Rifled musket (Action)

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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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Rifled Musket

Two-handed clockwork ranged weapon

Hands: 2H
Size: Large
Tech: Clockwork
Type: Ranged
Range: Long
Damage: +6 Impact
Properties: Loud, reload, stowed

An expensive hunting weapon of comparatively fine caliber. The barrel is rifled, which stabilizes the bullet through rotation. Early models are fitted with a wheel lock, later replaced by the flintlock.

Early on, these weapons are so expensive that they are only available to kings and major nobles. Usually fancifully decorated - a few hundred hours spent on decoration has only a minor impact on the price. Some horrendously heavy and expensive pieces have two barrels. Late in the period, these weapons become cheap enough to be given to military specialists - sharpshooters. This was a highly unpopular move among officers, who naturally became prime targets for such accurate fire.