Situational Power Loss (Action)

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This is a Limitation for Action.

Situational Power Loss

You cannot use your Powers under certain circumstances. Any sort of circumstance can trigger this weakness, but it is commonly tied to your Tradition or theme. Examples include a zombie that cannot use its powers except at night or an invisible supernatural creature that cannot use its powers once it has been spotted. It should apply about half the time - and you are assumed to be able to chose when you are active to commonly avoid this flaw.

If Power Loss happens because of something that is random or cannot be predicted, such as the direction and presence of wind or the tolling of church bells, the flaw only occurs about one sixth of the time. You should still specify the condition and it should apply when reasonable, but the GM can often just roll a single die and say the limitation comes up on a roll of one.

If Situational Power Loss restricts you to using your powers only on certain occasions, one time in six or so, it is worth two limitations.