School of Conjuration (5A)

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Simple Revision.

Conjuration Savant [addition) Whenever you pick a spell of your school as you advanced in level, you gain two spells of your school of magic.

Improved Familiar (replacement) Starting at 2nd level, you add the find familiar spell to your spellbook, if it is not there already. If you already know the find familiar spell, you may choose another wizard conjuration spell of 1st level instead.

  • If your familiar has an Intelligence of 5 or less, its Intelligence becomes 6, and it gains the ability to understand one language of your choice that you speak.
  • If your familiar is about to take damage, you can dismiss your familiar immediately as a reaction, causing it to disappear. You may have it reappear as an action anywhere within 30 feet of you.
  • You can communicate telepathically with your familiar and perceive through your familiar’s senses as long as you are on the same plane of existence.