routine.

Spin Yarn

Basic Action

By continually speaking, you may keep your audience captive with outrageous tales, distracting them. You can keep this up beyond all reason. You must first engage the victim in conversation, and then make an opposed Charm roll. You can target several people at once with no penalties, but use the highest value in the audience for a difficulty.

For each point of outcome, you keep going for a minute. You can then try again. If the outcome exceeds your victims' Mind, they give you some boon, either out of sympathy or in an effort to get away.

Failing the roll, combat, an alarm, and even a person coming to interrupt will break your hold on people. If the situation is not dire, you can use your Spin Yarn on someone who comes to interrupt to add them to your audience.

Star Stuff

Inherent and Limit Break

You are an expressive performer who can enthrall an audience and inspire a great range of emotion. You are famous in your field, and can easily get into social events or arrange performances.

When on stage performing, you are supremely confident. Any Charm rolls you make while on stage are Confident Rolls. This aspect of Star Stuff is inherent and always active.

You can take a Limit Break to set the mood for a scene among people who are listening to you. Interaction rolls that go along with the emotion you set become Routine. This can be done anywhere, tough it is easier and the affected area is larger when you are on stage due to the first ability of this schtick.

Steal the Story

Trigger Action

While another individual attempts to give an account of an event or use Charm as a basic action or limit break, you can make an opposed Charm check to deftly interject comments or statements over the course of the storytelling that cause the individual to muddle specific details. This will discredit, insult, and humiliate the speaker. If the check succeeds, the speaker does not succeed at informing listeners about what she was trying to say and the attitude of anyone who heard the altered story becomes suspicious. If your Charm check fails the target realizes that you made deliberate attempts to confuse the story.

The Kiss

Basic Action, Trigger Action (Focus)

You dramatically kiss someone. This is a romantic kiss, not an inconspicuous kiss on the cheek. Kissing someone is a Basic Action. The creature kissed then has the option to take a Trigger Action to accept the kiss and focus - in which case you both become focused.

For this to work out of combat, there needs to be some romantic tension and some kind of a development in your relationship, tough the kiss itself can be but one small step.

Create Schticks



You can plan and lead the construction of buildings, from hovels to palaces and dungeons. You have an intuitive understanding of such projects, and can make educated guesses about where to find hidden chambers, where corridors lead and where to find rooms of a certain description. You can deduce where traps and defensive works should be placed, based on the use of different chambers.

When examining the plans of a building, you can deduce the location of such things as if you were actually there, looking for them. Any tasks related to building you could do without this schtick are Routine to you.



You have mastered one particular craft. This can be swordsmithing, woodcarving, painting, or any one pretty specific profession. In this you are a true master, able to craft extraordinary items of grace and quality; Tinkering rolls in your area of specialty are Routine, and anything you create is of Artwork construction without increasing the difficulty (a higher construction level still pays full cost).


Basic Action

You can use the Break Object and Demolish stunts as a Basic Action.



You are a master at finding technical solutions to practical problems. There is no practical problem that cannot be solved by building a device - tough it can sometimes take 10 years and a ten thousand workers to finish the project.

Create tasks that involve building or using machinery or devices to solve immediate practical problems are Routine to you. This can involve some Tinkering and Power Experiment projects. Engineer does not apply to asks governed by other Create Schticks, such as Security.


Limit Break

You can gain unauthorized access to a computer or computerized machine with an opposed Create roll against the operator of the device or the Breaking And Entering difficulty, whichever is higher. If the device is being monitored, the operator can make an active defense against hacking.

On a success, you can either access a set of data, or you can gain authorization to control a computer-controlled device, such as a door, alarm, ventilation system, elevator, vehicle, or mechanical gun for the rest of the scene.

Jury Rig


You are a master of scrounging and improvising tools and parts. Hair pins and chewing gum work as well as tweeters and soldering in your hands. Tin foil, burned out light bulbs, and cans serve you as spare parts. As long as you can make entertaining technobabble about it, are effectively never without a toolkit for Create tasks, including Tinkering.

Magic Pockets

Basic Action

Deep Pockets checks are routine. You must also have some plausible way to fit the gear; you can take larger items out of your pickup than out of your pockets, and you can only try once in a particular situation. If a roll indicates you don't have it in your pocket, you could still have it in your car, or in your workshop, or in your friends workshop over on Westside - allowing new checks as you get to each of these locations


Limit Break

You can break into the most advanced safes if you just have enough time. All Breaking & Entering difficulties are halved.


Basic Action

You are familiar with security measures of all types: locks, alarms and traps. You no longer break or activate a device when you try a Breaking & Entering and Disable Mechanism stunt. This means you can try again.

Set Trap

Limit Break

You can set traps and alarms given the right equipment and circumstances. Alarms are fairly straightforward; they can be local loud alarms or remote, silent alarms depending on resources. Typical traps are weapons, snares, and pitfalls but they can also be built around powers you can use. A trap does damage equal to your Create. A snare trap steals shots equal to the attack outcome; on an outcome equal to the targets Reflexes he is rendered helpless. A pitfall causes a normal fall.

When the trap attacks, make a Create roll against the Dodge of the victim, with the usual +3 bonus for being hidden. A trap can be found with Scan and is automatically found when using Examine. Once found, traps are much less effective as there is no surprise bonus and targets can take trigger action defenses.

Signature Item


You have a piece of equipment that you are closely associated with, to the degree that it has become part of your persona. People associate you with this piece of gear, and you seem somehow naked or incomplete without it. This is a unique item, such as the sword bestowed upon you by your liege, the armor of your sacred order, the shotgun your grandmother bequeathed to you to hunt werewolves with, or the plane inherited from your dead war buddy.

  • You can own and operate this item legally even if it would normally be beyond your means, illegal, or require some special license.
  • People also tend to not question your right to take it along; unless the GM makes a montage of how it is taken, the item stays with you. It can also pop up in the unlikeliest places seemingly on its own.
  • It is harder to steal or disarm you of the item; it takes an Outcome equal to your Create to do so. Even if it is stolen, it always crops up later - it is never permanently lost.
  • The item is tougher than normal, having a minimum Toughness score equal to your Create. If the item is naturally tougher than Toughness 10, add the item's normal Toughness to your Create and subtract 10 to get the enhanced value. Even when seemingly destroyed, the item can always be repaired.


Limit Break

You have knowledge of fashions of your time and understanding of what can be worn when and to provoke which reaction. This lets you make a dress and toilette for every occasion, and also gives you the savvy to dress oddly without causing a scandal. You have the presence and fame to create fashion trends. You are notorious in fashionable circles. This most commonly applies to dress and toilette, but it can apply to art, architecture, cuisine and other cultural traits as well.

You can take a Limit Break to dress up or spruce up an outfit to gain one of the following effects.

Mood You can temporarily exchange a subjects Charm and Impress skill, changing the effect they have on others. Only the values used for skill rolls change; the subject still uses his normal values as defense against stunts. This lasts for a couple of hours or until the target chooses to end the effect.

Occasion A makeup created for a specific social situation makes that situation Routine. This can be dressing up for a date, TV interview, board meeting or other specific social situation, generally no more than a scene in length. This only applies to the situation as it was expected to develop; if the interview turns into a hostage drama this bonus no longer applies.

Vogue Anyone attempting to use a disguise you helped create treat Charm rolls to maintain the role as Routine, and can impersonate specific persons and other races or genders without wearing bulky clothes.


Trigger Action

Whenever you or a team member within Reflexes meters of you are about to trigger a trap, you can use this as if it was Examine to find that trap and cancel the action that would have triggered the trap.

Dodge Schticks

Several of these sticks cover abilities quite unrelated to the Dodge skill. This is because a hero is always assumed to raise Dodge to the highest allowed value, and these schticks relate to the character's overall level. In other word, some Dodge sticks could just as well be based on a character's highest skill rating, placing them in Dodge is just a little more elegant.

Armor Proficiency


Select one particular kind of armor. You ignore the reflex penalty when wearing this kind of armor. You can take this schtick twice to ignore the reflex penalty of all armor.


Trigger Action (Defense)

You are a trained bodyguard, and can instinctively react to threats to other people. When somebody close to you is attacked, you can grab them and take cover in such a way that they benefit from your immense experience. This lets them use your Dodge +3 for defense for the current shot. You can use this even in situations where you are not aware of the attack; your instincts and training lets you protect others even when you are surprised.

Bulletproof Nudity


Nudity can distract an opponents at critical moments. If nothing else, it makes the audience root for you. You must be more naked than the local cultural norm allows to use this, and not encumbered by excessive gear or armor. You can strip down as a part of activating the stance. Add +2 to your Dodge. This stance ends at the end of the round and cannot be reactivated in the same fight; Bulletproof Nudity only lasts a little while. Several different Dodge bonuses do not stack.



You are sure of yourself and not easily impressed by intimidation or social pressure. You can use your Dodge as a defense where you'd normally use Impress.

Cold Fish


You are not easily swayed by charm and whiles. You can use your You can use your Dodge as a defense where you'd normally use Charm.


Limit Break

A crazy creature has motivations that can rapidly and unexpectedly change. While being affected normally by social interactions and mental effects, as a limit break the creature can completely change its motivations and negate all such effects it is currently under. A creature can use this schtick even if such effects would normally prevent her from doing so. This cannot negate a Curse, but can cancel out the effect of a social or mental curse for a scene.

Danger Sense


You have an instinctive sense for when danger approaches. This sense only registers actively hostile creatures; ambushes and enemy with intent to harm. You do not sense scouts, spies, thieves, or traps. This sense is automatic as long as any of the enemy has a Recon lower than your Dodge and are in a position to attack you or within a distance equal to your Dodge in meters. It does not actually reveal where the enemy is or what they are about to do, only that creatures of hostile intent is nearby.

If a hidden attacker notices that you have sensed them and decides not to attack, the premonition fades and you surmise that it was a false alarm and take no further notice of it or report it; it can be assumed that Danger Sense triggers many more times than the events actually played out.

Defensive Reflex

Trigger Action (Defense)

You have reflexes honed to defense. When attacked you can use this to get a Dodge bonus of +3 this shot. You can use this even when you could not ordinarily use a trigger action, such as when you are surprised or have zero shots left.

Fox's Retreat

Trigger Action (Defense)

When Attacked, add +5 to your Dodge for the current shot.

Grenade Leap

Trigger Action (Defense)

When attacked by an area attack, you can use this to get a +5 bonus to Dodge and move up to your speed in any direction, including up. You can use it with one of your own area attacks to leap in this way. You are moving after the attack, so you do not get the benefit of any cover you move into.

Hold the Line

Trigger Action (Focus)

When an ally adjacent to you takes a Hit, you can focus.

Kiss the Ground

Trigger Action (Defense)

When attacked you can move your normal Move in any direction after the attack is resolved. You also get a Dodge bonus of +3 this shot.


Trigger Action (Defense)

You never dodge except when it counts, ignoring misses and sidestepping would-be hits.

You can do this after an attack has been rolled for, but before it actually hits; it gives you a +3 bonus to Dodge against the triggering attack and for the remainder of the current shot.

Impress Schticks


Trigger Action (Defense)

There is something special about you. You are very ugly, majestic, holy, crazed, or otherwise special, and people tend to leave you alone because of it.

Use this as a trigger action when someone would bother you; make an opposed Impress roll to make them stay back and desist, losing the action. This works as long as you remain passive (neither attacking nor running away, though using Impress or Charm is OK).

Aura only works as long as the situation warrants it; if your goons have been defeated and your Master Plan revealed, you may have to follow the officer escorting you to prison. But he will be polite as long as your Aura holds.



You have had an authority invested in you by the powers that be. You might be a knight, tax collector, police detective, inquisitor, witch hunter, or spy catcher. Whatever your title, you are seen as a lawful agent of a higher authority.

You can expect reasonable cooperation from authorities and respect from the general populace. You have the right and duty to investigate cases relevant to your authority and to use reasonable means to to enforce your edicts. Impress checks made under such conditions are routine.

You are allowed to use the gear your position requires, which often includes restricted weaponry. You may or may not wear a uniform, but you can always display proof of your authority and allegiance. In most cases your behavior is beyond inquiry, but if scandal erupts you might find yourself sacrificed as a scapegoat.

Blue Blood


Your family is old and recognized for its nobility, one of the most prestigious in the land, a cut above everyone who does not have this schtick. In a campaign where most everyone is a noble (a chivalry campaign, for example) you may even be of royal blood.

Those who care about such things will see you as a born leader, and your career often benefits. It is easy for you to be invited to parties and social functions, and you have relatives in high places. Your word is given due consideration, you are a valuable and reliable witness, and you will mostly be assumed to have a good reason to be wherever you are doing whatever it is you are doing, even if it might seem fishy. Even those who don't respect nobility find it hard to ignore your manners and bearing, it is clear that you are a person not to be trifled with.

You're not automatically wealthy, some nobles are dirt poor. If you get caught with your hands dirty, Blue Blood may backfire; everyone loves a good scandal.



You can challenge either one named character or all unnamed enemies in an area with a diameter equal to your Impress roll to attack you; if their last action (after the challenge) was directed at any of your friends but not at you, you get a +3 bonus on any action directed at them. The effect is negated for each individual target if they are interfered with by others, including another Challenge.

Display of Superiority


When you defeat an opponent, you can offer them mercy and a chance to work for you. Make an opposed Impress roll. This is modified depending on personality and on how you defeated them. Single combat is generally the way to go. On a success, you turn the enemy into a follower, or at the very you least can extract some service or important concession from them.

An opponent defeated this way is not dying and takes no long-term side effects other than the service.

Fashion Icon


You have knowledge of fashions of your time and understanding of what can be worn when and to provoke which reaction. This lets you dress for every occasion, and also gives you the savvy to dress oddly without causing a scandal. You have the presence and fame to create fashion trends. You are notorious in fashionable circles. You can make an upstage stunt routine when your kind of fashion is relevant.

This most commonly applies to dress and toilette, but it can apply to art, architecture, cuisine and other cultural traits as well.

Follower Focus

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you lead someone who succeeds very well at a task - usually by inflicting a Hit or Setback but the GM may approve other tasks as sufficiently successful - you can focus.

"Someone you lead" applies to such things as Henchmen and Minions, but also to leadership actions such as Hands-On Leadership and Time for Action.


Trigger Action (Focus)

When an opponent is defeated by you - either at zero hits or suffers a Setback that makes them temporarily unable to continue fighting, you can focus.


Trigger Action

There is something odd and unusual about you, that makes others leave you alone. This might be a mannerism, such as talking to yourself or staring vacantly into space, or an indefinable aura. The end result is that people expect odd tings from you and around you, and will pay no heed to such occurrences unless they cause some kind of direct harm. They might think you a harmless eccentric or leave you alone out of fear. If there is a witch-hunt in the area, this can backfire; people too cowardly or reserved to do something themselves might still report on you.

Use this as a trigger action when someone would bother you because you did odd or unusual things; make an opposed Impress roll to make them stay back and desist, losing the action. This does not work on an opponent you have attacked in this scene.

Hands-On Leadership

Basic Action

You can give a direct order to another creature and expect to have the order executed quickly and well. Decide on a basic action the target is to do; he must have any relevant powers, skills, or schticks to actually do the action you ordered them to do. The target may immediately do the action you ordered them to, but are not obliged to do so. They use their own skill value or your Impress, whichever is better.

If you use this on a an unnamed character the action is executed for free, but a named character must take a Trigger Action to execute your order.



You have a follower, a loyal Henchman who looks out for your interest and can accompany you on adventures, tough he is not as accomplished as a true hero. Unlike most heroes, he is willing to perform menial tasks and can be ordered about more or less as you like, tough he will resent actual mistreatment. He is also capable of carrying out advanced orders independently, and performs well as a lieutenant or advanced errand boy.

Construct a henchman as a Henchman Extra using your Impress skill as the highest skill.

You can take this schtick several times to have several henchmen, but generally only one of them accompanies you on adventures: the other act as your agents and look out for your interests elsewhere.

Heroic Identity


You have a well-established costumed identity. Few people will question your right to investigate things, bear arms or ask pointed questions while in your heroic identity. You can also gain access to places and people unavailable to the general public. Police and other law enforcement figures will often cooperate with you, but not always. People will not question who you are and why you are in costume.

Over time, your costumed identity has built an identity and reputation of its own. You can make two contacts checks for a skill, one for your mundane identity and one for your costumed identity. People may also turn to your costumed identity for help.

You need not purchase this schtick to gain access to places your job ought to give you access to. Cops usually get access to crime scenes, military officers can get into military bases. But with Heroic Identity, you can usually get into either.



You have an established role; forthright, successful, and center stage but seen by some as crude or even evil. You might be the archetypal diva or the artist with a chip on his shoulder. You might be a legal eagle with courtroom manners worthy of your own TV show. You might be a maverick cop that all but tortures perpetrators. You might be a bulldog politician or shotgun journalist. You say the things most people wished they had the guts to say.

You may use the full range of the Impress skill in situations where it would normally be inappropriate, and you are (almost) never punished for it. Your established domineering ways get much more tolerance than one would expect. You can browbeat witnesses into confessing, you can make the boss appear like a fool, and you can make colleagues and onlookers cry or cringe and get away without a reprimand.

Minion Extras


You have a group of dedicated followers, a small group of elite but unnamed NPCs who act as your bodyguards or close assistants. They might not always be able to come with you, but can then look out for your interests elsewhere.

Construct your followers as a group of Minion Extras, with your Impress skill -2 as the highest skill value. You gain a number of followers equal to your Mind attribute. If they are defeated, it will take some time for you to recruit new ones, but they are generally there again for the next story.

Minion Experts

Limit Break

You have a group of dedicated and competent followers, a small group of versatile but unnamed NPCs who are sadly not as skilled as you are. They are not the best in a fight, but they can perform backup tasks, investigations and the like while you handle the serious threats. They are often supplies by an organization you work for.

Construct your experts as a group of Minion Extras, with your Impress skill -2 as the highest skill value. All experts need not be identical; you can have a number of different experts equal to your Mind, picking any mix you like for a particular situation.

You generally have a number of exerts equal to your Mind in play at once. If they are defeated or lost, you can renew them up to your normal limit by using this action.

Minion Rabble

Basic Action

You have a horde of faceless minions, loyal but rather incompetent lackeys that follow your every whim. They follow you when ordered to, and spread out over the neighborhood, making a nuisance of themselves but also ready to come to your aid at a moments notice.

You generally have a number of lackeys equal to your Mind in play at once. If they are defeated or lost, you can renew them up to your normal limit by using this action, and they renew themselves at the start of each round..

Construct your followers as a group of Minion Rabble, using your Impress skill -2 as their highest skill value.

Look Out Sir!

Trigger Action (Result)

With this schtick, unnamed allies near you tend to end up in the line of fire instead of you, asi´ if your minion had used the Interpose stunt. Whenever you take a Hit and such an NPC is near (within his Move meters), that NPC becomes the target of the attack - which is then executed normally with the new target. This saves your skin at the expense of your unnamed allies.



You are a ranking official in some important organization, and your word is law there. You could be a military officer, district attorney, chief medical officer, chief of police and so on. No-one in your organization questions your authority. You do have superiors, but for one of them to correct you would be a loss of face for the organization. You can usually use this authority to gain access to places and resources of related organizations as well.

Overbearing Presence


When you make a successful Impress stunt and score an Outcome of 5 or more, you can add three to the Outcome of the action, increasing the chance to score a Setback.


Limit Break

You can inspire people to extraordinary efforts. You heal one Hit on a number of creatures equal to your Mind within Impress meters of you, as long as they can hear your voice and have not suffered any Damage Setback. You can even revive defeated/unconscious allies this way.

Silver Spoon


You were born with the proverbial silver spoon; you have never lacked for wealth. Whenever you are in a culture with normal commerce with your home, you have access to lots of money, and can easily buy or hire most things you could ever want.

You are richer than someone who is Self Made, but he is more versatile; he can make money anywhere. If you have both Silver Spoon and Self Made, your wealth multiplies and your heirs for several generations will be rich as well.

Make sure you have some motivation to adventure other than money, or you might retire from adventuring before you know it.



You are at home on the streets and in sub-cultures of the downtrodden and outcast. You can gain instant respect and a fair degree of trust from criminals, the impoverished, and outcasts. They may or may not treat you as one of their own, but neither will they try any of the tricks they play on outsiders. You keep abreast of rumors and developments on the street. You can make a confident roll to use [[Impress (Action)|Impress] to Gather Information and to use the contacts, knowledge, and Perception elements of Impress on the street.


Basic Action

You have "the look", and can dazzle onlookers by your mere presence. This is great for becoming the center of attention at social events. You can make an upstage stunt as a basic action.



You have a good sense of personal and small unit tactics. You can sense at what shot creatures within Impress meters will act, and you can sense the groups minions and are organized in, who leads who, and creature's typical combat mode and Role. All of these actions are automatic and take no time to use. You cannot read creatures whose Impress is higher than yours.

When the GM has you make a roll to discern enemy tactics or deployments, such rolls are Confident.



You have a vision, perhaps of divine origin. You wholeheartedly believe in this vision, and you have a strange power of attraction, gathering followers and creating enemies of this new vision of yours.

Your vision appeals to a certain type of people, few of them are unaffected by it. It might be a vision to liberate all slaves or to reform a religion, and all slaves and slave owners or all who believe in the religion will be very much concerned. In this way, you will quickly gather followers, but you have very little control over their actions. They will hold you in high esteem, as a spiritual guide and mentor. You also get enemies opposed to your views.

This is a schtick for great visionary leaders, like Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, or Mahatma Gandhi, but also of tyrants such as Adolph Hitler. It makes you very much the center of the campaign, and should therefore only be taken with the GMs permission. Generally, visionaries tend to be NPCs who the PCs are either to help or hinder.

Know Schticks

Adopted People


You have very good relations with a people or subculture other than your own, to the point that you are considered a native, as honorable as a worthy member of this people, accepted as one of their own. You speak their language fully and fluently and have overcome any prejudice, reverse prejudice, or xenophobia. You can generally find solutions acceptible to either your own or your adopted people. Those outside of either of your two cultures react to you based on the culture they would most favor.


Basic Action

You are an experienced archeologist, able to explore and analyze ancient sites. You have an instinctive sense for the use of each item and location, can sense which pile of earth contains a treasure and which is just rubble, and where to look for secret doors, traps, and other fantastic remains. You also have a good grasp of history and can understand where your excavations fit in the grand scheme of things. Tasks related to archeology that would be Limit Breaks for others, such as Search and Research, are Basic Actions to you.

Art Appreciation

Limit Break

You understand a person or culture trough observing its art, reading developments in its history and sociology as well as making predictions about where it is headed. You can use art as if it was a reference work with Research, making deductions about any topic by studying art related to it.

You can use art to impress and create a mood for a setting; make an opposed Know roll to set the emotion for a scene. Make a single roll and compare it against each of your guest's Know skill to see who you can affect. Interaction rolls that go along with the emotion you set become Routine against someone so influenced.

You can evaluate and give insightful and charming commentary on art of all kinds. In a setting where art is prominent (exhibition, performance and so on) you can engage another in commentary on the art and make an opposed Know check. If you succeed, your Charm checks this scene are Routine .

If you fail an art appreciation check, you cannot try again this scene.


Limit Break

When you are speculating as to the best course of action or about the motivations of a given character, you can make an opposed [Know (Action)|Kniw]] roll against any opposing mastermind to have the GM tell straight out you whether your speculation is correct or incorrect. You must pose your question so that it can be answered very simply; yes, no, maybe, and irrelevant are typical GM responses. Deduction is not supernatural, the GM might refuse to answer if he thinks you have too little information to go on.


Trigger Action (Combo)

Young man, I must mention that the coolant conductors in the thermonuclear reactor are not really suitable for climbing; their structural integrity is just 346 over 9. If you must use this delicate piece of machinery for ascension, use the illumination ducts. Those are the green cables, not the yellow ones.

You are the very best in your field of knowledge. You are an established master of your field, and your words would weight much more heavily in the academic world than those of an outsider. Define a field of study; it must be fairly narrow. Butterflies and ancient languages are both good examples. Within this narrow field, you are an absolute genius. You automatically make any knowledge rolls.

If you can convince the game master that your area of expertise is somehow applicable to an action you or an ally is taking, (fairly spoofy reasons are acceptable), the roll becomes Routine.

This schtick also lets you design new schticks and powers. In genres where a type of designs are very important, such as air fighter or mecha campaigns, this schtick lets you to create new designs and to push the envelope on technology, tough this is of course a lot of work.

Note that this schtick is not limited to the humanities, but can also apply to technological and supernatural fields. Great scientist need at least a basic understanding of the humanities (the Know skill) as well.

Focused Mind


When you make a Mental Push stunt, the Know roll is Confident.

Forensic Medicine

Limit Break

The not-so-glamorous skill of examining bodies (mainly of the dead) to determine their medical history. Most often used in grim settings to determinethe cause of death and to investigate murder.

If you take the time to perform an autopsy, you can automatically identify the source of death and tell a lot about the dead person's last hours - level of activity, things he ate, if any violence was made upon him, if he had sex, things like that.

Identifying strange and/or unknown things may require a Know roll, even a poor result will generally give you good clues while a good roll gives odd and disquieting insights into the patient's last hours. If some mastermind is behind the event, this is an opposed Know roll.


Limit Break

You are a forensics expert, able to analyze clues and physical remains and create a coherent image of what happened at a scene you are investigating and clues to what kind of people were involved. As more information is added from witnesses and technical reports, you can flesh out your image of what happened. If some mastermind is behind the event, this is an opposed Know roll.

You can put all of this down into reports that other investigators can read and understand, and you can quickly skim such reports to find similar cases which can offer additional insights.

Material Link

Limit Break

By investigating a place were a creature bled, slept, or performed some significant activity, you can secure a sample of their blood, hair or other tissue sufficient to give you a clue to their True Name (a DNA sample in technological settings), or at least secure an advantage against them.

Make a Know check against their Recon, on a success you gain an Advantage against them that is persistent form scene to scene. On an Outcome matching their Reflexes you learn their True Name.


Limit Break

You know all the common languages of your world. You have an amazing ability to piece together bits of other languages, sign language and other means of communication. Use this ability to learn to communicate in any one unknown language. At first, this will be at a pidgin level, it takes you a few weeks to become fluent. You might have to use this schtick again (another Limit Break) to understand arcane subjects, archaic versions, or dialects of the same language.

This schtick does not cover adjusting to alien cultures, use Cosmopolite for that.

Logical Detachment


You are not easily swayed by emotional arguments. You can use your Know skill in place of both the Charm and Impress skills when defending against stunts; any stunt having one of these skills as a difficulty lets you use Know instead. However, you become sensitive to reasoning and logical arguments; other people can use their Know skill in lieu of the Charm and Impress skills when interacting with you. You can also end up with a knife in your guts if you don't respond appropriately to intimidation; unlike normal interaction skill your learned arguments in no way impress those who fail to sway you. Logical detachment does not work against Spurious Logic.


Basic Action

You have a knack for finding the wrinkles and exceptions in formal sets of rules, be it a computer program, the the directive of the metropolitan police, an infernal contract, or a code of honor. Against people and organizations that have a formal code that you know of, you can cause them to hesitate with an opposed Know roll. A successful stunt reduces the opponent's shot counter by three. If the Outcome matches your opponent's Mind they suffer a Setback, often making it impossible for them to achieve their objective honorably.


Basic Action

You can administer medical procedures and generally function as a qualified doctor. You can save lives and help natural recovery. This can be used to do First Aid as a Routine action. You can also substitute the patient's Body with your Know skill, for as long as the patient remains still. This can soak damage and help fight infections, poison, pathogens, and other dangers. You can use this as a prophylactic, but must know what specific problem you are preventing.


Basic Action

You know and can administer poisons. When applied to a weapon doing Cutting or Piercing damage, a poison does +2 Infection or Neurotoxin Extra Damage.

When used in food or as a contact poison, you must first apply the poison (which might be as stunt on some other skill) and close observers get an opposed Know to discover the poison at the last minute. If the poisoning is successful, you do Infection or Neurotoxin damage equal to your Know.

Popper the Bubble

Basic Action

You can Refute Action as a Basic Action.

Power Domination

Trigger Action

You must use Power Suppression (a Know stunt) on your victim before you can use this schtick. As long as your victim remains power suppressed you can turn on and off his powers at will. This is a Trigger Action you can use anytime, and specifically when he is about to use a power. If you do not change Power Domination his powers remain as they were, either suppressed or not.


Limit Break, One attempt per scene

A method of suspect identification which seeks to identify a person's mental, emotional, and personality characteristics. You can analyze the habits and behavioral patterns and find common traits. This lets you construct a profile from very flimsy information; you can make educated guesses about someone's personality, abilities and motivations just by analyzing clues. You do this by analyzing evidence left at a scene where the person you are seeking has been active. You do not need to know who you are looking for, looking instead for the perpetrator of a crime or the instigator of an event.

You can use this once per appearance of the person sough; this is usually one scene in the game. Make a Know roll against the target's highest skill value. On a success, you gain a limited insight about the target; the GM can hand out appropriate clues and people using your profile to investigate the case get a bonus equal to your Insight. You also get a cumulative +3 bonus on later profiling attempts. On an Outcome matching the target's Mind you get a complete profile; if the target is on file you can identify him, and you know his basic personality, skill set, and motivation.

It is possible for the target to interact with you through clues intentionally left for you to find, using normal interaction rules.



You work with people to modify their mental state; to either cure or create psychological disorders. This requires a cooperative or restrained patient. Such disorders are generally considered Curses, and you can work with any purely mental or behavior-related curse. You can also substitute the patients Mind attribute with your Know skill while under your direct care; this can help against mental trials and assaults.

Sense Lineage

Basic Action and Inherent

You know a lot about lineage and tradition, and you know all the great families. You can use this to roll Know against Charm to tell that persons social standing, family and lineage if it is at all noteworthy. You can only use this once per session against a particular person. A person with Blue Blood is positively radiant to you; you automatically succeed against them. In cases where others try to fool you concerning their lineage or social status, you can use your Know as both the difficulty of the stunt and as your Mind for resisting a Setback.

Speed Reader

Basic Action

You can read at incredible speeds, reading and digesting text much faster than a normal person. You can do Research as a basic action as long as you are checking one particular book.

When doing research in a library, Know rolls are Routine.


Limit Break

You can heal wounds and remove physiological afflictions through surgery. This is powerful in that it can actually remove a physiological Curse. Normally, this requires a complete surgical crew, specialized equipment and so on. In Action, you often have to work under much more primitive circumstances.

After successful surgery, the patient has zero Hits and will need some bed rest, but is cured of physiological ailments. The GM is the final arbiter of whether Surgery can help but is encouraged to be generous; vampirism or a transformation into a mermaid is probably curable, especially in its early stages. Being turned into stone, ghost, or parrot might not be reversible this way, depending on the technology you have access to.

The difficulty of Surgery is the damage value of the attack that caused the damage or the skill value of who or whatever caused the problem. If the surgery is performed with adequate tools and assistance, the roll is Routine, and assistants can also assist.

Total Recall

Limit Break

You have perfect recall; years afterwards, you can call up the precise words of a conversation or recall details of a room seen only at a glance. This allows you to analyze as scene from memory as though you were actually present there now. You can retroactively notice things you didn't think of looking for when you were actually there, which in turn might give more information from Know or other skills. The game master can play up a small flashback from the time you learned the information recalled, which will often give some additional insight into your problem or your character's background.

The Limit Break refers to the act of remembering, it is not something you have to do to record the memory in the first place.

Maneuver Schticks



You can move trough the air as long as there are branches, vines, ropes, curtains, or other accessible handholds for you to use. This is usually the case in dense forests, but occurs in other places as well, such as in construction sites, slaughterhouses, and quaint urban neighborhoods.

Caped Crusader


Strike a pose while wearing a great billowing cloak. For the rest of the round you can glide using this cape, flying but only horizontally or downwards.

Escape Artist

Basic Action

You have the marvelous ability to contort your limbs and dislocate your bones in order to make efficient Contortions stunts. You use Maneuver instead of Reflexes for such stunts.

Follow Through


When you make a successful Maneuver stunt and score an Outcome of 5 or more, you can add three to the Outcome of the action, increasing the chance to score a Setback.

Height Advantage

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you are within 10 meters on an opponent horizontally and between 2 and 20 meters above all opponents vertically, you can focus.


Basic Action

You try to lure an adjacent opponent away from his position by fancy footwork. You must begin this stunt next to an opponent. Make an opposed Maneuver roll, on a success opponent moves to a point adjacent to your new position or loses 3 shots (his choice). On an Outcome matching the target's Reflexes, he does both.



You can make Confident Rolls when Free Running.

Power Hitch

Trigger Action

When a creature within Move meters of you uses a power to move (such as Abundant Leap, Fly, or a Teleport power, you can make an opposed Maneuver roll to hitch a ride; moving along with the target and arriving at a spot of your choice within Move meters of that target. If you were Sneaking when you used this and end up in a place you can hide, you are still sneaking.



When you perform a Run Push stunt, the Maneuver roll is Confident.

Tunnel Rat


You are at home in caves, ventilation ducts, and other tight places. You can keep track of direction and distance and move without hesitation. Other people in such situations lose the movement that is part of a normal Basic Action and can only move their normal Move if they dedicate a whole basic action to it.

You automatically pass any Maneuver test to move around in a constricted space, as long as it is wider than your shoulders. Maneuver checks in tighter spaces are routine.

Melee Schticks

All-Out Attack

Basic Action

Make a Melee attack with a +3 bonus. Until your next shot comes up or the end of the round, you cannot take a Trigger Action. If the weapon used has the Great Blow ability, also increase damage by +2. A weapon that also does Additional Damage gives a total damage bonus of +3 in this case.

Bleeding Wound


A target that takes a hit form one of your piercing or cutting melee attacks starts to bleed. Unless the target takes a basic action to stop the bleeding, it will take one additional hit at the end of the round. A friend can help stop the damage, but this requires a First Aid stunt with a difficulty equal to your Body.

This is a Burn effect. A creature can only have one burn effect active at a time, even if damaged by several different types of attacks that each cause burn.


Trigger Action (Combo)

When inflict a Hit wit with a Melee attack you can immediately use this to attack another adjacent opponent with the same attack you just used. This does not work with any trigger action, area attack, or attack that otherwise affects more than one target.


Basic action

When you do a Grab stunt, you gain several advantages.

  • You gain a +3 defensive bonus against all Dodge and [[Impress (Action)|Impress] stunts, not just from the person you grabbed.
  • You can still employ a small or tiny weapon, both when grabbing someone or being grabbed. You can likewise attack others not involved in your grapple.
  • When an opponent has a grab on you, can free yourself with any successful attack against them you can greb them with a successful unarmed attack against them.
  • You can grab a number of creatures at once equal to your number of arms (or similar limbs). Each must be grabbed separately, but you can maintain several grabs at once.

Combat Banter

Trigger Action (Combo)

After you perform a successful Browbeat, Distraction, Scare, or Trick attempt, you can use this to perform a Normal Melee Attack against the same target.

Combat Binding

Basic Action

You are skilled in using ropes or cuffs to restrain an opponent in melee. Make a Melee check against the target's Dodge. On a success the target is partially bound and suffers one of the penalties noted below. On an Outcome matching the target's Reflexes he is more severely bound and suffers three of the conditions, or you can apply one restriction of your choice. Restraints are applied in this order: bound arms, immobilized, bound legs, blindfolding, hogtie. Physical restrain in Action does not completely prevent a hero from action, they only impose handicaps that can be overcome. Unless otherwise indicated, roll 1d6 for a random restraint, adding +1 for each previous restraint.

  1. Gagging prevents mundane speech. Stymies all Charm and Presence checks.
  2. Handcuffing is when your hands are tied in front of you, but not so tightly as to make them completely unusable; you can still use one hand effectively, such as using weapons or tools of Small size or smaller.
  3. Hobbling indicates restrained legs, but not fixed to each other. It means you cannot move as part of a normal Basic Action, and can only move your normal move when you do a Full Move action or otherwise do an action that grants extra movement..
  4. Immobilized, stuck to something, alternatively on a short leash which prevents movement beyond one or two meters. If you are stuck to a creature whose Body is greater than yours, you are forced along as it moves, otherwise you are both immobilized unless you two cooperate.
  5. Bound Legs you fall prone and cannot stand unsupported, which prevents and hinders many actions as determined by the situation and stunt description. Your Move is reduced to 1. Swimming and flying creatures are entangled, with similar effects.
  6. Bound Arms prevent most physical manipulation and the use of weapons and implements. You can still use tackles and head butts for (Body +0) damage or a Tiny Ranged Weapon, but limited to Close range.
  7. Blinded restricts your awareness, giving you only a rough estimate of objects and creatures in a diameter equal to your Mind; you are insensitive to things beyond this range. Everyone has enough concealment to Sneak on you, and against creatures beyond your perception range, you have to use Reflexes rather than Recon for defense against Recon stunts.
  8. (or more) Hogtie A hogtied character cannot act physically and can only move one meter as a standard action; no movement is otherwise allowed. This also prevents all Defense actions.

These restraints can be escaped with a Contortions stunt pitting Reflexes against your Melee or destroyed by another person; ropes have a Body of around 12 while metal cuffs have 15 or more. Weapons larger and more unwieldy than a dagger take an attack penalty equal to their damage add when attacking bonds.

You can take a -3 penalty to your stunt in order to choose how to bind your opponent. If you are aiming for a specific condition and instead achieve another, you can choose to forgo that effect to get and Advantage that can add a +3 bonus on a later attempt.

Daredevil Stunt

Basic Action

Use your melee weapon (or unarmed attack) to make a Bait or Feint stunt with a +3 bonus. If this fails, you are unbalanced and cannot perform any trigger action until your next shot comes up.

Typical stunts include trips, feints, called shots, disarm, and particularly outrageous and dashing maneuvers such as carving your initials or adjusting your opponent's coiffure in combat. It enables you to do all the fun but somewhat silly things done in pulpy Three Musketeers and pirate movies.

Disarming Counter

Trigger Action

When an opponent misses you with an armed Melee attack, you can make a Disarm stunt against that opponent. Against an unarmed opponent, you can instead make a Normal Melee Attack.


Limit Break

You confront an opposing character in a way where others cannot easily intervene. This is usually because of the physical setting, somehow you and your opponent end up isolated from others and lasts until the end of the next round. Against opponents with a code of honor this can be a purely social barrier. If there is no such barrier you can use, the schtick will not work, but pretty strange coincidences are allowed.

Others can try to break the isolation with stunts against your Melee, but need to achieve an Outcome equal to your Reflexes to do so, collecting an Advantage for each success that does not have enough of an outcome. Those not involved in the duel cannot distract you with these stunts and are restricted to Gain Advantage attempts.

Expert Disarm

Basic Action

You are an expert at entangling other weapons, especially long, powerful, unbalanced weapons. Add the damage add of your opponent's melee weapon (minimum +3) to the roll to Disarm. A ranged weapon gives a bonus based on size. Small or smaller +0, Medium +3, Large +5.

Flank Attack

Basic Action

Attack an opponent that has none of its allies adjacent to it. You gain a +1 bonus on your attack for each of your allies adjacent to the opponent.

Great Cleave

Trigger Action (Combo)

You must have Cleave to use this schtick.

When inflict a Hit with with Cleave or Great Cleave you can immediately use this to attack another adjacent opponent with the same attack you just used to Cleave. You cannot attack any opponent twice in the same shot. This does not work with any area attack or that otherwise affects more than one target, nor with weapons that do Piercing damage. Great Cleave is an exception to the rule that a trigger action cannot trigger of another trigger action.

Guarded Strike

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack attack. Until your next action you count as actively dodging, and get a +3 bonus to Dodge. It stops at the end of the round or when you take any action, including a trigger action. Trigger actions you take the same shot you use Acrobatic Strike do not end the Dodge bonus. This is particularly useful against Riposte and attacks that do not allow an active defense.

Iron Fist


You have hardened yourself so that you can do Body +4 Blunt damage with unarmed attacks. This attack does not cause any direct injury on a Damage Setback, instead favoring stun, knockback, and other non-lethal effects.

Junk Fu

Basic Action

You are very good with improvised weapons, such as beer bottles or chairs. Use this maneuver to pick up and wield some object lying about. For the rest of the round, you get a +3 bonus to Melee when using this object as a weapon. By the end of the round, if you drop the object, or if you roll snakeyes on your action die, the improvised weapon is destroyed. Objects with script immunity are not destroyed, merely dropped, but this schtick is still canceled for the sequence.

Improvised weapons generally do Body +2 damage, but particularly inventive items can function like some regular Melee weapon, generally with a -2 damage penalty unless that type of weapon has the Improvised quality. You can use such improvised weapons with any Melee power or schtick that does not specifically have to be made unarmed.

Power Attack

Basic Action

Make a Melee attack that does +2 additional damage.



Gain a +2 bonus on Melee and suffer a -2 penalty on Dodge.


Trigger Action

You can riposte against opponents failing to attack you in Melee, striking would-be attackers that you manage to keep at bay. Whenever an opponent misses you with a Basic Action attack in Melee, you can use this to make a Normal Melee Attack on them. This is similar to the weapon ability Intercept, but works with any kind of melee attack.

Roll With Blow


You can use your Reflexes in place of your Body or Toughness to soak damage from Melee attacks, including thrown weapons. Each time you are hit, the attacker has the option to force you to move a meter in any direction of his choice. If you won't or can't do so, this power fails.

Seven-Sword Strike

Basic Action

Make a Normal Melee Attack against all adjacent enemies. You cannot move as a part of this basic action, nor can you do Trigger Actions until your next shot comes up.

Shield Feint

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you are wielding a melee weapon with shield in the name and another melee weapon that is of a smaller Size than the shield, you can use this combo to improve your attack. Opponents cannot use a Trigger Action (Defense) check against such an attack.

Shield Master


When you are wielding a melee weapon with shield in the name and another melee weapon, both weapons gain the Intercept weapon ability and your shield gains the Entangle, Returning , Offhand Strike, and Throw abilities.

Shield Sacrifice

Trigger Action (Damage)

Add 10 to your Toughness against one specific attack, after the attack roll and defenses. This stacks with Toughness modifiers from armor, but not from other Trigger Actions. A shield you are using breaks and is destroyed. Alternatively, if the shield is of superior make, you drop it or it gets entangled in the weapon, and you need to spend a Basic Action making it reay for use again. To use this, you must be using a Melee Weapon with "shield" in the name. If the shield has the Parry ability, you can only use this against melee attacks, if it has Block you can use this against any attack.

Skirmish Attack

Basic action

Make a Normal Melee Attack, then move your Move. This is in addition to any other movement you are allowed for the round.



Select a kind of Creature, if you select Folk you have to select a specific race of folk. You inflict +2 extra damage against this kind of creatures.

You can take this schtick several times, applying it to a different kind of creature each time.

Soft Strike

Basic Action

You make an attack when you use an enemy's strength against him. Make a Melee attack against the higher of your target's Dodge or Body, inflicting Concussion Stun damage equal to your Reflexes. Concussion damage is soaked using Reflexes.



When you make a Strength Push stunt, the Melee roll is Confident.

Takedown Counter

Trigger Action (Combo)

You use the power of an enemy's attack against him. Make a melee attack against a target that just missed you in melee, inflicting Concussion Stun damage equal to your Reflexes. Concussion damage is soaked using Reflexes. If you manage to do any damage, your target loses a shot. If the target moved before attacking you, you can throw him three meters in the direction he was moving before the attack, but then the damage is not stun.


Trigger Action (Combo)

One per Basic Action you take, you can trample a creature that is prone or that has a Body 5 or more lower than yours. Make a Melee attack against their dodge that inflicts Body damage.

Throw Weapon


You can throw a weapon as a ranged attack using the Melee skill with Close range, as if the weapon had the Throw ability.

Two-Fisted Action

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you have two hands free for combat you are capable of making a flurry of attacks in rapid succession. Whenever you miss with a Melee attack and have two or more melee weapons or free hands, you can use this schtick immediately afterwords to throw another Normal Melee Attack at the same target, using another weapon that than the one that just hit. This is a schtick version of the weapon ability Second Strike.

Recon Schticks


Trigger Action (Focus)

When you see hostiles but they cannot see you, you can focus.



You have developed a wide-band toxic resistance, and can use your Recon skill in place of your Body when resisting poisons and in place of any skill roll to detect them.

Chance Meeting

Limit Break

When you are alone and a creature you seek are moving about in the same area, there is a good chance that you will meet. Make an opposed Recon check to make such a meeting occur. This generally occurs in a crowded place where either of you can easily escape.


Trigger Action (Defense)

You gain a +5 bonus (instead of the normal +3) when using Stay Low.


Trigger Action (Combo)

You automatically and unobtrusively position yourself so as not to be noticed. When you end a Basic Action in concealment, you can make use this schtick to make a Sneak stunt. You are also always sneaking in noncombat situations as long as it is in any way credible. You still need normal cover to sneak, this just changes the action required to hide.

Found Ya!

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you successfully Scan and spot someone who is Sneaking, you can use this schtick to immediately take a Basic Action against that creature. If you found several creatures with the same action, you can still only take one action but if that action targets multiple creatures or an area, you can affect all those you just spotted.


Basic Action

You can use Recon for Breaking & Entering stunts.

Make Camp

Limit Break

You can find a safe hiding place and rest spot. A camp can be a campsite, cave, hidden cove, safehouse, untraceable flophouse, abandoned attic, sheltered mausoleum... Whatever suits the story. You must be out of direct harms way and a reasonable distance away from the base of your enemies. Make a Recon check against the median Recon among the opposition; on a success your camp is hidden well enough not to be found except with extensive searching (which allows the opposition a Recon check against your Recon skill.



You get a +5 bonus (instead of the usual +3) on Alertness stunts. When you do a Scan or Surveillance stunt the the roll is Confident.


Basic Action

You are a master at observing nature and its ways.

  • You can Track as a part of any movement, even while running.
  • When you Track the penalty is one per day old the trail is rather than one per hour, as long as there has been no significant precipitation or other manner of trail destruction.
  • You automatically identify animals, plants, and minerals on sight or from spoor.
  • You can scrounge medicines and improvise basic gear from nature, using Recon in place of another skill's contact element while in nature.
  • Make Camp are Routine for you.



You can Sneak at normal speed under cover and not have to make repeated rolls to stay hidden. If you move at half speed, even the slightest amount of cover (mud, shadows, tall grass) offers you concealment.


Basic Action

When you use this power, you are aware if there are any active powers within ten meters times the result of your Recon roll. Within one meter per point rolled, you can pinpoint and identify such powers.

To pinpoint things that are hiding, you must make an opposed Recon check.

Target Acquired

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you spot a Sneaking enemy or an enemy fails to Sneak on you, you can focus.

Trap Sense


Whenever you are in danger of triggering a trap or alarm, you can make a Recon against the Create of the trapmaker - on a success you spot the trap just as you are about to blunder into it, and can stop doing whatever would trigger the trap.

Ride Schticks

Beast Jockey


You are at home in the saddle and treat all Terrain Driving tasks as routine as long as you are riding a live beast. This applies to all terrains your riding beast is native to.



You spend a lot of time on the road, and have a tendency to just happen to be there when it happens. Any time another character is alone and needs help, you can show up with an opposed Ride against the best skill among the opposition - as long as it is even remotely plausible.

Fast Hero

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you sit down at the controls of a vehicle, and in the first round of an action sequence when you are driving a vehicle, you can focus.

You are also a lucky guy; people tend to leave their cars empty with the motor running near you. At the end of any round when it makes any kind of sense in the story you can find vehicles suitable for a chase ready and waiting for both you and your opposition, turning an ordinary scene into a chase scene. If an enemy makes a getaway you will generally find a suitable vehicle to chase them with, but sometimes villains are meant to escape and no pursuit will be possible.

Fighter Pilot


You can ride a mount or drive a vehicle and simultaneously take other actions. When mounted, you can move your Move meters before each Basic Action you take. This movement must be in a straight line, and any normal movement that comes with the Basic Action must also be in a straight line, but you can turn between the two moves. This allows you to move-move-act or move-act-move. The basic action allowed in Fighter Pilot cannot be one that in itself allows additional movement.

Final Push


When you make a successful Ride stunt and score an Outcome of 5 or more, you can add three to the Outcome of the action, increasing the chance to score a Setback.

Fit Hero


You have great Endurance. Substitute your Ride for your Body when using Endurance, Hold Breath and other stamina-related stunts.



You are at home in aircraft and treat all Air Piloting tasks as routine.


Basic Action

You can use a bike, skates, skate board, surf board, snow board, skiis, and similar toys to increase your land speed. All of these devices only work under circumstances specific to each of them, and this schtick can only be used under such circumstances.

Substitute your Move with your Ride. You can move your Ride in a straight line as a basic action. This is the only way you can use this increased speed, but you can do this as part of a chase.

Mad Cap Captain


You are at home in boats and treat all Boating tasks as routine.



You have an exceptional and loyal mount. This is a Henchman and usually an animal or magical creature. Construct a mount as a Henchman Extra using your Ride skill as the highest skill.

You can take this schtick several times to have several mounts , but generally only one of them accompanies you on adventures: the others can appear as appropriate when you move from one environment to another.



You are a master of the wild. You can trail blaze pathways to cross road less land. You can be a tour guide and help others to avid natural dangers and discomforts. Finding food and shelter is easy for you. You can use the subtle clues of nature to find and avoid natural dangers.

  • You can predict and avoid natural hazards, like cold, rain, avalanches and so on.
  • Pathfinding tasks are Routine for you.
  • Sense of Location stunts are inherent for you; you can make a roll for them whenever you are affected by such a power or effect.



You may not be in the best of shape. Too much drive-in food. But with your car, you dance like a ballerina.

Normally, the effective Reflexes of a driver and his vehicle is the lower of the two Reflex values. You can ignore your own Reflexes when you are behind the wheel, using only the Reflexes of your ride.

Ride On

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you take a basic action and move before you act, you can use this schtick to repeat all or part of the move after the action, contrinuing to move in the same direction you did before your action. You must be riding or on skiis, skates, rollerblades, skateboards, bungyjumping, swinging on a rope or use some similar technique and the move must be unhindered by terrain or otherwise.

Rodeo Riding

Basic Action

You can ride on an unwilling creature, remaining safely on top of them in spite of their bests attempts to throw you. This works against both creatures and vehicles. The target of this maneuver must be considerably larger than you, generally with a Body at least 5 higher than yours. It must also be moving about; this does not work against a stationary object.

Make a Ride check against the Dodge or Body of an adjacent target. If you succeed, you move on top of the creature and can stay there until thrown. Once mounted, you can repeat this maneuver to inflict one Hit from fatigue. You can also take any other action you like, against the mount or anyone else.

The creature cannot attack you while you are in this position. As a basic action, he can attempt to throw you. This is the reverse of the above roll; a Dodge or Body against your Ride. On a success, you end up on the ground adjacent to him and take one Hit from the fall.

Sea Wolf


You are at home in submersibles and treat all Submersible Piloting tasks as routine.

Space Jockey


You are at home in spacecraft and treat all Space Piloting tasks as routine.

Stunt Driver


You are at home in ground vehicles of all kinds and treat all Terrain Driving tasks on land as routine.

Shoot Schticks

Shoot schticks are made for use with ranged weapons. Any mention of particular types of ranged weapons in schtick descriptions, such as guns or bows, is flavor.

Artist's Cross-hairs


You are not only an expert shootist, you are an artistic one. You can express moods and convey messages through your shots—generally negative ones. This works with both weapons and image recording devices. You can use Shoot as if it was the Charm or Impress skills, but the effect is not immediate, the result of the shot must be inspected for this to become evident. Besides psychotic slayers, this skill is also highly useful to photographers, Photography stunts are routine to you and the photographs you take can use the Charm and Impress effects above—such Shoot checks are not routine.

Bag Full of Guns

Inherent Weapon

You are carrying way more firearms than sensibly possible. This involves some kind of pack; a violin case, large suitcase, duffer bag, instrument case, bulky trench coat, or a sexy fanny pack are all typical examples.

Any gun you could reasonably have had access too and one of which could fit in the bag is in the bag, even tough it is clearly impossible for them all to fit in there at once. Restricted, futuristic, or military weapons are only in the bag if they make a reasonable part of the story. Weapons not found there in a contemporary civilian setting include flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and lasers.

Both Guns Blazing

Trigger Action (Combo)

When using two ranged attacks, one in each hand, you can follow up each of your normal attacks with a Normal Ranged Attack from your second weapon on the same or a different target.

Carnival of Carnage

Trigger Action

Whenever an unnamed character is about to make an attack while in your sight, you may use Carnival of Carnage to shoot him.

Clean Shot

Basic Action

You can make clean, damaging shots even with light weapons. There is no such thing as a target that is too tough; if Clean Shot hits and the attack roll was greater than the target's Toughness (or whatever soak attribute is relevant for the attack you are using), it always inflicts a Hit. This supersedes (does not stack with) ordinary damage.

Cock 'n Carry

Stance, then Trigger Action

Start this stance by dramatically working the action of a gun at the beginning of a round. This produces a dramatic sound, a 'click', 'ka-chak', or the warm-up whine of energy weapon. It is even possible with a suitably dramatic spell or power. You cannot do this when surprised, and if you have surprise this noise ruins it, but does not give away your location.

You can now fire the gun once as a trigger action as a response to any hostile action. Thus, you kind of "save up" an attack for later use. Firing the readied weapon in any manner or for any reason ends the stance.

Cool Steel

Basic Action

Draw a cool, fresh gun that has not been used in this fight. The weapon can be one you carry or you can pick it up. The next Shoot attack with this weapon gets a +3 bonus. You can do other actions in between drawing this weapon and getting the attack bonus, but firing the weapon spoils it.

Dramatic Reload

Basic Action

Reload your gun dramatically and deliberately. Depending on how many bullets you reload, you get a bonus to your Shoot attacks until your bullets run out, after which you cannot shoot any more with this weapon until you use thic schtick again. All these effects end at the end of the round.

If you are loading your last clip you add +2 to the bonus - this is where the +0 category on the table is relevant. After you've fired these last shots you are out of ammo. If you somehow get your hands on more ammo, you still need to spend a Basic Action reloading before you can shoot again. This version of Dramatic Reload continues until the end of the fight.

You cannot load more than 20 bullets with this schtick.

Number of bullets Bonus
1 +3
2 +2
3-6 +1
7-20 +0
More No bonus; can be used to negate the need for further dramatic reload

Eagle Eye

Basic Action

You're particularly adept at firing at armored opponents and hitting the teeny-tiny bits of them that aren't armored. Your Shoot attacks that would normally be soaked by Toughness are instead soaked by Body.

This schtick never works with any kind of area attack, not does it work when attacking objects.

Fast Draw


For the first round of any fight, your Initiative is a Closed Confident roll. Your first Basic Action for the round must involve the Shoot or Spot skills or you lose 3 shots instead of taking that action.

In addition, you can draw a gun instantly and at any time, even one that would normally take a Basic Action to draw.

Fields of Fire

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you are in combat, but at least 20 meters from the closest enemy, you can focus.

First Salvo


Whenever you manage to score surprise, you can perform a Limit Break instead of the normal Basic Action, but the only skill you can use this with is Shoot.

Great Balls of Fire

Limit Break

There is always something in an urban combat scene that is ready to explode. You shot, and it blows up - taking everyone nearby with it. You cause an explosion that attacks everyone in a globe with a diameter equal to your Mind attribute in meters.

Damage is Body +2 impact damage.

Away from a high-tech urban setting, this schtick only works as the GM allows.



You can use heavy guns and other artillery with full effect. People lacking training with such weapons can generally still fire them, but not reload, and on a snake eyes result the weapon misfires.


Limit Break

You love to tinker with your guns, selecting ammunition for each target and otherwise using your gear to best effect. This adds +3 to the damage value of your gun against a specific type of target. Examples include unarmored people, people in a particular type of armor, or a particular type of monster. The benefit lasts until you load a different kind of ammo, carrying over from round to round.

You are also an expert at making bullets out of unorthodox materials. If you learn what a certain target is vulnerable to, you can quickly make bullets out of that material or using that weakness, if it makes any sense at all that you have the materials at hand.

Hail of Bullets


You can use fanning, simultaneous multiple arrows on the string, or some other rapid-fire technique to shot a regular weapon as if it was an auto-fire weapon. A ranged weapon in your hands gains the Autofire and Great Blow abilities.

If you are using a a Reload or Slow weapon, you do not gain the abilities listed above, but can ignore these flaws.

Hail of Bullets can't be used with weapons that have the One-shot property.


Trigger Action (Focusing)

When shooting from cover and not moving, you can focus.



You can decide how bad you want to hurt your target, choosing whether to inflict a Mortal Wound or not when you put them down.

Named Bullet

Limit Break

Make an attack against a single target that is a Confident Roll with a +3 bonus to Shoot. Target cannot use Resist powers; targets do not get to add their Mind to their Action to soak damage from Named Bullet.

Piercing Shot

Trigger Action

You can overpenetrate and hit two targets with the same shot, attacking a second target along the path of your bullet. Use this any time you inflict damage with a ranged attack. The extra target can stand either in front of or behind your first target. Hitting a target in front as a second target might seem odd, but the main thing is that you were concentrating on someone else and the second target is just a bonus.

Pinning Fire

Trigger Action

When someone near you moves in the open, you can use pinning fire on them. They then have the option not to move and remain still. If they elect to move despite your pinning fire, you make a normal ranged attack on them as part of this trigger action.

If using an auto-fire weapon, you pin all targets in an area with a diameter equal to your Reflexes in meters, but only for the current shot. Make a separate attack roll against each target that refuses to let itself be pinned.

Recon By Fire

Basic Action

You can make an attack against a target that is Sneaking even if you do not know exactly where they are. The target gets the usual defensive bonuses from Sneaking, but if you hit they are spotted. If you are using an area attack, you might spot all targets in an area with a diameter equal to your Reflexes in meters with one attack.

Slow Mo’ Vengeance

Trigger Action

Even as the bullets strike your body, you heedlessly keep going, putting every ounce of power into your gun.

Each time you take a Hit, you get to make a normal ranged attack.


Basic Action

You can make a ranged attack and still Sneak as if you had not attacked, as long as you do not move, remain in cover and are at least 20 meters from all opponents. When using a weapon with Long range, you ignore all range penalties out to the effective range of the weapon - typically about half a kilometer for a rifle and to the horizon with heavier weapons.

Trick Shot

Trigger Action (Combo)

You are good at hitting small targets and precise locations. Think of this as a kind of limited telekinesis; if a task can be accomplished with a push or knock in the right direction, you can do the task as a gun stunt. Pushing buttons, switching levers, cutting ropes, cutting that trigger wire that disarms the bomb or sending messages by punching them out with bullets in plaster; all are simple tasks for you. Even if such a task would ordinarily use some other skill (such as the bomb wire, above), you can still use your Guns skill. But tasks requiring complex manipulation (unscrewing the lid on a barrel) is still out of your realm.

Whenever the difficulty of the shot is determined by the size of the target, halve the difficulty. You suffer no negative modifiers for stunts that require you to shoot at very small targets; you can shoot a pistol out of the hands of a gunman, or a thrown knife zipping through the air, for example.

You use this schtick as a combo, modifying other actions normally done by hand so you can do them at range. You can also use it to defend yourself and others against thrown weapons, using Shoot +3 instead of Dodge.

Walking Fire


You can "walk" fire from one target to the next, attacking several adjacent targets one after the other.

Pick a target within two meters of the target you just defeated and attack that target as well. You can do this several times in succession as long as you take out each target. This is an exception to the rule that a trigger action cannot trigger another.

Zen Marksmanship

Basic Action

A true master need not see his target for his missiles to fly true.

You can ignore modifiers for visibility, obstructions et al. You can shoot in complete darkness, at invisible opponents, or through thick fog or nauseous fumes with no penalty, though you must know the target is there. You can bounce bullets, which lets you ignore cover by shooting around it if there is an open path to the target your bullets can use.