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Shoot schticks are made for use with ranged weapons. Any mention of particular types of ranged weapons in schtick descriptions, such as guns or bows, is flavor.

Artist's Cross-hairs


You are not only an expert shootist, you are an artistic one. You can express moods and convey messages through your shots—generally negative ones. This works with both weapons and image recording devices. You can use Shoot as if it was the Charm or Impress skills, but the effect is not immediate, the result of the shot must be inspected for this to become evident. Besides psychotic slayers, this skill is also highly useful to photographers, Photography stunts are routine to you and the photographs you take can use the Charm and Impress effects above—such Shoot checks are not routine.

Bag Full of Guns

Inherent Weapon

You are carrying way more firearms than sensibly possible. This involves some kind of pack; a violin case, large suitcase, duffer bag, instrument case, bulky trench coat, or a sexy fanny pack are all typical examples.

Any gun you could reasonably have had access too and one of which could fit in the bag is in the bag, even tough it is clearly impossible for them all to fit in there at once. Restricted, futuristic, or military weapons are only in the bag if they make a reasonable part of the story. Weapons not found there in a contemporary civilian setting include flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and lasers.

Both Guns Blazing

Trigger Action (Combo)

When using two ranged attacks, one in each hand, you can follow up each of your normal attacks with a Normal Ranged Attack from your second weapon on the same or a different target.

Carnival of Carnage

Trigger Action

Whenever an unnamed character is about to make an attack while in your sight, you may use Carnival of Carnage to shoot him.

Clean Shot

Basic Action

You can make clean, damaging shots even with light weapons. If Clean Shot hits and the attack roll was greater than the target's Toughness (or whatever soak attribute is relevant for the attack you are using), it inflicts a Hit. If your damage is more effective than this, use that instead.


Basic Action, then Trigger Action

Start this stance by dramatically working the action of a weapon. This produces a dramatic sound, a 'click', 'ka-chak', the sound of a bow being drawn, the warm-up whine of energy weapon or the sizzling runes of a magic spell. You can do this in a surprise round, but not before a fight.

You can now shoot once as a trigger action as a response to any hostile action. Thus, you kind of "save up" an attack for later use. Firing the readied weapon in any manner or for any reason cancels the schtick.

Cool Steel

Basic Action

Draw a cool, fresh gun you have not used in this fight. The weapon can be one you carry or you can pick it up. The next Shoot attack with this weapon gets a +3 bonus. You can do other actions in between drawing this weapon and getting the attack bonus, but firing the weapon negates the bonus.

Dramatic Reload

Basic Action

Reload your gun dramatically and deliberately. Depending on how many bullets you reload, you get a bonus to your Shoot attacks until your bullets run out, after which you cannot shoot any more with this weapon until you use thic schtick again. All these effects end at the end of the round.

If you are loading your last clip you add +2 to the bonus - this is where the +0 category on the table is relevant. After you've fired these last shots you are out of ammo. If you somehow get your hands on more ammo, you still need to spend a Basic Action reloading before you can shoot again. This version of Dramatic Reload continues until the end of the fight.

Number of bullets Bonus
1 +3
2 +2
3-6 +1
7-20 +0
More No bonus; can be used to refill your magazines after an earlier Dramatic Reload, but not if you ran out of bullets.

Eagle Eye

Basic Action

You're particularly adept at firing at armored opponents and hitting the teeny-tiny bits of them that aren't armored. Your Shoot attacks that would normally be soaked by Toughness are instead soaked by Body.

This schtick never works with any kind of area attack, not does it work when attacking objects.

Fast Draw


For the first round of any fight, your Initiative is a Closed Confident roll. Your first Basic Action for the round must involve Shoot or you lose 3 shots instead of taking that action.

Fields of Fire


When you are in combat, but at least 15 meters from the closest enemy, you can focus.

First Salvo


Whenever you manage to score surprise, you can perform a Limit Break instead of the normal Basic Action, but the only skill you can use this with is Shoot.

Great Balls of Fire

Limit Break

There is always something in an urban combat scene that is ready to explode. You shot, and it blows up - taking everyone nearby with it. You cause an explosion that attacks everyone in a globe with a diameter equal to your Mind attribute in meters.

Damage is Body +2 impact damage.

Away from a high-tech urban setting, this schtick only works as the GM allows.



You can use heavy guns and other artillery with full effect.

People lacking training with such weapons can generally still fire them. They cannot reload or use or take more advanced shots, such as indirect fire. On a snake eyes result the weapon misfires.


Limit Break

You love to tinker with your guns, selecting ammunition for each target and otherwise using your gear to best effect. This adds +3 to the damage value of your gun against a specific type of target. Examples include unarmored people, people in a particular type of armor, or a particular type of monster. The benefit lasts until you load a different kind of ammo, carrying over from round to round.

You are also an expert at making bullets out of unorthodox materials. If you learn what a certain target is vulnerable to, you can quickly make bullets out of that material or using that weakness, if it makes any sense at all that you have the materials at hand.

Hail of Bullets


You can use fanning, simultaneous multiple arrows on the string, or some other rapid-fire technique to shot a regular weapon as if it was an auto-fire weapon. A ranged weapon in your hands gains the Autofire and Great Blow abilities.

If you are using a a Reload or Slow weapon, you do not gain the abilities listed above, but can ignore these flaws.

Hail of Bullets can't be used with weapons that have the One-shot property.



If you spend two Basic Actions in a row Shooting but not moving, you can focus. You cannot spend any shots between these two Basic Actions.



You can decide how bad you want to hurt your target, choosing whether to inflict a Mortal Wound or not when you put them down.

Named Bullet

Limit Break

Make an attack against a single target that is a Confident Roll with a +3 bonus to Shoot. Target cannot use Resist powers; targets do not get to add their Mind to their Action to soak damage from Named Bullet.

Piercing Shot

Trigger Action (Combo)

You can over-penetrate and hit two targets with the same shot, attacking a second target along the path of your bullet. Use this any time you inflict damage with a ranged attack. The extra target can stand either in front of or behind your first target. Hitting a target in front as a second target might seem odd, but the main thing is that you were concentrating on someone else and the second target is just a bonus.

Pinning Fire

Trigger Action

When someone near you moves in the open, you can use pinning fire on them. They then have the option not to move and remain still. If they elect to move despite your pinning fire, you make a normal ranged attack on them as part of this trigger action.

If using an auto-fire weapon, you pin all targets in an area with a diameter equal to your Reflexes in meters, but only for the current shot. Make a separate attack roll against each target that refuses to let itself be pinned.

Recon By Fire

Basic Action

You can make an attack against a target that you know is Sneaking in the general area, even if you do not know exactly where they are. The target gets the usual defensive bonuses from Sneaking, but if you hit they are spotted. If you are using an area attack, you might spot all targets in an area with a diameter equal to your Reflexes in meters with one attack.

Slow Mo’ Vengeance

Trigger Action

Even as the bullets strike your body, you heedlessly keep going, putting every ounce of power into your gun.

Each time you take a Hit, you can use Slow Mo’ Vengeance to make a normal ranged attack as a Trigger Action.


Basic Action

You can make a ranged attack and still Sneak as if you had not attacked, as long as you do not move, remain in cover and are at least 20 meters from all opponents. When using a weapon with Long range, you ignore all range penalties out to the effective range of the weapon - typically about half a kilometer for a rifle and to the horizon with heavier weapons.

Steady Fire

Basic Action

Make a Shoot attack with a +2 bonus. You cannot move as a part of this action. Until your next shot comes up or the end of the round, you cannot take a Trigger Action. If you are using a weapon that has the Great Blow ability, increase the bonus to +3.

Trick Shot

Basic Action

You are good at hitting small targets and precise locations. Think of this as a kind of limited telekinesis; if a task can be accomplished with a push or knock in the right direction, you can do the task as a gun stunt. Pushing buttons, switching levers, cutting ropes, cutting that trigger wire that disarms the bomb or sending messages by punching them out with bullets in plaster; all are simple tasks for you. Tasks requiring complex manipulation (unscrewing the lid on a barrel) takes you multiple actions and some such actions might be impossible.

You suffer no negative modifiers for stunts that require you to shoot at very small targets; you can shoot a pistol out of the hands of a gunman, or a thrown knife zipping through the air, for example. Whenever the difficulty of the shot is determined by the small size of the target, halve the difficulty.

Like the Environment Interaction stunt, you can combine Trick Shot with other actions, such as an Interaction Stunt, with no additional shot cost. When you use Covering Fire to deflect the attack of a weapon that fires a missile larger than a bullet, such as an arrow or thrown knife, you get to decide where that weapon ricochets to.

Walking Fire

Trigger Action (Combo)

You can "walk" fire from one target to the next, attacking several adjacent targets one after the other.

Pick the closest a target within two meters of a target you just fired on and attack the new target with a Normal Ranged Attack. You can do this several times in succession as long as you do not attack any target twice. Walking Fire is prone to friendly fire. If you can choose a friendly or neutral target as the closest target, you have to do so.

This is an exception to the rule that a trigger action cannot trigger another trigger action.