Recon Schticks (Action)

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When you see hostiles but they cannot see you, you can focus.



You have developed a wide-band toxic resistance, and can use your Recon skill in place of your Body when resisting poisons and in place of any skill roll to detect them.

Chance Meeting

Limit Break

When you are alone and a creature you seek are moving about in the same area, there is a good chance that you will meet. Make an opposed Recon check to make such a meeting occur. This generally occurs in a crowded place where either of you can easily escape.


Trigger Action (Defense)

You gain a +5 bonus (instead of the normal +3) when using Stay Low.


Trigger Action (Combo)

You automatically and unobtrusively position yourself so as not to be noticed. When you end a Basic Action in concealment, you can make use this schtick to make a Sneak stunt. You are also always sneaking in noncombat situations as long as it is in any way credible. You still need normal cover to sneak, this just changes the action required to hide.

Found Ya!

Trigger Action (Combo)

When you successfully Scan and spot someone who is Sneaking, you can use this schtick to immediately take a Basic Action against that creature. If you found several creatures with the same action, you can still only take one action but if that action targets multiple creatures or an area, you can affect all those you just spotted.


Basic Action

You can use Recon for Breaking & Entering stunts.



You get a +5 bonus (instead of the usual +3) on Alertness stunts. When you do a Scan or Surveillance stunt the the roll is Confident.


Basic Action

You are a master at observing nature and its ways.

  • You can Track as a part of any movement, even while running.
  • When you Track the penalty is one per day old the trail is rather than one per hour, as long as there has been no significant precipitation or other manner of trail destruction.
  • You automatically identify animals, plants, and minerals on sight or from spoor.
  • You can scrounge medicines and improvise basic gear from nature, using Recon in place of another skill's contact element while in nature.
  • Make Camp are Routine for you.



You can Sneak at normal speed under cover and not have to make repeated rolls to stay hidden. If you move at half speed, even the slightest amount of cover (mud, shadows, tall grass) offers you concealment.


Basic Action

When you use this power, you are aware if there are any active powers within ten meters times the result of your Recon roll. Within one meter per point rolled, you can pinpoint and identify such powers.

To pinpoint things that are hiding, you must make an opposed Recon check.

Sneak Attack


When you are successfully Sneaking and make an attack, the attack roll is Confident.

Target Acquired


When you spot a Sneaking enemy or an enemy fails to Sneak on you, you can focus.

Trap Sense


Whenever you are in danger of triggering a trap or alarm, you can make a Recon against the Create of the trapmaker - on a success you spot the trap just as you are about to blunder into it, and can stop doing whatever would trigger the trap.