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Only wizards can truly follow the ancient philosophies created by Thassilon's runelords. The choice to specialize in a Thassilonian school of magic must be made when a character first becomes a wizard.

This is a development of the Thassilonian specialist wizard to be more campaign-specific and to my tastes.

Class Information

This is a wizard archetype.

Hit Dice: d6.

Class Abilities

This archetype has all normal class abilities, except as noted.

Call Aberation

Sin mages have access to a variants of the planar binding spells that are of the universal domain and calls aberations. These spells must be learnt like other wizard spells.

Prohibited Schools

A sin mage does not get to customize his choice for opposition schools, his opposition schools are determined for him when he chooses his virtue. These restrictions are more significant than those most wizards follow, and are known as prohibited schools.

A sin mage can never prepare a spell that is in one of his prohibited schools-he treats these spells as if they were not on the wizard spell list. If using a spell trigger or spell completion item to cast a spell from one of his prohibited schools, he must use the Use Magic Device skill to do so.

Thassilonian Sin Magic

The sin mage specializes in one school of magic and gains great advantage in this field. In return, they give up several other schools of magic completely.

Spells of the school the specialist is focused on are prepared in a spell slot one level lower than normal. This means that an pride mage casts illusion spells as if they were all one spell level lower. Shadow conjuration is a 4th level wizard spell, but is only a 3rd level spell to a specialist wizard of the illusionist school. What is ordinarily first level spells of the chosen school now becomes cantrips and can be cast any number of times in a day. This bonus does not apply when creating magic items; the cost of a scroll, potion, wand or other magic item is always calculated based on the spell's normal level, tough a sin mage may learn the prerequisites for creating a magic item earlier than a normal wizard.

This replaces the arcane school ability. Sin mages do not receive school slots or school powers.

Sin magic focuses on the Tassilonian virtues of rulership and the sins they easily descend into. Originally draconic concepts, the passionless troglodytes viewed these concepts with intellectual curiosity and detachment. They were found to have a high magic potential, but this potential was never fully tapped by the troglodytes or their early servants. Only when humans started to work with them did they get an emotional content that could be used to fuel magic.

The seven virtues of rulership and their accompanying sins can be seen on the table below.

Table: Sin Magic


Magic Type


Abjuration Evocation,
Halberd Noqual The art of suppressing magic other than your own and to guard yourself and your possessions .
Necromancy Abjuration,
Scythe Inubrix Magic that manipulates the physical body to provide for an unending hunger for life.
Transmutation Abjuration,
Glaive Adamantine Magically transforming things into objects of greater value or utility, and enhancing the physical self.
Enchantment Necromancy,
Guisarme Djezet Magically manipulating the minds, emotions, and wills of other creatures to satisfy yourself.
Illusion Conjuration,
Lucerne hammer Horacalcum Perfecting the image of yourself and your domain.
Conjuration Evocation,
Longspear Abysium Calling agents and minions to perform your deeds for you, or creating what you need as you need it.
Evocation Abjuration,
Ranseur Siccatite Channeling the raw destructive powers of magic.

Sin/Virtue: The governing pair of sin and virtue from which the school draws it's power. See ex sin mage below.

Magic Type: This is the type of magic that benefits from Thassilonian sin magic.

Prohibited Schools: These schools are completely unavailable. See prohibited schools below.

Focus Weapon: This is the kind of weapon that benefits from the weapon focus ability below.

Metal: This is the kind of magic metal associated with the sin. See Shards of Sin.

Description: An explanation of what this kind of sin magic is about.

This ability replaces arcane school.

Weapon Bond

A sin mage must choose to bond with an object for the arcane bond feature, and the object must be the pole-arm specified for his sin. The sin mage gains proficiency in this weapon.

Ex Sin Mage

The pair of sin and virtue that governs his school is a pivotal aspect of the sin mage's personality and power; a sin mage who does not show any commitment at all to exploring these values over one complete level loses the benefits of Thassilonian sin magic, but retains the drawbacks. He must either reaffirm his values or change what sin he is devoted to. If successful in this before gaining his next level, he regains the benefits of Thassilonian sin magic, possibly with a new specailization. If he fails, he loses the archetype.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Arcane Bond
  • Arcane School
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